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There are 16 objects for which Condition contains "break"
14.9.50 Band around rim on top and both sides is fading. Paint faded red from black on the outer surface. Very sharply fracture from vessel. Many surface cracks. The fracture is in two layers and is not a clean break. 2003.01.0085.jpg
14.9.84 Small flakes of paint worn from underside. Not at all a clean break. The colour and design on front remains in good condition. 2013.04.0020.jpg
2008.7.125 Rim of spout partly chipped; only remnants of body of pot on one side directly under tip of spout; exterior: "I" written in pen on spout; "[Theta symbol]30[Gamma symbol]320-280" written in pen above break line of spout and body of pot
2008.7.167 Fragment; decoration well worn in all areas, especially near break edges and on rim.
2008.7.171 Frragment; well worn, especially near break edges; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.173 Fragment; well worn, especially on the exterior and around the break edges; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.180 Fragment; well worn, especially near break edges and exterior; dirt deposits, especially on interior.
2008.7.181 Fragment; well worn, especially near break edges and on exterior; dirt deposits, worse on interior.
22.3.40 Most of rim broken off on front and left side; slight break at top attachment of handle. Leaves and berry pattern almost entirely vanished. Glaze slightly chipped all over. 2003.37.0005.jpg
23.11.31K2 The points of two of the triangular elements are missing. There is a break in the circle of the wreath, where one end has pushed up over the other. 2003.96.0024.jpg
23.11.31NNNN Single fragment with break scars on the shoulder and bottom edges.
26.2.14 Handle zone shows break where handle joined it. 2003.45.0067.jpg
26.2.15 Outside, break where handle joined just visible at right. 2003.45.0059.jpg
50.5.4 Single fragment. Relatively clean break along right edge, while the left is more jagged. 2003.63.0001.jpg
E.62.57 Two joining fragments, with some black deposits around the break. 2005.02.0147.jpg
E.63.21 Shaft broken off in a slanted break which has broken some of the head off as well. the head is tarnished
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