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There are 11 objects for which Comparanda contains "iii"
13.10.30 Cf. Reading 13.10.31. SCE III 588, pl. CXC:1-8 2008.99.0019.jpg
13.10.4A-B For comparable mirrors with a concentric circle ornaments and mouldings on the recessed or flat sides of the mirror cases see SCE IV.3 (1956) 114.2, fig. 33.17, discussed on 178 (type 2) and especially G.M.A. Richter, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Bronzes (New York 1915) 269-70, no. 787 (New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cesnola Collection inv. C.B.144, said to have been found in a tomb in Dali, as published in L. di Palma Cesnola, Atlas III, pl. LX.2; LXI, 1, 2; Excavations in Cyprus 83, B 77.4, 85, E 114.7). The Cesnola example is, however, somewhat larger. Also slightly larger than the Ure example are two 'Hellenistic' mirrors with concentric circle decoration (both with matching lids), but without specific provenience's ('Cyprus) in Aarhus, Antikmuseet (Aarhus Universitet), inv. nos. K115 and K116 (AS 3543a and AS 3543b). 2010.99.0120.jpg
16.2.1 Cf. CV Capua iii, Italia 1307, 10-12 and notes; and see notes file; also 'Kunst der Antike' (Hamburg) no. 351 2003.97.0330.jpg
78.12.1 BM II Q1212; BM III Q2456; Oziol & Pouilloux #206-208; Oziol #601 2008.99.0677.jpg
78.12.12 Oziol (1993) MIÐ 1588; Oziol (1977) #326-328; BM III Q2414 2005.01.0110.jpg
78.12.20 BM III Q2411; Oziol (1977) #344-345; Oziol (1993) MIÐ 1005 2009.99.0093.jpg
78.12.22 BM III Q2434; Oziol (1977) #402-405 2008.99.0754.jpg
78.12.3 BM III Q2292 2008.99.0724.jpg
78.12.6 BM III Q1517, Q2407; Oziol (1977) #346-353; CCA 17 #296 2005.01.0289.jpg
78.12.8 See Above 78.12.1; BM III 2483; Oziol (1977) #608, 687 2008.99.0064.jpg
79.1.7 Loeschcke #460; BM II Q885; BM III Q2397; Oziol (1977) #299-300 2008.99.0765.jpg
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