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There are 53 objects for which Condition contains "cracked"
13.10.24 Single piece, broken off at the neck, below the rim; surface dulled, worn, slightly eroded, and cracked, especially at the base. 2010.99.0061.jpg
13.10.4A-B Two pieces, each intact, seemingly not missing any parts. The mirror is in better condition, with only a few worn and/or green patches, while the lid is damaged at the edges and is covered on the underside with whitish-green deposits. The lid has one cracked, running from the edge toward the centre. 2010.99.0120.jpg
14.9.119 Poor, cracked in two places, along right side of the hair line continuing across face and horizontally upwards, into head. 2003.98.0183.jpg
2003.8.51 Black paint cracked slightly and white deposits. 2006.20.0616.jpg
2007.10.2.503 Cracked
2007.10.2.504 Cracked, worn
2009.10.2.268 Cracked along the bottom edge
2009.10.2.272 Cracked in half
2009.10.2.277 Slightly cracked surface
2009.10.2.44 Cracked
2009.8.10 Slightly cracked
2009.8.120 Slightly cracked
2009.8.132 Cracked at the bottom.
2009.8.133 Cracked at the bottom.
2009.8.136 Cracked on the left side.
2009.8.17 Slightly cracked on the right side.
2009.8.245 Cracked, a part of the neck is missing.
2009.8.253 Slightly cracked, a bit of his neck is missing.
2009.8.279 Slightly cracked on the top
2009.8.55 Slightly cracked
2009.8.63 Slightly cracked
2009.9.175 Slighty cracked.
2009.9.178 Cracked
2009.9.198 Slightly cracked.
2009.9.211 Slightly cracked.
2009.9.24 Slightly cracked
2009.9.44 Slightly cracked
2009.9.70 Cracked.
2009.9.9 Slightly cracked.
23.11.31L Fragmented, cracked, and chipped, with no clear defining features except shield. Brownish-grey colour. 2005.06.0077.jpg
26.12.27 Body: complete, comprised of rejoined pieces (foot), cracked and chipped along flange. Lid: reconstructed with some parts missing, large chip on top of lid. Decoration on lid completely faded on one side. 2002.97.0543.jpg
27.4.7 Lip, neck and handle missing. Surface of paint has cracked and begun to flake away. 2003.97.0702.jpg
31.6.1 Intact. Crack appearing inside and an area exists where the paint has cracked. Small chips to exterior paintwork. 2003.97.0857.jpg
34.8.4 Intact. On back, below handle, the cream ground surface has cracked away almost entirely leaving the surface rough. Part of black main design has been worn but enough remains to distinguish pattern. Deposits inside mouth. 2003.12.0077.jpg
47.6.4 Lip slightly chipped and handle slightly cracked. Surface worn, with paint flaking, especially on front. 2008.99.0577.jpg
51.7.15 Complete and intact. The body is cracked on one side, around the central hollow. The surface is scratched and pitted, with worn decoration. 2004.06.0013.jpg
56.8.4 The vessel appears to be cracked in several places and the handle has been rejoined. It is also quite glossy. 2003.59.0004.jpg
58.2.3A Intact, but cracked on base of pyxis. Lustre has faded. 2008.98.0396.jpg
E.23.42.1-4 One of the long beads has a damaged surface where glaze has cracked, giving a whitish appearance.
E.62.19 Mirror missing. Large crack down one side of the handle and the 'spur' on the same side is also cracked.
E.65.1 Cracked in the middle of body, large chip on rim, chip on base, some scratches and weathering on sides. 2002.98.0045.jpg
L.2011.1.20 Coated in rust, highly fragmented and cracked 2011.97.0227.jpg
L.2011.1.55 Split in half, cracked and slightly worn at the top 2011.97.0390.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.52 Surface stained dark, perhaps with modern glaze. Some decoration worn and scratched off; alabastron cracked and repaired at the back end of the sphinx. 2004.99.0909.jpg
REDMG:1950.25.1 Nearly complete, except for missing a large chip on the rim (shows signs of previous restoration); handle has been reattached. Decoration cracked around handle attachment; lower part of body gouged in places, as is the underside. 2003.93.0334.jpg
REDMG:1951.134.1 Missing one handle; join with body shows signs of a previous restoration. Surface dulled, especially on interior; some loss of glaze, especially around the foot, where only the ruddled patches remain; cracked just above foot. 2004.99.0768.jpg
REDMG:1951.144.1 Rim and foot are cracked once and twice, respectively, but remain intact. There is a gouge on the rim, as well as some smaller chips on the base. Decoration damaged with cracks and reddish-brown stains. White deposits on lower part of rim and underside, as well as foot. 2005.99.0120.jpg
REDMG:1951.149.1 Rim cracked and repaired but still with a piece missing. Handle has also been repaired. Deposits inside and a little on base. 2005.89.0056.jpg
REDMG:1951.159.1 Mouth missing, broken off at the top of the neck, where the joins to handles and body are cracked and scratched. The lower part of the amphora has been restored, using wood (for the foot) and plaster (still visible on the interior and around the joint between handles and neck). Some pitting on body, surface abrasion on stem. 2005.89.0030.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.25 Handle, mouth and most of neck are missing. The surface is cracked, and has peeled off in some parts at the back; only ghosts remain of the white details. 2003.93.0392.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.32 Missing two chips from the base, and cracked on the underside; glaze dulled in places and cracking around the handle attachments; light grey deposits on side B; added colour very well preserved. 2005.89.0006.jpg
REDMG:1964.1670 Reddish-brown deposits on interior; gray and yellowish-brown stains on exterior and base, which is slightly cracked. 2004.99.0081.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.3 Two fragments probably from the same vessel. (a) Many spots have been pitted off and there are remains of adhesives after some form of restoration. (b) A thick layer of white plaster (after some form of restoration) has been peeled off from some areas and it is cracked, deposits, remains of adhesives and accumulation of residue, especially on the interior.
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