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There are 7 objects for which Condition contains "comprising"
2005.2.4 Single fragment comprising about half of the base, scratched and chipped in places; broken surfaces abraded and covered with grey deposits.
2006.12.6 Single fragment comprising most of the body of the vessel, and shoulder, with the lower part of the handle attached. Broken off sharply at top and bottom; chipped slightly around the neck; dark gray adhesions and some stains to surface. 2005.02.0324.jpg
71.6.1 Single fragment comprising most of a handle, broken off at the bottom; chipped on left side and generally worn. 2002.97.0627.jpg
REDMG:1958.117.1 18 rejoined fragments comprising 90% of the original object, with some painted plaster sections, now chipped. Sheen on surface has eroded, especially on the inside of one handle; scratched elsewhere. 2004.99.0885.jpg
REDMG:1964.1650.1A Two fragments comprising the mouth, neck, and handle, as well as the base and foot.eposits inside. Black gloss worn. Not many chips to body work on the area that remains.
REDMG:1964.1671 Large fragment missing from upper wall, comprising 1/4 of the rim; yellow stains, grey deposits. 2004.99.0078.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.72 Fragment comprising part of the foot and body; chipped and scratched all throughout. 2006.20.0479.jpg
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