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There are 3 objects for which Condition contains "ball"
14.9.70 Fragment of the bottom of a perhaps a ball aryballos 2006.20.0340.jpg
26.7.11 Intact. Beneath the handle, the top of the bell is not smooth, it appears to have been a hole, which has been stoppered with a ball of clay that remains connected and does not move. The lower black band on the main zone has been completely rubbed away on one side, revealing a darker brown clay. The entire surface shows small scratches, and some whitish deposit is evident, especially around the handle. The inside surface is rough, due to a lot of brown/grey deposit. 2002.97.0314.jpg
47.2.21 Intact; string not original, and therefore striking ball may not be original. Surface worn, with medium-brown deposits. 2005.02.0295.jpg
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