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There are 338 objects for which Condition contains "decoration"
13.10.12 Body and decoration generally good. Missing a piece of lip. Part of neck and lip have been rejoined. There is some flaking on the surface of the vase 2007.99.0135.jpg
13.10.18 Good, one handle slightly worn, rim worn away round edges. Large amounts of browny-grey deposit around the rim (exterior and interior), causing wearing of some of the interior decoration. Small string tied to handle (modern) 2003.98.0278.jpg
2003.8.62 Chip in left side, black decoration faded. 2006.20.0615.jpg
2004.8.2A One of two joining fragments (the other is 2004.08.2B). Single, triangular fragment, broken roughly. Black decoration seemingly unweathered or tarnished (both interior and exterior).
2004.8.2B One of two joining fragments (the other is 2004.08.2A). Single, four sided fragment, broken relatively smoothly. One convex side and one concave side. Black decoration partially degraded (especially on the interior) by greyish/white deposits.
2004.8.4 Single fragment of five sides, broken sharply. The lower part of the fragment decoration is well preserved, but the upper portion has suffered cosiderable ware, although, the absent upper torsos of the youths can be seen on the terracotta below (due to the paint having preserved the ware to some extent before it was rubbed off). 2006.20.0566.jpg
2004.8.5 Single fragment of four sides, roughly broken. White, green and brown deposits visible on the surface decoration. Paint has been weathered and worn on the reverse side of the fragment. 2006.20.0571.jpg
2005.3.12 decoration is slightly worn 2005.05.0064.jpg
2005.3.13 Body is complete, lid is missing. Decoration is faded and chipped on body and rim, gray deposits on the interior 2006.20.0361.jpg
2005.3.14 Fragment, decoration is is chipped 2006.20.0359.jpg
2005.3.16 Fragment, interior decoration is worn, exterior has worn patches and white has brown and gray deposits
2005.3.19 fragment, exterior decoration is slightly chipped, interior is very worn
2005.3.21 Fragment, very worn, the possible decoration on the exterior is very worn
2005.3.26 Fragment, foot has a chip, and decoration is badly chipped 2006.20.0401.jpg
2005.3.30 Reasonable, exterior decoration is worn and there are some white deposits 2006.20.0383.jpg
2005.3.39 Not in good condition, the interior band is very worn and the exterior decoration is very worn and covered by gray deposits 2006.20.0395.jpg
2005.3.40 Black decoration is very worn and faded, plus some dark brown deposits on exterior 2006.20.0398.jpg
2005.3.7 Decoration on fragment is worn, fragment is from the base of the vase 2005.05.0066.jpg
2005.3.8 Single fragment; decoration is worn
2005.6.1 Mouth missing the rim/ lips, neck is complete, half shoulder section intact, exterior decoration marked by brownish-grey deposits, large brownish-grey deposit found the full width of interior.
2006.12.103 Chipped; decoration mostly worn away. 2007.03.1002.jpg
2006.12.105 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1006.jpg
2006.12.109 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1067.jpg
2006.12.110 Fragment; possible worn decoration 2007.03.1057.jpg
2006.12.111 Fragment; worn decoration
2006.12.112 Fragment; damaged decoration
2006.12.113 Fragment; worn decoration
2006.12.114 Fragment; worn decoration.
2006.12.115 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1059.jpg
2006.12.116 Fragment; faded decoration.
2006.12.117 Fragment; worn decoration
2006.12.119 Fragment; heavy wear of decoration
2006.12.120 Fragment; worn decoration.
2006.12.121 Fragment; heavily worn decoration.
2006.12.122 Fragment; accretions; faded decoration.
2006.12.123 Fragment; wear of decoration.
2006.12.124 Fragment; worn decoration
2006.12.125 Fragment; badly damaged decoration.
2006.12.13 Fragment; wearing and chipping of decoration 2007.03.0845.jpg
2006.12.15 Fragment; fading of decoration; discolouration of clay suggests possible fire damage 2007.30.0050.jpg
2006.12.18 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.0899.jpg
2006.12.19 Fragment; Decoration very worn 2005.02.0359.jpg
2006.12.2 Fragment; decoration quite worn 2007.03.0461.jpg
2006.12.20 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.0887.jpg
2006.12.22 Fragment; fading of decoration 2007.03.0916.jpg
2006.12.32 Fragment; Decoration very faded 2007.03.0968.jpg
2006.12.34 Fragment; decoration badly worn 2007.03.0977.jpg
2006.12.36 Fragment of base and side; decoration mostly faded 2007.03.0450.jpg
2006.12.37 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.0981.jpg
2006.12.4 Fragment; some worn decoration 2007.03.0445.jpg
2006.12.49 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.0931.jpg
2006.12.5 Fragment; decoration slightly worn 2007.03.0854.jpg
2006.12.51 Fragment; decoration very worn 2007.03.1115.jpg
2006.12.53 Fragment; extremely worn decoration 2007.03.1135.jpg
2006.12.54 Two fragments have been rejoined to make a single fragment; wear of decoration 2007.03.1104.jpg
2006.12.55 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1119.jpg
2006.12.56 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.03.1138.jpg
2006.12.57 Fragment; very worn decoration
2006.12.58 Fragment; decoration slightly worn 2007.03.1109.jpg
2006.12.59 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.03.1110.jpg
2006.12.60 Fragment; heavily worn decoration 2007.03.1107.jpg
2006.12.62 Fragment; decoration on outside very worn 2007.03.1125.jpg
2006.12.63 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1128.jpg
2006.12.65 Fragment; decoration worn. 2007.03.1078.jpg
2006.12.67 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1098.jpg
2006.12.69 Fragment; very worn decoration
2006.12.7 Fragment; decoration worn 2007.03.0861.jpg
2006.12.70 Fragment; slight wear of decoration 2007.03.1130.jpg
2006.12.72 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1127.jpg
2006.12.73 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.1148.jpg
2006.12.75 Fragment; heavy wear on decoration 2007.03.1132.jpg
2006.12.76 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.03.1122.jpg
2006.12.77 Fragment; decoration very worn 2007.03.1095.jpg
2006.12.8 Fragment; Wear and chipping of decoration 2007.03.0922.jpg
2006.12.9 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.03.0847.jpg
2006.12.93 Missing handle; chipped; wear of decoration
2007.4.100 Fragment; possible wear of decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0586.jpg
2007.4.102 Fragment; worn decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0634.jpg
2007.4.104 Fragment; worn decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0587.jpg
2007.4.107 Fragment; decoration worn. 2007.30.0015.jpg
2007.4.108 Very worn decoration; accretion between handle and pot 2007.30.0009.jpg
2007.4.11 Single fragment; decoration slightly worn. 2007.03.0775.jpg
2007.4.110 Fragment; decoration worn.
2007.4.111 Fragment; decoration extremely worn. 2007.30.0005.jpg
2007.4.112 Fragment; decoration slightly worn. 2007.30.0011.jpg
2007.4.113 Fragment; decoration worn. 2007.30.0027.jpg
2007.4.114 Fragment; decoration worn. 2007.30.0008.jpg
2007.4.115 Fragment; heavily worn decoration 2007.30.0025.jpg
2007.4.116 Fragment; very faded decoration 2007.30.0014.jpg
2007.4.117 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0029.jpg
2007.4.118 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0001.jpg
2007.4.119 Fragment; heavy wear of decoration 2007.30.0017.jpg
2007.4.120 Worn decoration 2007.30.0035.jpg
2007.4.121 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0019.jpg
2007.4.122 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0032.jpg
2007.4.123 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0040.jpg
2007.4.124 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0047.jpg
2007.4.125 Fragment; faded decoration 2007.30.0034.jpg
2007.4.126 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.30.0044.jpg
2007.4.127 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0038.jpg
2007.4.128 Fragment; worn decoration 2007.30.0042.jpg
2007.4.129 Fragment; decoration worn 2007.30.0048.jpg
2007.4.17 Single fragment; decoration worn
2007.4.19 Single fragment, decoration worn 2007.03.0795.jpg
2007.4.195 Fragment; worn decoration
2007.4.197 Fragment; heavily faded decoration
2007.4.198 Fragment; faded decoration
2007.4.201 Fragment; worn decoration
2007.4.202 Fragment; slightly faded decoration.
2007.4.203 Fragment; faded decoration; various accretions
2007.4.207 Fragment; wear of decoration
2007.4.210 Fragment; worn decoration
2007.4.213 Fragment; fading of decoration
2007.4.217 Fragment; decoration slightly worn
2007.4.218 Fragment; worn decoration.
2007.4.225 Fragment; wear of decoration; accretions.
2007.4.229 Fragment; fading of decoration
2007.4.234 Fragment; faded decoration; accretions
2007.4.4 Single fragment; slightly worn but decoration still distinguishable. 2007.03.0757.jpg
2007.4.6 Single fragment; decoration slightly worn. 2007.03.0766.jpg
2007.4.68 Fragment; wear on decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0614.jpg
2007.4.69 Fragment; wear of decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0708.jpg
2007.4.71 Fragment; worn decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0669.jpg
2007.4.72 Fragment; decoration is almost entirely worn away; Heraeum is written on in pencil 2007.03.0700.jpg
2007.4.73 Fragment; Heavily worn decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0703.jpg
2007.4.76 Fragment; Wear on decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0678.jpg
2007.4.80 Fragment; wear of decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0647.jpg
2007.4.81 Fragment; worn decoration; heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0618.jpg
2007.4.82 Fragment; Worn decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0652.jpg
2007.4.85 Fragment; wear of decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0710.jpg
2007.4.86 Fragment; Some wear of decoration; has Heraeum written on it in pencil 2007.03.0714.jpg
2007.4.9 Single fragment, decoration slightly worn. 2007.03.0771.jpg
2007.4.95 Fragment; wear of decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0660.jpg
2007.4.97 Fragment; wear of decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0686.jpg
2007.4.98 Fragment; worn decoration; Heraeum is written on in pencil 2007.03.0689.jpg
2008.7.111 Fragment; badly worn and chipped, decoration barely visible; "O.N" or "N.O" handwritten in pencil on interior.
2008.7.161 Plate fragment broken on two sides; Interior: decoration mostly worn off, or covered in dirt
2008.7.166 Interior and Exterior: decoration mostly worn away or covered by dirt(?)
2008.7.167 Fragment; decoration well worn in all areas, especially near break edges and on rim.
2008.7.169 Fragment; decoration well worn throughout; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.170 Fragment; decoration worn throughout, worse on exterior; significant chip missing from one corner; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.174 Fragment; very well worn, especially around broken edges; extensive dirt deposits on remaining decoration.
2008.7.176 Fragment; worn, especially near broken edges; dirt deposits throughout; if there was any decoration, it has been worn off completely.
2008.7.178 Fragment; worn heavily and so covered in dirt that establishing the Munsell color and decoration are practically impossible.
2008.7.18 Fragment. Decoration and glazing in good condition, very minor chipping. "Aegina" handwritten in pencil on the interior.
2008.7.183 Fragment; heavily worn, decoration worn down until almost unrecognizble, expecially around edges of fragment.
2008.7.184 Fragment; badly worn throughout, decoration very faded, interior badly chipped and caked with dirt.
2008.7.186 Fragment; badly worn throughout, worse on exterior; decoration heavily faded and worn, completely missing in parts; extensive dirt on interior.
2008.7.189 Fragment; heavily worn and chipped, irregularly broken; badly worn enough that any decoration is practically unrecoginzable.
2008.7.190 Fragment broken on four sides. Exterior: decoration is slightly worn off.
2008.7.191 Fragment broken on five sides. Exterior: faded decoration.
2008.7.192 Rim fragment broken on three sides. Exterior decoration more faded than interior decoration.
2008.7.197 Fragment broken on four sides. Exterior: decoration mostly worn off.
2008.7.198 Possible rim fragment broken on four sides. Exterior decoration mostly worn off.
2008.7.28 Fragment. Decoration worn and chipped on both exterior and rim. "Aig Aphr" (transliterated from Greek) handwritten in pencil on the interior; indicates the Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Aegina (see Provenance).
2008.7.36 Fragment. Much of exterior decoration worn away; interior worn as well. "Aegina Aphrodite" handwritten in pencil on interior.
2008.7.45 Fragment; fading of decoration throughout, worse on the interior, some other slight chipping; "Aphrodite Aegina" handwritten in pencil on the broken edges of the fragment.
2008.7.48 Fragment; worn and chipped throughout, but decoration still clear; "Aphrodite Aegina" handwritten in pencil on interior.
2008.7.50 Fragment, 'Aegina Aphrodite' handwritten in pencil on interior. Worn- down and chipped, slight chipping to decoration.
2008.7.51 Fragment broken on 5 sides; interior: "Aegina Aphrodite" written in pencil in Greek; exterior: some scratches on the decoration
2008.7.53 Fragment; several chips throughout, one large chip on interior; decoration worn down throughout; "Aphrodite" handwritten in pencil on the interior.
2008.7.54 Fragment broken on six sides; Exterior: large chip out of top RH side, decoration at base of fragment partly scratched off; interior:"Aegina Aphrodite" written in pencil across centre of fragment
2008.7.61 Fragment, chipped and worn. Decoration very chipped.
2008.7.62 Fragment, worn and chipped. Decoration on exterior heavily chipped.
2008.7.63 Fragment, chipped, decoration chipped.
2008.7.65 Fragemnt worn and chipped. Decoration heavily chipped.
2008.7.67 Fragment, worn. Decoration heavily chipped.
2008.7.69 Fragment, chipped. Decoration is worn.
2008.7.70 Fragment, chipped and worn. Decoration chipped.
2008.7.72 Fragment, decoration worn.
2008.7.73 Fragment broken on four sides; interior: black overpaint worn; exterior: some of the decoration is worn away
2008.7.76 Overpaint mostly worn away on both sides. Exterior: chips running vertically down the centre of the fragment through the decoration
2008.7.77 Fragment, chipped. Decoration worn.
2008.7.78 Fragment, worn and chipped. Decoration heavily chipped.
2008.7.8 Single fragment, broken on three sides, with decoration worn towards edges.
2008.7.81 Fragment, chipped and worn. Decoration chipped.
2008.7.82 Fragment, chipped and worn. Decoration heavily worn.
2008.7.86 Fragment, chipped. Decoration heavily worn.
2008.7.87 Fragment, chipped. Decoration chipped.
2008.7.88 Fragment, chipped. Decoration heavily worn.
2008.9.12 Fragment, wash on interior and decoration on exterior are faded.
2008.9.13 Fragment, wash on interior and decoration on exterior chipped.
2008.9.17 Fragment, decoration on exterior is faded.
2008.9.18 Fragment in 2 halves, glued back together with join vertically down centre. Decoration is very faded.
2008.9.21 Fragment, decoration on exterior is chipped and faded.
2008.9.24 Fragment, decoration on exterior is heavily chipped.
2008.9.25 Fragment, decoration on exterior almost entirely faded away.
2008.9.28 Fragment, decoration on exterior heavily chipped.
2008.9.3 Fragment; decoration quite clear.
2008.9.4 Fragment, chipped at edges. Decoration is faded.
25.4.2 Incomplete. The surface condition is not very good, there are small holes and scratchs all over the surface, in and out, as well as fading on the decoration. The rim shows several chips, and the handles are very uneven. The resting surface of the foot is very chipped and uneven. 2003.58.0009.jpg
25.6.2 Intact except for the edge of the rim which is missing on one side. The inside show small areas of general wear, as well as a small patch of what looks like yellow varnish near the broken rim. There is also some white deposit in the reserved disk in the centre, and on one of the handles. The black glaze on the handles has been rubbed away in patches, as has the decoration on the main zone. There is more white deposit on the main zone, some of which runs in circles, showing the gradient of the material. There are cracks on the glaze around the top of the foot, below which are some denser patches of white deposit. This deposit is also evident on the base of the foot and inside it. 2003.16.0094.jpg
25.8.5 Complete but made up of seven seperate pices stuck back together. The handle has several chips, on the middle and lower tiers. The tip of the highest tier has also been chipped, and all over the handle, the gloss shows evidence of wear, with tiny cracks and scratches. The top of the lid shows a few small flakes and chips, mainly on the decoration, and eratically over the surface, there is brown/grey deposit. The inside of the lid is reserved but still shows patches of dirt and a small amount of grey/white deposit around the rim. 2002.97.0271.jpg
25.8.6 Incomplete, neck and mouth glued back on, most of foot still missing. Decoration glaze has become very worn. The rim of the mouth is chipped, and there is a large hole in one side of the shoulder. Most of the decoration on the body is missing, the band below it, very faded. Foot barely remains. 2003.11.0003.jpg
26.12.20 Missing handle, but we can see the remains of where it should have been. There are small chips on the rim of the neck, and the black has begun to rub away. At the base of the neck is a small amount of white deposit, which we can also see on the main zone. The main zone has been worn away in the middle and near one edge. There are small scratches and flaking decoration at the top of the foot. 2002.97.0329.jpg
26.12.27 Body: complete, comprised of rejoined pieces (foot), cracked and chipped along flange. Lid: reconstructed with some parts missing, large chip on top of lid. Decoration on lid completely faded on one side. 2002.97.0543.jpg
26.12.7 Repaired from sixteen pieces, although missing a large fragment (6.0) from one side, including one handle. Decoration very worn. Fabric roughened on one side, where it is more orange than on the rest of the vessel. Interior blackened with dirt. 2003.58.0008.jpg
26.12.8 Incomplete. Most of neck and all of mouth are missing. The decoration all over is very faded, especially on the body, leaving the surface very smooth. There is a large hole in one side just at the bottom of the main zone. The top and edge of the foot is chipped, on the inside of the resting surface is a small hole. There is a small amount of orange deposit on the resting surface of the foot. 2007.01.0026.jpg
26.2.26 Underside has slight patches of discolouration and bands are starting to fade. The topside has lost the white decoration so that only traces remain. No surface damage or deposit. 2013.04.0061.jpg
26.2.61 Two rejoined rim fragments. Some decoration worn off in patches, especially on the white parts. 2007.03.1185.jpg
26.2.62 Two rim fragments rejoined. Some decoration worn off in patches, especially on the white parts. 2013.04.0148.jpg
26.2.94 Decoration chipped on interior. 2003.20.0091.jpg
26.8.1 Complete, comprised of rejoined pieces: decoration is worn; small amounts of deposits inside. 2003.97.0768.jpg
27.3.8 Intact but with deep chips in body. Top half of object very badly worn, and decoration faded. 2003.03.0004.jpg
27.3.9 Handle, neck and mouth missing. Decoration badly worn making parts indistinguishable. 2003.03.0077.jpg
27.4.13 Complete and intact. Slight chip on lip, colour of decoration faded from black to red. 2003.15.0099.jpg
27.4.14 Complete and intact, small chip on side of lip and decoration faded. 2003.15.0098.jpg
29.5.5 Complete but not intact it has been pieced back together. On the inside, there are small scratches on the surface and patches where the glaze has faded to red or even its reserved colour. The glaze has also faded on the handles, and the edge of the rim is chipped. There is evidence of a greyish/white deposit on the inside of the rim. On the outside, the decoration is much more worn and faded, and the surface has small chips and flakes. The resting surface of the foot is chipped and in the centre of the foot has been scratched the letters T and I. 2003.19.0005.jpg
30.4.1 Incomplete. Two missing handles and pieces glued back together. The decoration has faded and shows red instead of black. On the outside especially, much of the decoration has faded or flaked away. Band around the top of the foot very worn. Some small patches of grey deposit on the surface. 2002.97.0457.jpg
33.4.1 Complete, but not intact. One handle and part of rim restored. Stuck back together from six/seven pieces. Decoration around rim and handles is worn in patches, with small chips in the surface. Small gaps where the pieces have been rejoined. A few scratches are evident in surface of main zone. Top of stem is rough to touch. Resting edge of foot has chips in it, inside the foot has some sandy deposit and a crack across the centre. Inside the body, the gloss looks silvery, with small scratches on it. 2003.58.0011.jpg
33.4.2 Complete but not intact. Rim of foot made up with plaster. Decoration worn in places, small holes and scratches all over surface. Lower bands on foot half missing because of restoration with modern materials, as is one handle. 2003.58.0012.jpg
34.10.16 Comprised of two rejoined pieces. Decoration on the front has faded, and resting surface is very uneven, as is the back. There are small scratches all over the surface and small holes at the top of the head. The back reveals lots of small cracks and holes. There is a white deposit on the chest area, which can also be found inside the base, as well as running along the cracks on the back. 2005.05.0059.jpg
34.8.9 Slightly chipped around rim, especially one large part missing from the upper edge; decoration worn and scratched in places; some light gray deposits on the inside and by the handle attachment; slight white deposits on the bottom. 2004.95.0104.jpg
35.5.34A-Q The decoration and pattern on all are in good condition and still very visible. The smaller parts are a bit more worn and the black gloss of fragment (e) is patchy in places. 2004.10.0001.jpg
38.4.1 Intact; lopsided; worn decoration around handles; white faded. 2003.29.0002.jpg
38.4.3 Complete, appears intact. Paint extremely faded. Inside of mouth has over three small chips. There is one noticeable chip on the outside of the lip. The paint on the neck appears to have been worn away, because a pinkish clay is showing which does not appear to be a fading of the black decoration. There are at least two hairline cracks on the shoulder, with some of the clay worn away. The handles are in good condition with no noticeable chips, whereas the body has several chips and cracks. The base has a few small chips but is in very good condition. 2003.01.0004.jpg
38.4.8 Intact and complete except for chips on the top of the foot. Decoration is worn and chipped. 2013.99.0017.jpg
38.4.9 Comprised of six rejoined pieces, slightly chipped between joins (especially on handles). Some parts of surface flaked off, especially on white decoration. Slight white deposit on interior and exterior of bowl and top of stop. 2004.75.0006.jpg
39.9.1 Mouth of jug appears to be missing its lip. Handle appears to have originally been black glazed, however now it is very worn. All decoration and figures on jug are quite worn. There is a large chip on the rim of the base, of the jug.
39.9.3 Complete but comprised of rejoined fragments; decoration flaking off; white deposits on base and around handles. 2013.99.0050.jpg
42.9.1 Almost half of stephane missing on side B, while the decoration of its remaining part is scraped off almost completely.No decoration on the neck. Deep crack from the beginning of the missing stephane down to the Krater's shoulder. Body pitted over entire surface, although side A is in better condition, with the exception of a gouge under the right arm of the left maenad. Incrustations around the chipped base. 2003.61.0009.jpg
45.10.1 Spout has been rejoined, and rim has been chipped. Gloss has faded from red decoration. 2004.99.0028.jpg Fragment from the rim and neck. There is white plaster on both surfaces. Colour has been pitted off, especially on the external surface of the rim, and peeled off from several spots. The decoration is fadded away on some areas. Single fragment from the rim and neck of an amphora. There is white plaster on the rim and side surfaces of the fragment, while a thick layer was applied on the external surface of the neck. The decoration is damaged. 2006.20.0626.jpg
45.10.7A-B Comprised of many rejoined piecesby (ca. 10 for the body and 25 for the lid), with some patches reconstructed. One of the legs and large areas of the base, body and lid are restored and repainted. The surface decoration on original pieces is largely intact, with faded white details, and some dark deposits. Decoration worn on the lower flange and the rim of the body, as well as the lower edge of the lid. 2003.94.0098.jpg
45.10.9 Ten fragments that probably belong to the same vessel. a) Tiny bit of the vessel's lower neck, part of the shoulder and the spring of the handle, which is missing. There are scratches on the exterior and two bits that have been chipped off. Deposits and plaster? on the interior. (The rest of the fragments are from the vessel's body) b) Should be rejoined to c. White plaster on the exterior and traces of it on the interior. A small bit has been chipped off. c) Should be rejoined to b. White plaster on the exterior and traces f it on the interior d) Few deposits on both sides and a small bit that has been pitted off from the exterior. e) Few deposits on the interior and traces of white plaster. A tiny bit has been chipped off from the exterior. f) White plaster and deposits on the interior. Two bits have been chipped off from the exterior. g) The decoration appears as if it has been scraped off and there is a spot that has been chipped off from the exterior. h) A small spot has been chipped off. Deposits and traces of plaster on the interior. Added white colour has fadded away. i) There are adhesives on both sides and white plaster on the exterior. The decoration looks as if it has been scraped off, a tiny bit has been pitted off and a small spot has been chipped off. j) Traces of white plaster, especially on the interior. There is a small spot that has been pitted off.
45.6.16 Black gloss is still shiny at parts. Large flakes of clay have come away from the lower part of the body. Paint flaked off on mouth, handle, on a large part of the body decoration, shoulder and foot. 2003.12.0079.jpg
45.6.19 Decoration worn. Lots of grey and white deposit over surface. 2006.20.0032.jpg
45.6.32 Badly damaged rim and mouth. Small chip to base. Decoration is in good condition. 2003.98.0052.jpg
46.5.1A-B Complete. Large missing from the edge of the lid, and two large chips on the body, as well as smaller ones. Some scratching and weathering to the body. Decoration faded. 2005.89.0055.jpg
47.2.5 Assembpled from 3 fragments. Missing one handle, some of the rim adjacent to that handle, and a large patch of the bottom of the bowl, adjacent to and slightly overlapping the stamped decoration. The other handle, previously broken off, with another rim fragment, has been rejoined. Some patches missing and scratches around the body on the interior and exterior, rim, handles over; slight deposits on the exterior. 2008.98.0406.jpg
48.12.10 Mouth missing. Some flakes of paint from body have left a rough surface. Part of the white paint flaked off. Gloss is silvered on the lower part of the body. A small chip on shoulder. Gloss flaked off the handle and part of the decoration on the body. 2003.97.0425.jpg
48.12.2 Complete, small chip on rim by one handle, small chip in opposite handle, barely noticeable. Paint slightly worn and scratched in places (not affecting decoration). Interior blotchy, as if water had been spilt while material still wet. 2003.98.0127.jpg
48.12.6 Surface remains smooth, although some decoration has eroded. 2002.97.0134.JPG
48.2.2 Nine rejoined fragments, pitted on interior and exterior; decoration missing from interior of handles. 2004.99.0964.jpg
48.5.2 Major repair work done on one side and to neck consisting of nine pieces. Large chip to foot. Small chips to body. On most part of the figure decoration, handles, foot and mouth, black is fired to brownish. The gloss has flaked off from part of the figures, mouth and neck. White deposits around the mouth. 2010.98.0078.jpg
49.8.4 Intact except for one chip on body and some small around the ring foot. Paint worn on mouth and especially handle and parts of the body. Most of decoration survives and body pattern is clear. 2008.99.0365.jpg
49.8.7 Incomplete. Stem and foot missing leaving a hole in the centre of the cup. Deposits on rim, handles and inside. Glaze remains shiny on exterior surface, although flaking on large part of the rim and the handles. Thinly applied on the rim and fired red. Part of the black paint of the decoration fired red. Black paint smudge partly covering a bird on main band. Scratches on the top of the rim and handles. 2004.03.0001.jpg
50.10.1 Complete but the neck and the body have been mended from a number of joining fragments. Some repainting. Deposits inside. Large part of the painted decoration fired brownish-reddish. Worn on many parts. Small chips and scraches on the body and a chip on the resting surface. 2003.95.0091.jpg
50.10.6 Intact. Large piece rejoined from side A, but doesn't obscure decoration. Some pitting and chipping all over body. Small chip in rim by one of the handles. 2004.07.0006.jpg
50.12.13 Fragment; decoration worn 2003.98.0108.jpg
50.12.16 Good, no chips, decoration slightly faded. 2003.98.0164.jpg
50.12.30 Single fragment; decoration in good condition, paint slightly faded on both sides. 2003.98.0229.jpg
50.12.34 Single fragment, decoration faded on both sides. 2003.98.0095.jpg
50.12.39 Single fragment, quite chipped, decoration somewhat worn away. 2003.98.0085.jpg
50.12.4 Single fragment; decoration slightly worn. 2003.98.0133.jpg
50.12.50 Single fragment preserving the upper part, from the head to the lower part of the chest. Chipped at the top. Decoration is almost rubbed off in many places. 2003.98.0114.jpg
50.4.5 Intact. Pattern badly worn away. Chip to rim at front and a few to base. Part of the decoration fired brownish. White deposits covering the entire underside of the foot. Gloss worn at aprts on the neck. Small chips and scratches on the body. 2008.99.0569.jpg
50.5.6 Intact. Paint appears extremely dull and matt despite being badly worn. Flaked off from most part of the decoration. Peach colour on small areas inside and corresponding exterior surface. A number of chips on the lower part of the base. The larger allows the clay inclusions (white stones) to show through. 2003.92.0190.jpg
51.4.8 Complete. The body mended from a number of joining fragments. Glaze flaked off on the top of the rim, body and handles. Small chip on one of the horizontal handles. The main zone decoration remains similarly intact, except for a few scratches on the surface, and in small patches, a misty light grey deposit. There is also some of this deposit around the ends of all three handles. Thinly applied glaze, especially on the back side of the vessel, allowing for the colour of the clay to be seen. On the resting surface of the foot is a chalky white deposit.
51.7.15 Complete and intact. The body is cracked on one side, around the central hollow. The surface is scratched and pitted, with worn decoration. 2004.06.0013.jpg
51.7.16 Comprised of many rejoined fragments, with restorations (large patches on side B and 3/4 of the foot is modern, as is the stem joining it to the base). A long crack extends through the rim and neck at the back. Chips on the handles and the rim. Gloss worn on rim, handles and foot. The gloss on parts of the figure decoration is mirroring. 2001.99.0160.jpg
51.7.2 Lid: Comprised of 6 of more pieces, rejoined, with plaster filling (painted red) on the side of the body. Surface worn, with scratches and pitting on the exterior decoration and glaze nearly chipped off on the interior. Pyxis intact and nearly complete, but missing a chip on the rim. Surface severely worn with most of glaze chipped off. Some white deposits on the resting surface of the lid. 2003.92.0198.jpg
53.8.1 Complete but slightly chipped on the rim. There is a crack around the base of the omphalos. The relief decoration and gloss are worn. 2010.98.0071.jpg
56.8.5 Piece broken off rim and one or two chips from edge. Small chip on the top of the knob. Decoration is excellent condition. Handle appears to have been reattached. Browny-black deposit (?) in rough circle on underside beneath knob handle. Gloss of good quality, still lustrous. 2003.92.0217.jpg
60.1.4A-B Complete and intact. Small chips on rim and the edge of the lid. Decoration faded in places on both lid and body. Scratches on body and white deposits. 2004.05.0002.jpg
60.8.2 Complete and intact, but in fairly bad condition. It has been badly fired, which has left the glaze patchy, especially on the back of the body. Fired to reddish brown. Around the rim of the mouth, the glaze has been worn and scratched away to reveal the reserved clay, as it has around the handles. The decoration on the main zone is still fairly visible, but is worn in patches and flaking around the edges. At many parts, clay flaked off. Around the top of the foot is greyish white deposit, also evident around the handles. There is a large chip in the foot. White has faded. 2002.97.0709.jpg
60.8.3A-B Missing one handle, remaining handle chipped at point. Black worn/misfired (?) to red on lower part of body. Exterior decoration slightly worn and chipped all over. Side of lid chipped, one rejoined piece adjacent to large missing piece. 2002.97.0575.jpg
61.6.4 Complete and intact. Pitted slightly at the back of the body. Surface decoration flaked off on lower part of body and foot at the back White deposits on left handle; white stain over front of body large white (salt?) deposit. One of the handles also has this white deposit and the upper part of the footring. 2010.98.0213.jpg
62.10.1 Complete and intact. Small chips on rim, decoration faded and worn on rim, mouth, handles, and parts of the decoration on the body. No lid. 2008.98.0333.jpg
68.12.2 Intact and complete except for two chips on the rim. The top of the knob has a crack across the middle, leading to a hole in the deeper recess. The surface is worn, with cracks to the glaze surrounding the attachment of the knob and white deposits throughout the decoration. Yellow deposits on the underside of the lid, just outside the flange. 2002.97.0272.jpg
69.7.1 The vessel is complete, but some of the decoration has peeled off (handle, edge of rim, straps and sole). The white has faded. The underside of the heel has one pit. 2005.88.0054.jpg
70.3.3 Half of one handle broken and missing. Decoration worn (and missing entirely in patches where a ghost can be seen). Whitish gray deposits on interior and on preserved handle, as well as around the base (at join with body and on underside). 2008.98.0449.jpg
78.12.1 Intact, top part of the vertical handle is missing, small hole in the left hand side of the body, chip on the edge of the base. Wash is worn in places, with a small amount of white deposit around decoration. Some blackening around spout. 2008.99.0677.jpg
78.12.11 Intact, handle is missing the top half, decoration is very worn. Wash is mostly intact with a white deposit in areas. Very slight darkening around the tip of the nozzle probably from use. 2008.09.0020.jpg
78.12.13 Intact, part of the base is missing, hairline fracture radiating from this damage. Wash is worn, especially on the decoration and base. Large amount of grey deposit all over, interior and exterior. 2010.99.0095.jpg
78.12.2 Broken into 7 pieces, with one missing. Large amount of pale deposit in the decoration and on the interior. 2005.01.0161.jpg
78.12.20 Small hole in the back of the body, decoration worn, small amount of white-grey deposit on the body, especially on the interior. 2009.99.0093.jpg
78.12.6 Intact and complete, Wash and some of the decoration is very worn. ther area around the nozzle has largly lost most of its wash, however there are traces of black indicating usage. Some white deposit on the base and a small amount on the discus. 2005.01.0289.jpg
78.12.7 Intact and complete, decoration and wash worn in places. White deposit all over, especially on the interior, nozzle tip blackened, probably due to use. 2008.99.0808.jpg
79.1.15 The fragment is broken to top right of grapes, revealing the underneath jutting out to a point, which has grey, miniscule soil deposits. Decoration is complete to left of grapes but is slighty discoloured due to soil deposits. 2005.01.0091.jpg
79.1.4 Intact, chipped on the moulded ring around the discus, decoration worn. Wash is fading especially on the underside. Tip of nozzle blackened, probably from use. 2005.01.0025.jpg
79.1.6 Intact, worn wash and worn decoration. Nozzle blackened probably due to use. 2005.01.0083.jpg
79.1.8 Complete, decoration very worn, filling hole is irregular; this may be due to it's production. Nozzle tip is blackened; probably from usage. nozzle end is scored with many lines. White deposit in places. 2005.01.0029.jpg
85.3.1 30+ fragments rejoined, but missing at least 7 more. Most of neck and mouth missing, as are both handles. Surface decoration worn, especially on side B. 2007.01.0097.jpg
87.2.1 Right foreleg and part of tail missing. Left foreleg has been restored. Traces of white slip. The once probably black colour of the decoration is now brown/red. The surface of the figurine is worn and scratched in places. 2005.05.0061.jpg
E.23.19 Intact, Several chips in the lip. The body has large scars all around it removing large portions of the decoration. 2002.98.0025.jpg
E.23.57 Intact and complete, most of the glaze and a large portion of the green pigment is gone. The are several large cracks on the body underneath the head. A large amount of detail is missing particularly the inscription and the shoulder decoration. 2002.98.0979.jpg
E.47.1 Complete and intact but worn. Small amount of deposit especially around the decoration. The wick hole is blackened at the tip due to usage. 2005.01.0328.jpg
E.62.60 Intact. No major chips or dents (except one dent near the base which is a result of bad workmanship or is designed to allow the pot), very little deposit. The decoration is still very clear. 2002.98.0028.jpg
E.65.3 Complete, but repaired. There three large breaks in the pot that have been repaired but are still very evident near the rim. Although the surphace is still smooth a large amount of the red pigment on the out side has worn away while similar occurances inside have meant that some of the decoration has been lost. 2002.98.0091.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.52 Surface stained dark, perhaps with modern glaze. Some decoration worn and scratched off; alabastron cracked and repaired at the back end of the sphinx. 2004.99.0909.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.1 Missing large chip from right side of mouth; grayish-whie deposits, especially on mouth, top of handle, and lower part of body; decoration faded. 2005.99.0060.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.19 Intact but with a couple of small chips on the body. Decoration very worn around mouth; images remain reasonably clear despite erosion of colouring.
REDMG:1935.87.21 Decoration worn and faded
REDMG:1935.87.22 Intact and with a substantial amount of decoration remaining. Two large dents to the side of the body but none to the mouth or handle.
REDMG:1935.87.25 Side A is intact by side B, once broken in, has had two large pieces rejoined, while one piece is missing. The rim and one handle are chipped. Decoration worn, especially on handles and side A. 2005.89.0068.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.28 Repaired but still missing some sections. Gloss remains shiny inside. Decoration is worn in small areas inside and outside at rim.
REDMG:1935.87.30 Large wedge-shaped piece missing from rim down to body. Decoration has eroded slightly. Deposits inside.
REDMG:1935.87.31A Complete but repaired; decoration has mostly flaked off. 2003.97.0279.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.31B Large rim section broken off and chips to knob handle. Decoration has badly worn off, especially on the animal zone. Chips to knob handle. White deposits on underside. 2003.97.0277.jpg
REDMG:1942.5.6.1 Rim chipped above and below; surface worn and decoration eroded at front. 2003.97.0031.jpg
REDMG:1947.13.1 The mouth has been repaired from five or more fragments, each handle from three fragments (with some parts missing and restored on the left handle). The body is reconstructed from 15 or more fragments and the foot has been restored in wood. There is a hole (perhaps original). In the base. Slightly chipped on the mouth, pitted, and scratched; traces of white plaster on the external surface, while the interior and bottom are covered with plaster. Faded decoration in patches. 2005.90.0016.jpg
REDMG:1950.25.1 Nearly complete, except for missing a large chip on the rim (shows signs of previous restoration); handle has been reattached. Decoration cracked around handle attachment; lower part of body gouged in places, as is the underside. 2003.93.0334.jpg
REDMG:1951.130.1 Intact, but with two cracks across the center. Missing surface chips from the body, and underside. Decoration eroded, especially on lip. 2004.99.0353.jpg
REDMG:1951.135.1-2 Two small chips around rim and base; areas of decoration eroded. 2004.99.0428.jpg
REDMG:1951.144.1 Rim and foot are cracked once and twice, respectively, but remain intact. There is a gouge on the rim, as well as some smaller chips on the base. Decoration damaged with cracks and reddish-brown stains. White deposits on lower part of rim and underside, as well as foot. 2005.99.0120.jpg
REDMG:1951.145 Decoration eroded on one side, and slightly on the top.
REDMG:1951.146 Slightly chipped, especially on base; decoration inside and nearest the top on the outer surface is very worn.
REDMG:1951.152 Deposits under rim; white ground dulled and decoration otherwise scratched and faded in places.
REDMG:1951.154 Intact; decoration worn and slightly chipped, especially around mouth and handle. 2005.99.0098.jpg
REDMG:1951.155 Intact. Deposits all over, especially on the front. Decoration worn. 2005.99.0096.jpg
REDMG:1951.156.1 Foot is restored; missing one chip on right side of shoulder; deposits on mouth, lip, and under handle; surface decoration has faded. 2004.07.0008.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.13 Damaged base, missing part of foot. Worn and chipped decoration on handle, inside mouth, and lower part of body.
REDMG:1953.25.14 Decoration worn on handle and parts of body. Hole on the body below the handle. Light brown and white deposits on underside.
REDMG:1953.25.15 Missing one chip on foot; decoration severely abraded; white deposits near base.
REDMG:1953.25.18 Large chip in rim and smaller chips on opposite side. Decoration worn, with whitish-tan deposits, especially on underside. 2003.93.0062.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.20 Once broken in on the front where two large pieces have been rejoined; missing one third of the mouth; white deposits at back and on resting surface; decoration worn on shoulder.
REDMG:1953.25.34 The pot is generally in good condition, but the decoration seems to be fading off. 2005.02.0007.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.44 Comprised of four rejoined fragments, missing bottom of bowl, stem and foot, as well as three small chips on rim. Light tan deposits, especially on interior and tops of handles; decoration chipped all over. 2004.99.0501.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.46 Part of the rim, above one handle, has been rejoined. Glaze retains lustre except where it is pitted and has eroded, on the interior and around handles; glaze eroded from decoration on underside. White deposits around one handle and on the exterior 2004.99.0631.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.48 Decoration worn around handle, mouth, and lip, and on parts of the body; white and tan deposits on body.
REDMG:1953.25.5 Glaze unevenly and thinly applied; greenish tinge on one handle and rim on one side. Decoration worn, especially at the top. Whitish-grey deposits on interior; white deposits on exterior and underside. 2004.99.0200.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.59 Decoration worn and chipped (on handle and rim); dent to surface on lower body; light gray deposits on lower body.
REDMG:1953.25.67 Decoration worn; white deposits on top and centre of underside.
REDMG:1953.25.68 Two chips on rim, one large and one smaller; decoration eroded, especially on sides. 2003.93.0323.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.69-70 Two rejoined fragments; single chip on knob and single chip on rim. Decoration faded; some black stains on top of lid; yellowish-white deposits there and on exterior of lip and interior. 2007.02.0002.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.8 Two thirds of the body and one handle remain. Decoration worn.
REDMG:1953.25.99 Head missing above shoulders. Uneven base, perhaps was attached to something else and acted as a decoration(?). Some dark red deposits on front. Some scratches to knee. White deposits on reverse. 2003.93.0107.jpg
REDMG:1964.1609.1 Intact and complete, moulded decoration very worn, small superficial cracks on the base (these could have been caused during it's making). Large amount of dark deposit on the surface. 2005.01.0235.jpg
REDMG:1964.1614.1 Nozzle tip missing, wash and decoration are both worn. Small amount of deposit all over, blackening around the wick hole may have been produced though use. 2005.01.0193.jpg
REDMG:1964.1631 Missing both handles; white deposits inside and on junction of body and foot; glaze worn in rim and handle zone; banded decoration somewhat faded.
REDMG:1964.1647 Mouth missing; gouge in shoulder (perhaps inclusion blown out in firing process); decoration worn and discoloured, with light grey deposits, especially on handle; base slightly chipped.
REDMG:1964.1649 Mouth missing, broken off just above handle; black and white decoration eroded; grey deposits.
REDMG:1964.1674 Comprised of four rejoined pieces; both handles broken off; light yellowish brown deposits all over (darker on the interior), obscuring all decoration except in the middle of one side. 2003.93.0373.jpg
REDMG:1964.1676 Decoration worn; tan deposits on interior, especially in bottom of bowl. 2004.99.0503.jpg
REDMG:1964.1677.1 Decoration eroded away; rim chipped; tan stains and grayish-white deposits
REDMG:1998.153.4 Missing a large chip from the front of the mouth; decoration worn and surface pitted. Yellowish-brown stains and white deposits on lower part of body and underside. 2004.99.0846.jpg
RM.87.35.22 The decoration is partly faded, there's two bits missing on the shield's design. Complete but not intact. 2003.04.0004.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.12 Four fragments that belong to the same vessel. a) Part of the rim, body and the handle (intact). There is white plaster on the inner surface of the handle and many bits and spots have been pitted off and colour appears peeled off, especially from the back of the handle. b)Should be rejoined to c. Part of the rim and body. Four small bits have been pitted off from the rim (exterior) and there is a bit of plaster. c) Should be rejoined to b. Part of the rim and tiny part of the body. Part of the decoration of the rim has been peeld off. d) Part of the body. 2006.20.0466.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.6 a) Should be rejoined to b. It consists of part of the rim, one handle (the other one is missing) and body of the vessel. Small bits have been pitted off, as well as parts of the colour on some areas. The glaze also seems to be scraped off, apart from the surfaces decorated with palmettes. There are traces of white plaster (on the exterior), especially at the upper part of the handle's springs. b) Should be rejoined to a and c. Part of the rim and body of the vessel. The area above the decoration on the body seems scraped off. c) Should be rejoined to b. It consists of part of the rim, one of the springs of the other handle (that is missing) and part of the vessel's body. White plaster is apparent on most of the external surface. Traces of adhesives? exist on the internal surface of the rim d) Part of the rim and body of the vessel. Adhesives on the rim (interior and exterior). e) Part of the vessel's lower body. Tiny bits have been pitted off from both sides and colour has fadded away on some areas. f) Part of the vessel's resting surface. The foot is missing and there are adhesives and white plaster on the joining point of the foot with the base. 2006.20.0464.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.1 Fragmentary, comprised of two fragments rejoined. Some decoration worn off in patches, especially on the white parts.
TEMP.2003.7.44 Clean breaks, blackened on side with decoration on inside white deposits and deposits of dirt on both sides. 2006.20.0415.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.51 Fragment has a few tiny patches of white deposits. Gloss on front decoration is flaking.
TEMP.2003.8.1 Pattern is worn on both parts. (a) black of decoration almost completely faded, chipped throughout. (b) decoration not quite as worn as on the other part of the rim, joined in three places.
TEMP.2003.8.8 Single fragment with faded decoration; large area of yellow varnish on one edge and other side.
TEMP.2007.2.33 Fragment of a rim; Has pink plaster attached to it with decoration on, suggesting previous restoration work 2007.10.0015.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.49 Fragment; Damaged by fire, with chipping of decoration probably due to this damage. Munsell colours are for unburnt and burnt parts respectively 2007.10.0051.jpg
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