Ure Museum Database

There are 7 objects for which Comparanda contains → smaller
23.11.31C Smaller than Reading 23.11.31b, but similar in style. 2005.06.0017.jpg
23.11.31D Slightly larger than 23.11.31c, smaller than the other two. 2005.06.0024.jpg
23.11.31F Smaller, flatter helm than 23.11.31a-e. Similar size to 23.11.31c, and similar in colour to 23.11.31b. 2003.96.0001.jpg
23.11.31G Smaller than 23.11.31C. 2005.06.0043.jpg
23.11.31I Slightly smaller than 23.11.31b, and the colour is different to 23.11.31a-h. 2005.06.0008.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.79 cf RM.1908.64 and RM.1905.64 (last is smaller) 2005.01.0248.jpg
REDMG:1964.1608.1 cf. RM.25.53.79 and RM.1605.64 (last is smaller) 2005.01.0205.jpg
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