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There are 9 objects for which Condition contains "bent"
23.11.28 Slightly bent and rusted. 2002.97.0546.jpg
23.11.29 Dent to side of top, metal corroded and bent. 2002.97.0547.jpg
23.11.30 Metal corroded. Crooked, bent in two places in the middle and at the bottom. 2002.97.0545.jpg
23.11.31RR The top of the headdress is damaged. The left arm is missing from wrist level, and the right from just below the shoulder. The left foot is absent. The right foot is bent and slightly damaged at the tip. 2005.06.0117.jpg
23.11.31V There is a large notch-shaped section missing from the crest and top of the helmet. The arm extending to the right of the shield is bent upwards, and is missing the hand. The left leg is broken off above the knee; and the right leg is warped to the right, and is missing a foot.
71.12.3 Nail bent over and rusted; one horseshoe panel missing. 2002.97.0564.jpg
71.12.4 Intact. Discolouration to green. Not bent or damaged. 2004.95.0145.jpg
E.13.5 4 stalks slightly bent or split
E.65.11 Intact. Small area of polished metal showing through on rectangular extension but not reflective. Major discolouration and deterioration to the surface of both sides. Small surface scratches. Does not sit flat so the object must be slightly bent. 2008.08.0044.jpg
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