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There are 7 objects for which Condition contains "clearly"
11.10.3 Complete and intact. There are tiny air bubbles over the surface, as well as small areas of brownish deposit. Detailed markings on face and hands are slightly worn away. The left eyebrow, left eye, nose and mouth however, are all still clearly visible. Material on the resting surface has flaked away in areas. Originally painted red all over. 2002.97.0761.jpg
2003.6.18 Single fragment, slightly worn, although black pattern and lines on the fragment are still clearly visible. 2007.03.1219.jpg
2005.3.22 Fragment, good condition, incisions clearly visible and paint is not worn or chipped
2005.3.35 reasonable, black whilst faded is still clearly visible, there a number of chips on the surface
37.7.2 Intact but base of handle coming away slightly from the shoulder. Good condition design of siren and clearly incised lines. Some areas of red on handle ande below, possibly where darker paint has worn away. Some chips to underside of the mouth. 2003.05.0002.jpg
E.65.6 Intact, although clearly not complete even though it is unclear what it once belonged to. There is however little degridation of the wood. 2002.98.0076.jpg
L.2014.8.5 Good. Inscription and image clearly visible on both sides.
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