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There are 8 objects for which Decoration contains → dolphins
2007.9.3.10 Displays two winged human figures in a boat that is being pulled by four dolphins.
2009.8.116 Profile of a man. Head is on a pole with two cornucopiae on both sides. At the bottom next to the pole are two dolphins. Cast number: 60
2009.9.140 Two naked winged children sitting in a barque pulled by four dolphins. Cast number: 74
26.12.8 Handle has black glaze on the outside. Shoulder: broad band at base of neck. Between two dolphins a crossed rosette with white dots round edge. White also for line at back of head of dolphins. Body: two panthers facing, necks red. Three shapeless blobs in field. Below main zone, thick black band onto top of foot. Resting surface of foot reserved. 2007.01.0026.jpg
L.2005.7.11 Obv: Female head (Arethusa?) wearing olive wreath, surrounded by 4 dolphins. Rev: Quadriga, Flying Nike crowning horses, above; lion, below 2006.98.0006.jpg
L.2005.7.6 Obv: Female head, wearing pendant earring and necklace, hair tied back and up; four dolphins. Rev: Quadriga (four-horse chariot), Nike flying above to crown charioteer; dolphin below. 2006.98.0011.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.83a-f eagle on a and winged woman on b female head surrounded by dolphins on c and chariot on d male head surrounded by dolphins on e and charriot on f
TEMP.2007.3.86a-f a-old male head b-athlete/soldier c- male head surrounded by dolphins d- chariot and winged human above e-female face f-chariot and winged human above
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