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There are 10 objects for which Attribution contains "according"
14.9.109 Belongs to the same workshop as 50.4.16 according to D.W.J. Gill 2003.97.0495.jpg
26.12.4 Related to, according to Amyx 103.4 2004.15.0005.jpg
27.4.11 Related to the skyphoi of Rhitsona Class F, according to CVA. 2003.15.0009.jpg
30.4.2 Perhaps the Redingote Painter, according to Amyx 1988; but see Neeft 1977, no.27 for the Blaricum Painter 2003.97.0018.jpg
48.5.2 Perhaps by, according to Amyx 220.8 [12.6] 2010.98.0078.jpg
50.10.4 Name vase of of the Painter of Reading 50 X 4 (ARV2 676.13), and 'Manner of the Carlsruhe Painter' (739.1), according to Beazley. 2013.99.0031.jpg
50.4.16 Belongs to the same workshop as 14.9.109, according to D.W.J. Gill. Sparkes and Talcott, in Agora 12, 140 no. 17, suggest that this piece is probably from the same workshop that made deep Acrocups. 2003.92.0176.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.25 According to S. Herbert (Corinth 7.4, 8) 2005.89.0068.jpg
REDMG:1951.143.1 Possibly in the Dunedin Group, according to J.R. Green (14.11.2003) 2001.99.0005.jpg
REDMG:1951.147.1 A.C. Smith prefers to attribute this vase to the Zaandam Group or one the other workshops of the Iliupersis Painter and the followers of the Hoppin Painter, who specialised in small, plain style pots. For comparanda in the Zaandam Group, 'closely connected' to the work of the Zaandam Painter (according to Cambitoglou and Trendall, RVAp 1.289) see Adolphseck 175-176 (RVAp 11/30-31) and Once London Market, Folio Fine Art (RVAp 1.32). I. McPhee prefers the Liverpool Group: for shape and ornament cf. Naples 669 (RVAp 2, 21/355a) and Wellcome R 1936.324 (RVAp 2, 21/372a) but figures are more akin to the latter, which is classed in group (iv). The white ivy wreath, with incised stems, on the body, is particularly common in this group, and especially well preserved on Dresden H 4. 29/90 (RVAp 2, 21/369). 2005.99.0048.jpg
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