Ure Museum Database

There are 11 objects for which Condition contains → border
2005.7.2 Fragment. Good. 25% of border is missing; some distortion of weave 2013.03.0020.jpg
2007.9.1.101 Intact, some cracking to outer border.
2007.9.1.19 Intact, but with some scratched of the outer border.
2007.9.1.31 Intact, some damage to outer border.
2007.9.1.54 Intact, some cracking of outer border.
2007.9.1.68 Intact, some scratches on outer border.
2007.9.1.70 Intact, some scratches on the outer border.
2007.9.1.71 Intact, some wear to outer border.
2007.9.1.73 Intact, some wear to outer border.
2007.9.1.98 Intact, some cracking on outer border.
2007.9.2.34 Intact, some staining to outer border.
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