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There are 9 objects for which Condition contains "cast"
2007.10.2.213 Damaged: top part of cast starting to collapse.
2007.10.2.216 Scratched surface and significant collapse of the cast
2007.10.2.296 Some damage to the bottom left corner of the cast.
2007.9.1.99 Intact, image is of poor quality, but most likely due to the cast or original gem.
2007.9.3.124 Intact but with surface wear. The cast lacks definition.
2007.9.3.156 Intact but the neck on the cast is missing
2007.9.3.160 Intact, but neck of cast is missing.
2008.9.10 Cast seems to be complete, but original object was most likely broken, as the back half of the ship and half of one of the harpies is missing. Metal hook attached to top of cast for hanging. 2005.02.0198.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.16 Nose is missing (as it probably is from the original). Hair is uneven as parts of the cast are missing from one side. Cast is placed on a black stand, also made of plaster.
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