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There are 5 objects for which Comparanda contains "ii"
78.12.1 BM II Q1212; BM III Q2456; Oziol & Pouilloux #206-208; Oziol #601 2008.99.0677.jpg
78.12.15 BM II Q867; Oziol (1977) #312 2008.99.0063.jpg
79.1.7 Loeschcke #460; BM II Q885; BM III Q2397; Oziol (1977) #299-300 2008.99.0765.jpg
L.2011.1.48 Catalogue of British Museum, vol. II, no 835-839 2011.97.0370.jpg
REDMG:1964.1631 A similar example, without the bands, is in Toronto, ROM 982.198.1: Hayes 1984, 178-79 no. 289 (ill.). Similar to Attic fabric (?) but different from Attic examples because of banded decoration and black gloss on underside. This example corresponds to Ure's Class II.C skyphos, particularly (ii) which includes reddish-purple bands just below the level of the handles, perhaps a band at the bottom of the body where it joins the ring foot, and concentric purple bands on the underside (or plain black or reserved undersides). See Ure 1927, 24. Cf. also Morel no. 4314a, 1; Agora 12. no. 344.
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