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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains → 60
2009.10.2.128 Figure of a naked man holding a cloth behind him. Moon symbol in the bottom corner. Number 60.
2009.10.2.188 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 60
2009.10.2.270 Armoured male in a two-horse chariot, holding a spear and a shield, accompanied by a dog and a scorpion. Number 60
2009.10.2.404 Right-facing profile head and left shoulder of a female (?) wearing a round earing. Number 60
2009.10.2.60 Figure of a naked man with ram's head, holding a sceptre in his left hand and grain in his right hand. Number 60
2009.8.116 Profile of a man. Head is on a pole with two cornucopiae on both sides. At the bottom next to the pole are two dolphins. Cast number: 60
2009.8.206 A woman in a a dress, wearing a helmet, holding a spear in one hand and a shield in the other. Probably Athena. Cast number: 60
2009.8.269 Profile of a man with a lavish hairstyle and a rather chubby face, looking right. Cast number: 60
2009.9.126 A winged child walking beside a chariot pulled by two lions. Maybe referring to Nike. Cast number: 60
2009.9.46 A creature with a bird's head, a man's chest and the body of a serpent holding a spear or stick. Inscriptions surrounding the monster. Cast number: 60
25.6.2 Black on the inside except for a reserved disk in the centre approx 6.0 cm diam. Small handles moving straight out from side, black underneath but reserved on top. On the main zone; A and B. Man leaning on stick listens to a seated lyre player. Handle palmette behind musician has lotus attached to it on left. Between listener and other handle palmette a tall thin lotus bud. Beneath each handle is a small clover leaf. Beneath the main zone is a black disk leading down the stem to the foot. The rim and base of the foot are reserved except for a black band on the base. 2003.16.0094.jpg
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