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There are 19 objects for which Condition contains "accretions"
2006.12.100 Some accretions
2006.12.101 Chipped; accretions. 2007.03.0993.jpg
2006.12.102 Chips and accretions 2007.03.1062.jpg
2006.12.108 Fragment; accretions 2007.03.1014.jpg
2006.12.122 Fragment; accretions; faded decoration.
2006.12.91 Chips and accretions
2006.12.92 Some accretions 2007.03.0990.jpg
2006.12.95 Chipped; accretions. 2007.03.1020.jpg
2006.12.96 Chips; some accretions 2007.03.1055.jpg
2006.12.98 Chipped; accretions.
2006.12.99 Chips and accretions
2007.4.203 Fragment; faded decoration; various accretions
2007.4.225 Fragment; wear of decoration; accretions.
2007.4.234 Fragment; faded decoration; accretions
68.12.3 Complete and intact. Yellowish-red accretions on the knob and top of lid as well as the underside mar the surface. The outer part of the lid is worn. The handle of the lid shows areas of wear, especially on the leaves. The stem and underside of the rim are covered in pinky/beige deposit. A white deposit occupies most of the underside. 2008.99.0609.jpg
REDMG:1953.41.1 Intact. Accretions from river sediment (light greyish brown, with some reddish brown in areas) cover most of the vase, especially the handles and foot, where the deposits have built up. The interior surface is pitted on reserved areas, and glazed surfaces are scratched and eroded, especially on the interior of the bowl and the lip. 2005.99.0133.jpg
REDMG:2004.98.1 Comprised of 8 rejoined pieces (although shoulder and body are intact), rejoined, with added resin, paint, and modern accretions around the neck and handle. Stains and yellowish-gray deposits on side and base. 2004.99.0924.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.32 Fragment; some chips and some pink-white plaster like substance, possibly accretions or previous restoration work 2007.10.0013.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.36 Fragment of rim; some off-white accretions 2007.10.0021.jpg
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