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There are 11 objects for which Comparanda contains "cat"
13.10.10 Karageorghis, 1991, Cat. No. WHP.IV.4, pl. CXLII.4; CVA British Museum pl. 5:40 2008.03.0032.jpg
13.10.28 F.N. Pryce, BM Cat. Of Sculpture vol.1, 132ff., type 45. 2008.99.0087.jpg
13.10.32 Cf. Reading 13.10.33 and BM Cat. Sculpture I.2 (F.N. Pryce) pp. 13-15. 2008.03.0021.jpg
13.10.35 Cf. B.M. Cat. Sculpture I.2 (F.N. Pryce) p. 68 ff. 2008.03.0029.jpg
14.9.115 See BM Cat. 823-829, especially 825, and Auctions A.G. 14,2 1983 no.178. 2002.97.0411.jpg
14.9.117 cf. BM Cat. (F.N. Pryce) I.2 pp.95ff. Type 28. (limestone) and, especially, H.B. Walkers, B.M. Cat. Terracottas A83 and plate I - 'Artemis types'. 2008.03.0013.jpg
14.9.119 Cf. B.M. Cat. Sculpture I.2 (F.N. Pryce) pp. 68-80 2003.98.0183.jpg
22.9.1 Reading 49.4.26; cf. Ure 1934, pl. 31. See also BM Cat. 775. 2004.08.0002.jpg
26.7.3 Cf. Ure, Aryballoi and Figurines, pl. XIV, 112.71 and 72; Higgins, BM Cat. 791. 2002.97.0384.jpg
29.11.13 Cf. BM Cat. 195 2002.97.0755.jpg
29.2.1 Cf. a later LH IIIC1 (1200-1100) example at Yale: YUAG 1913.37, published in S. Matheson Burke and J.J. Pollitt, Greek Vases at Yale (New Haven 1975) 3 cat. 6. 2005.90.0024.jpg
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