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There are 72 objects for which Condition contains "damage"
13.10.31 Head fragment, facial features worn. Damage to top of head and over right eye. 2007.12.0026.jpg
14.9.17 Traces of glue hint at a previous repair but the repaired piece is missing. Small spots of deposit on both surfaces. Slight surface damage to the concave surface. 2006.20.0019.jpg
14.9.21 Joined unevenly due to erosion of the edges. Small spots of dark deposit on exterior surface. Surface damage to underside where paint has been rubbed away. 2007.03.1279.jpg
14.9.24 Colour in good condition and the surface has no significant deposit or damage. 2007.03.1270.jpg
14.9.44 Small areas of pink deposit. The outer ripples appear somewhat blurred. No damage to rim. 2003.01.0099.jpg
14.9.48 Red paint nearly entirely worn from rim. Some surface damage to the outer surface as paint has flaked away. Some dark deposits on the outer surface too. 2005.88.0003.jpg
14.9.57 About half lid preserved. Some surface damage to the exterior surface. Chips to rim and to handle. Paint worn on areas of the design. 2003.97.0758.jpg
14.9.72 Some loss of paint on outer surface. Some surface damage to underside probably caused at time of fracture. 2003.46.0072.jpg
14.9.8 Paint is dull and wearing away on both sides. Surface is smooth with no particular damage.
2006.12.15 Fragment; fading of decoration; discolouration of clay suggests possible fire damage 2007.30.0050.jpg
2006.12.68 Fragment; slight hints of fire damage 2007.03.1102.jpg
2007.10.2.237 Slight damage to surface
2007.10.2.241 Some surface damage
2007.10.2.296 Some damage to the bottom left corner of the cast.
2007.10.2.301 Intact, apparent damage possible from original gem stone
2007.4.75 Fragment; signs of fire damage; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0599.jpg
2007.4.78 Fragment; possible fire damage; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0730.jpg
2007.9.1.31 Intact, some damage to outer border.
2007.9.1.33 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.1.35 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.1.56 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.2.32 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.2.33 Intact, some surface damage.
22.11.1 Intact. Chalky white deposits. Colour remains good. Very minimal surface damage. 2001.99.0013.jpg
26.2.26 Underside has slight patches of discolouration and bands are starting to fade. The topside has lost the white decoration so that only traces remain. No surface damage or deposit. 2013.04.0061.jpg
26.2.28 Painted bands on underside are wearing away considerably compared to the topside which has retained most of its colour apart from some white but it is now a little dull. Surfaces are all still smooth with no significant damage. 2003.45.0081.jpg
26.2.31 Underside is dull and discoloured. The colouring on the top is good except for the bands which have faded. There is some surface damage here too. 2013.04.0075.jpg
26.7.10 Incomplete. Apart from the head missing, there is little damage. There are small holes and scratches on the surface, front and back. The white slip has almost completely worn away, evident now only in small areas. 2004.95.0035.jpg
28.6.6 Damage to one handle almost breaking the circle. Complete handle has deposits (perhaps from burial). Paint is very worn and in most places only staining remains. For such a fragile rim it is in excellent condition with no chips. 2003.97.0123.jpg
45.10.5 Comprised of nine rejoined fragments and nine loose fragments, one of which shows the head and shoulders of a youth, badly damaged in fire. Five pieces were badly damaged when it was found in 1979 - more detailed in Ure inventory. Underside has been repainted. Exterior surface design is in remarkably good condition considering the damage done to the interior surface. Stem remains but the foot is completely missing. 2011.98.0040.jpg
48.5.1 Intact. Pattern inside remains clear but some of the main pictures have faded badly (especially C). No significant damage to rims or handles. 2010.98.0115.jpg
51.4.4 Chips missing from the rim (ca. 7, including damage on the meander pattern) and the neck (ca. 5). There are also small bits missing at the joining point of the two parts of the fragment. 2007.99.0097.jpg
65.6.2 Broken off at the shoulders; small white deposit at fracture. Highly polished with no surface damage. The scratches caused through production are still visible.
78.12.13 Intact, part of the base is missing, hairline fracture radiating from this damage. Wash is worn, especially on the decoration and base. Large amount of grey deposit all over, interior and exterior. 2010.99.0095.jpg
78.12.21 Intact, upper right half of nozzle is missing, long hairline crack reaching down into the centre of the base from ths damage. Signs of use visible on nozzle. Fracture around the edge of the discus continuing along the nozzle to the wick hole. Brownish red wash is worn, large amount of white-grey deposit 2008.01.0038.jpg
79.1.11 Handle broken off. Damage at mouth of spout. Rough surface on base. Colour on outer surface is worn in places. 2005.01.0319.jpg
E.23.13 No discernable damage
E.23.29 appears to have no restoration or recent damage. The pottery is very rough with innumerable shallow chips, and there is a large amount of white deposit all over the object, a particularly large patch can be found near the base. 2007.01.0076.jpg
E.23.49.1 Intact no discernable damage or deposit. 2002.98.0138.jpg
E.23.49.2 Intact, no damage but some brown deposit around the edges on the top side. 2002.98.0139.jpg
E.23.49.3 Intact, no discernable damage or deposit 2002.98.0131.jpg
E.23.49.5 Intact, no discernable damage or deposit. 2002.98.0145.jpg
E.23.6 Intact, no deposit or significant damage. 2002.98.0135.jpg
E.23.7 Intact, no deposit or discernable damage 2002.98.0150.jpg
E.23.8 Intact, no discernable damage or deposit. 2002.98.0133.jpg
E.62.16 Intact and complete. Some of the black pigment has gone and several edges have slight scratches. The most significant damage is a scratch on the side with twelve dots that goes from one side in a straight line to the other. 2002.98.0256.jpg
E.62.17 Intact and complete. The details are still clear and there is no obvious damage to the artefact. 2002.98.0982.jpg
E.62.2 Intact if fragmentary. The detail is refined and there is no deposit on the surphace. No discernable damage. 2008.08.0210.jpg
E.62.5 Intact, with no apparent damage to surface.
E.62.55 Intact and complete, there is no damage aside from some imperfections on the base. There is also a few areas of black deposit on the inside of the vase. 2002.98.0151.jpg
E.63.13C Single fragment. The blue glaze is well preserved, and there is very little visible damage to the surface although it is quite rough to the touch. 2002.98.0954.jpg
L.2013.10.1 Intact, very worn with surface damage and grey deposits especially in the incisions
L.2013.10.3 Details of scarab body now faded and surface uneven, there is damage to the base and one side of legs.
L.2016.3.16 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.17 Intact, no discernible damage. Minimal white deposits around the ending edge (of the long sides).
L.2016.3.18 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.19 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.20 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.21 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.22 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.23 Intact, no discernible damage.
REDMG:1935.87.29 Intact. Paint worn from rim and edge of one handle. Some damage to inside near to stamped palmettes. Glaze remains silvery.
REDMG:1958.61.1 Handle, some damage to woman's face and some wear to bronze in the centre of the handle. 2003.93.0212.jpg
REDMG:1964.1611.1 Intact, centre of discus is obscured by damage, many small chips in the surface. Large amount of grey deposit on the interior and the back of the exterior. 2005.01.0258.jpg
REDMG:1964.1653.1 Neck and mouth missing. Base damaged. Some damage to the side of the object - appears to have been crushed on one sode. 2003.93.0155.jpg
REDMG:1964.1719.1 Over half of the object is missing, but the half that remains is in good condition with no significant damage. Some deposits have collected in base. 2006.20.0107.jpg
TEMP.2007.2 29 Fragment; fire damage
TEMP.2007.2.49 Fragment; Damaged by fire, with chipping of decoration probably due to this damage. Munsell colours are for unburnt and burnt parts respectively 2007.10.0051.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.51 Fragment, possile fire damage, scratches and chips in glaze 2007.10.0057.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.52 Fragment, fire damage, chips and scratches 2007.10.0059.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.54 Fragment; some damage to glaze 2007.10.0063.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.57 Fragment; parts with fire damage 2007.10.0069.jpg
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