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There are 39 objects for which Condition contains "dirt"
2008.7.100 Fragment; completely encrusted in dirt throughout other than a very few small bits where black glaze can be seen.
2008.7.101 Single fragment. Surface worn, especially near handle and shoulder; scratches and encrustation on the body just below the shoulder; paint has flaked off throughout, especially on the handle; dirt. "Rhitsona" handwritten in pencil on the interior of the shoulder.
2008.7.161 Plate fragment broken on two sides; Interior: decoration mostly worn off, or covered in dirt
2008.7.166 Interior and Exterior: decoration mostly worn away or covered by dirt(?)
2008.7.168 Fragment; well worn, especially exterior decoratio and around the broken edges; dirt deposits throughout, worse on interior.
2008.7.169 Fragment; decoration well worn throughout; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.170 Fragment; decoration worn throughout, worse on exterior; significant chip missing from one corner; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.171 Frragment; well worn, especially near break edges; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.172 Fragment; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.173 Fragment; well worn, especially on the exterior and around the break edges; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.174 Fragment; very well worn, especially around broken edges; extensive dirt deposits on remaining decoration.
2008.7.175 Fragment; well worn, especially exterior and around broken edges; some dirt deposits.
2008.7.176 Fragment; worn, especially near broken edges; dirt deposits throughout; if there was any decoration, it has been worn off completely.
2008.7.177 Fragment; well worn, worse on exterior; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.178 Fragment; worn heavily and so covered in dirt that establishing the Munsell color and decoration are practically impossible.
2008.7.179 Fragment; well worn, plus extensive dirt deposits on interior.
2008.7.180 Fragment; well worn, especially near break edges and exterior; dirt deposits, especially on interior.
2008.7.181 Fragment; well worn, especially near break edges and on exterior; dirt deposits, worse on interior.
2008.7.182 Fragment; well worn and dirt covered.
2008.7.184 Fragment; badly worn throughout, decoration very faded, interior badly chipped and caked with dirt.
2008.7.186 Fragment; badly worn throughout, worse on exterior; decoration heavily faded and worn, completely missing in parts; extensive dirt on interior.
2008.7.187 Fragment; if exterior did have color, it is very badly worn down; heavy dirt throughout.
2008.7.188 Fragment; badly worn throughout, worse on exterior; exterior badly covered in dirt, interior to a lesser extent.
2008.7.4 Fragment broken on five sides glaze chipped and dirty (explain what sort of dirt) on interior.
2008.7.56 Fragment chipped and worn. Traces of dirt on interior.
2008.9.34 Fragment; black marks throughout (dirt or burning?); small chips throughout.
25.8.5 Complete but made up of seven seperate pices stuck back together. The handle has several chips, on the middle and lower tiers. The tip of the highest tier has also been chipped, and all over the handle, the gloss shows evidence of wear, with tiny cracks and scratches. The top of the lid shows a few small flakes and chips, mainly on the decoration, and eratically over the surface, there is brown/grey deposit. The inside of the lid is reserved but still shows patches of dirt and a small amount of grey/white deposit around the rim. 2002.97.0271.jpg
26.12.7 Repaired from sixteen pieces, although missing a large fragment (6.0) from one side, including one handle. Decoration very worn. Fabric roughened on one side, where it is more orange than on the rest of the vessel. Interior blackened with dirt. 2003.58.0008.jpg
45.6.41 Complete and intact. Surface covered with deposits of dirt and surface scratched. 2006.20.0166.jpg
45.6.48 Complete and intact, base reveals that it was roughly made. Deposits of dirt on the surface. 2006.20.0037.jpg
45.6.51 One of the handkles is missing. Chip on rim and base and surface is scratched and has deposits of dirt espicailly on the inside and around the neck. 2006.20.0172.jpg
45.6.53 Complete and intact, deposits of dirt on surface. 2006.20.0005.jpg
45.6.54 Single base fragment. Warped, several cracks and scratches on surface, also deposits of dirt.
91.11.1 Complete and intact, with a thick layer or iridescence and deposits of mud and dirt. 2002.97.0557.jpg
L.2011.1.66 fragment with dirt deposits 2011.96.0007.jpg
L.2011.1.67 Fragment of mosiac with dirt deposits
REDMG:1953.25.81 Single fragment preserving some of a foot. The marble is rough, and there are a number of brown dirt stains, especially around the big toe, and the side opposite to the toes, where the foot has been broken off. 2002.97.0588.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.43 Complete and intact. Chips around rim area. Deposits of dirt on the interior and exterior. Grey deposits on underside and base. 2006.20.0123.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.44 Clean breaks, blackened on side with decoration on inside white deposits and deposits of dirt on both sides. 2006.20.0415.jpg
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