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There are 6 objects for which Attribution contains → near
11.10.19 Ure (CVA) notes that the shoulder pattern is very near to that of the Theseus Painter 2003.12.0002.jpg
29.5.1 Ure ('Near the Group of the Arming Lekythoi'); Beazley ('Group of the Hoplite-Leaving-Home' and, formerly, 'Phanyllis Group') 2004.95.0044.jpg
45.10.22 Beazley said this was 'Near the Acheloos Painter': ABV 372.158 2010.98.0172.jpg
45.8.2 Trendall and Cambitoglou, RFVA 1.282.196, class this pelike with 'vases near in style or comparable' to the Thyrsus Painter. 2003.97.0967.jpg
51.4.6 Beazley attributes this 'Near the C Painter': ABV 61.7 2003.99.0022.jpg
85.3.1 Beazley ('near'): ARV2 1112.1; Mannack ('manner of'): Mannack 2001, 146, cat. t.1 2007.01.0097.jpg
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