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There are 7 objects for which Attribution contains "lcs"
22.3.43 Trendall, LCS 372.89, attributes this to the workshop of the Capua Painter because of the rendering of the sakkos, worn by the woman. 2003.97.0370.jpg
45.6.72 Trendall, LCS 178.1067: possibly by the Primato Painter, but belonging to a group of 'minor vases' that may be 'workshop pieces' (176). 2003.26.0005.jpg
47.7.3 Trendall suggests this is 'closely associated in style with the Copenhagen Lekanis Group but related by the decorative patterns to the 'Painter of Naples 128012': LCS 292.482 2003.26.0008.jpg
49.8.3 Trendall, LCS 540.784, attributes this vase to the earlier style of the Branicki Painter (which is of a higher standard than his later works). 2003.92.0349.jpg
50.5.5 Trendall, LCS 353.913, places this vase among the early-middle works of the Siamese Painter. 2004.04.0002.jpg
56.8.4 Trendall, LCS 301.531 2003.59.0004.jpg
REDMG:1951.160.1 Trendall, LCS 132.670, places this bell krater in the earliest group of vases attributed to the Roccanova Painter, which 'show Apulian influence most clearly' yet indicate the Roccanova Painter's developed style, e.g. the Z pattern, the palmette between the figures, and the stocky style of the figures. 2003.95.0072.jpg
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