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There are 17 objects for which Condition contains "corner"
14.9.11 Small surface scratches. Paint is wearing off of both sides but the design is still distinguishable. Small piece on the corner has been repaired.
2004.5.1 Approximately 1/3 of the original remains (lower right corner), which has been restored with modern plaster, mostly undecorated. Where original paint remains it has been dulled and is scratched. 2007.01.0057.jpg
2007.10.2.296 Some damage to the bottom left corner of the cast.
2007.10.2.360 Slightly scratched in the corner but Intact
2008.7.139 Fragment,chipped. Pattern on the exterior is heavily worn, large chip in top right-hand corner.
2008.7.154 Fragment, sides and faces chipped. Three large holes in a diagonal line towards one corner.
2008.7.170 Fragment; decoration worn throughout, worse on exterior; significant chip missing from one corner; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.9.7 1 large chip in one corner of exterior. Overpainting is faded.
2009.10.2.288 Slightly damaged around the edges and a small circular hole in the bottom left corner
51.4.6 Two fragments, rejoined, from the body and rim of the cup, in the shape of an elongated hexagon. Chipped on the breaks; slightly worn on the interior; slight gray adhesions on the upper left corner of the exterior and the lower part of the interior. 2003.99.0022.jpg
E.23.12 There is quite a large chip on one corner, and a chip removed from the same side. There is quite a large amount of black deposit all over the object obscuring it's natural colour. 2002.98.0116.jpg
E.23.52 Intact and complete apart from chip off the corner of the base. Much of the glaze remains but in areas where it has rubbed of the green pigment is also missing. 2007.01.0117.jpg
E.62.23 Single corner fragment chipped in the triangular shaped hieroglyph. No significant wear on the relief. 2008.08.0144.jpg
L.2011.1.29 Fragment, chipped. crack on one corner and covered in sediment 2011.97.0093.jpg
L.2011.1.43 Fragmented, very worn, burnt in one corner and covered in a light brown sediment 2011.97.0236.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.42 Single fragment, quite worn and indented on one side, perhaps where a handle attached. Surface very badly scratched. Black deposit in one corner (thickly applied black glaze?) 2006.20.0411.jpg
TEMP.2003.8.7 Single fragment with a large white deposit in one corner. 2006.20.0192.jpg
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