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26.12.1 Neeft 1987 2003.97.0151.jpg
27.3.10 Neeft 1987, 137 2003.03.0079.jpg
27.3.4 Neeft 1987 2003.57.0091.jpg
27.3.5 Attributed by Neeft (1987, 148 and n. 512) 2003.03.0082.jpg
27.3.6 Neeft 1987 2003.97.0146.jpg
27.3.8 Neeft 1987 2003.03.0004.jpg
REDMG:1951.144.1 McPhee and Trendall 1987, IVA/118, 127-28: The cuttlefish, with body outlined in white and decorated with black horizontal stripes, two large black eyes, and a cluster of tentacles (some white), is typical of a particular painter denoted by the Group of Karlsruhe 66/140. Further characteristics of this Group evidenced on the Reading plate are the bream's pectoral fin, which takes the form of an open fan with vertical cross-strokes; and the use of a mussel as filler; the decoration of the central depression with a rosette of the 'ice cream cone' type, surrounded by a wave border; the laurel wreath on the overhanging rim. 2005.99.0120.jpg
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