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There are 119 objects for which Condition contains "edges"
13.10.1 Single piece, intact, and seemingly complete, except eroded at the edges of the blade, on either side, particularly in the middle third of the piece. Blackish-brown with green patches throughout. 2007.99.0100.jpg
13.10.18 Good, one handle slightly worn, rim worn away round edges. Large amounts of browny-grey deposit around the rim (exterior and interior), causing wearing of some of the interior decoration. Small string tied to handle (modern) 2003.98.0278.jpg
13.10.4A-B Two pieces, each intact, seemingly not missing any parts. The mirror is in better condition, with only a few worn and/or green patches, while the lid is damaged at the edges and is covered on the underside with whitish-green deposits. The lid has one cracked, running from the edge toward the centre. 2010.99.0120.jpg
14.9.12 Paint wearing off from topside. Large chip to surface of underside - perhpas caused by an air bubble. Evidence of charring (?) on underside. No finished edges. 2005.88.0002.jpg
14.9.16 Small dots of deposit on the white slip and also on the fracture edges. The interior red colour appears a little streaky, but this was probably since production. 2007.03.1282.jpg
14.9.20 Deposits on exposed edges and on both sides. 2007.03.1286.jpg
14.9.21 Joined unevenly due to erosion of the edges. Small spots of dark deposit on exterior surface. Surface damage to underside where paint has been rubbed away. 2007.03.1279.jpg
14.9.22 Creamy coloured deposits on edges. Dark spots of deposit on top surface. Red lines are irregular. 2007.03.1266.jpg
14.9.25 The stripes are irregularly spaced. White deposit on underside and exposed edges. Darker deposits on topside.
14.9.26 Dark spots of deposit on exterior surface and exposed edges. 2007.03.1276.jpg
14.9.28 No finished edges allowing the inclusions in the clay to be seen. Brown deposits on the outside. 2007.03.1273.jpg
14.9.32 White deposits all over fragment. Black paint fading to red at the edges. 2007.03.1239.jpg
14.9.49 Surface chips have taken away some paint and the part that has suffered most has the main design. Hardly any deposits apart from some dusty parts on the fractured edges. 2003.01.0084.jpg
14.9.69 Fragment. Some white deposit on edges. 2006.20.0337.jpg
14.9.7 No finished edges. The paint on the interior surface remains clearer and in better condition than the exterior. Spots of deposit on the exterior surface too. 2007.03.1255.jpg
2004.8.3 Single fragment of four sides (kite shaped). The reserved background has an incision (L. 1.6) which cuts into the sixth palmette. Five palmettes are partially faded in colour. On the reverse of the fragment, the black paint has been eroded along the edges of breakage.
2005.2.3 Scratched and worn on the edges
2006.8.4.98 Chipped with the glaze worn away around the edges
2007.10.2.20 Quite a lot missing from edges of scene
2007.10.2.8 Only centre of gem remains, edges of the scene are missing
2008.7.10 Fragment broken in half glaze worn edges chipped
2008.7.102 Fragment, chipped along edges. Black wash worn on one side.
2008.7.104 Fragment, chipped along edges. Wash is scratched. Illegible handwritten pencil marks on interior.
2008.7.105 Fragment, chipped along edges. Wash is worn away and scratched.
2008.7.106 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash is chipped, scratch along centre of exterior. 'Orvieto' handwritten in pencil on interior.
2008.7.108 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash is chipped and faded.
2008.7.110 Fragment; edges worn and chipped; something handwritten in pencil on the exterior.
2008.7.117 Fragment , chipped at edges. Wash on interior and exterior has almost entirely worn away.
2008.7.119 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash is worn, especially on interior.
2008.7.120 Fragment, chipped at edges. Long scratches on exterior wash. Wash chipped on interior.
2008.7.122 Fragment, large chips at edges. A number is handwritten faintly in black ink on interior.
2008.7.123 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash on exterior is heavily scratched. Interior is chipped and scratched. On interior are illegible handwritten pencil marks and 'III' handwritten in ink.
2008.7.124 Fragment, chipped at edges. One large chip on bottom left-hand edge. Other small spots and stains on interior and exterior. On interior is handwritten in ink 'A3 2.5 1.V.31 LS'.
2008.7.126 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash on exterior is chipped and scratched. On interior is handwritten in ink: '31 M IV 1-15' and '8L5'.
2008.7.128 Fragment, chipped at edges. Interior is heavily scratched.
2008.7.129 Fragment, chipped at edges, wash on interior is chipped, some scaratches on exterior. On interior is handwritten in ink: '1930 E4-3 I-II'.
2008.7.133 Fragment, heavily chipped around edges. Wash has some small chips and scratches. Handwritten in pencil on interior is: 'I-II'.
2008.7.137 Fragment, chipped at edges. Most of the etched lines on the exterior have been worn away.
2008.7.155 Fragment, edges and faces chipped.
2008.7.156 Fragment, chipped on faces and edges.
2008.7.157 Fragment, chipped at edges.
2008.7.158 Fragment, edges are chipped. Deoration on interior and exterior is heavily worn. On exterior there is spotting of a darker colour. Below the handle is handwritten in pencil 'Hernion'. On interior is written '13 Argive Hernion'.
2008.7.159 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash on interior, and desgin on exterior is worn. On interior, 'Hern Ar' is handwritten in pencil.
2008.7.16 Fragment broken on five edges very scratched and worn glaze, edges are worn smooth
2008.7.167 Fragment; decoration well worn in all areas, especially near break edges and on rim.
2008.7.168 Fragment; well worn, especially exterior decoratio and around the broken edges; dirt deposits throughout, worse on interior.
2008.7.171 Frragment; well worn, especially near break edges; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.173 Fragment; well worn, especially on the exterior and around the break edges; dirt deposits throughout.
2008.7.174 Fragment; very well worn, especially around broken edges; extensive dirt deposits on remaining decoration.
2008.7.175 Fragment; well worn, especially exterior and around broken edges; some dirt deposits.
2008.7.176 Fragment; worn, especially near broken edges; dirt deposits throughout; if there was any decoration, it has been worn off completely.
2008.7.180 Fragment; well worn, especially near break edges and exterior; dirt deposits, especially on interior.
2008.7.181 Fragment; well worn, especially near break edges and on exterior; dirt deposits, worse on interior.
2008.7.183 Fragment; heavily worn, decoration worn down until almost unrecognizble, expecially around edges of fragment.
2008.7.45 Fragment; fading of decoration throughout, worse on the interior, some other slight chipping; "Aphrodite Aegina" handwritten in pencil on the broken edges of the fragment.
2008.7.59 Chipped and worn. Wash chipped. 'Aphrodite' and 'Aegina' handwritten in pencil on two different edges of fragment.
2008.7.74 Fragment broken on six sides; interior: black overpaint slightly worn at edges of fragment; interior: chips to the end of the fragment with the vertical curvature and both lines of black overpaint
2008.7.8 Single fragment, broken on three sides, with decoration worn towards edges.
2008.7.80 Interior: some of the black overpaint on the fragment edges is chipped; exterior: there are some chips to the surface of the fragment and some of the detail is worn away
2008.7.9 Fragment broken on three edges chipped glaze
2008.7.98 Fragment, chipped along edges. Wash ischipped and worn.
2008.9.1 Fragment, chipped at edges. Extensive white spotting on interior. Exterior wash is worn away in places.
2008.9.20 Fragment, chipped at edges.
2008.9.27 Fragment, chipped at edges.
2008.9.4 Fragment, chipped at edges. Decoration is faded.
2008.9.49 Fragment; chips throughout; white material (plaster? glue?) on broken edges.
2008.9.5 Fragment, chipped at edges. Sediment covering all of the interior.
2009.10.2.244 Damaged around the edges
2009.10.2.274 Slightly worn image and damaged around the edges
2009.10.2.288 Slightly damaged around the edges and a small circular hole in the bottom left corner
2009.10.2.366 Quite chipped around the edges
2009.10.2.385 Slightly damaged edges and worn image
2009.10.2.389 Slightly damaged edges
22.3.12 Outside fragment 5.5 x 6 has a chip to longest part of palmette. Inside has slight chipping to edges. 2003.74.0095.jpg
22.3.28 Inside streaky black, soiled on edges. 2003.39.0094.jpg
22.3.29 Outside soiled. Inside: Streaky dark brown, white/grey soil deposits, chipping at edges 2003.39.0091.jpg
23.11.31J Fragmented around the edges with the shield in good condition. Fragmented and incomplete spear, helmet, face, and legs. 2005.06.0064.jpg
23.11.31KK The legs have broken off at mid-thigh level, and there is some chipping to the extremities of the pipe and draperies. There are broken edges at top and bottom of the right fist. 2003.96.0036.jpg
23.11.31NNNN Single fragment with break scars on the shoulder and bottom edges.
26.2.2 Fragment with small chip on one edge, otherwise edges are smooth. 2013.04.0046.jpg
45.10.20 There are six fragments probably from the body of the same closed-shape vase (amphora). i) Small bits of the colour have been peeled off and few small spots have been pitted off. ii) The fragment has been burnt. Tiny bits are pitted off. iii) The colour has faded away and has been peeled off from spots. Chips are missing from the edges. iv) The colour has faded away on the contour of the motives. v) The fragment is burnt. Bits of colour have been pitted off. vi) Bits of the colour have been pitted off, especially at the top and right side of the fragment.
45.6.21 Two large chips around rim and two small ones. Base broken and chipped. Black glaze worn on edges. 2006.20.0039.jpg
45.6.27 Rim and lip badly chipped and broken on one side. Glaze very worn on surface particularly on lower body and edges, surface scratched and covered in areas with a grey deposit. 2006.20.0025.jpg
45.6.28 Rim and lip broken and badly chipped, handle broken. Glaze worn and patchy on lower body, base and edges. 2006.20.0026.jpg
47.10.2 Incomplete. One handle and part of side missing. Surface of body in fairly good condition, showing only very small chips and small amount of greyish deposit underneath the handles. Inside the remaining handle is small amount of white deposit. The handle itself is slightly bumpy and chipped on the edges. 2002.97.0469.jpg
60.1.1 Two large chips on the rim; glaze missing from edges of lip and foot; terracotta worn and grainy. 2003.99.0032.jpg
60.8.2 Complete and intact, but in fairly bad condition. It has been badly fired, which has left the glaze patchy, especially on the back of the body. Fired to reddish brown. Around the rim of the mouth, the glaze has been worn and scratched away to reveal the reserved clay, as it has around the handles. The decoration on the main zone is still fairly visible, but is worn in patches and flaking around the edges. At many parts, clay flaked off. Around the top of the foot is greyish white deposit, also evident around the handles. There is a large chip in the foot. White has faded. 2002.97.0709.jpg
71.12.2 Fragment. Broken at the edges, bronze slightly corroded. Green with some rust on the underside. The colour varies from red, to reddish brown and green. 2002.97.0571.jpg
73.9.5 Fragment. Both the inside and outside edges of the rim are worn, and there is a small chip. The outside surface is chipped slightly, and has a few small areas of a grey deposit. 2002.97.0196.jpg
83.9.26A-C Five fragments: (a) Base of the skyphos, with glue around the broken edges and scratches and deposits on the inside and outside surfaces (b) Handle, rim and handle base (c) Body fragment (d) Rim (e) Rim. 2006.20.0922.jpg
83.9.6 Single fragment. The reserved areas on the base of the foot are chipped. The black gloss from the interior is flaking around the edges. 2006.20.0121.jpg
E.23.17 A large amount of skin coloured paint has chipped of, particularly around the bottom and edges of the object. The paint on the chest is quite well preserved. There is a large fragment missing from the right shoulder which also removes part of the lower right hand side of the pace. The nose and eye work has been removed or fallen off. A large amount of black paint has chipped of the top of the object. There is also a hole in top of the head and a large crack originating on the lefthand side of 'hair' and ending near the base of the face. 2007.99.0037.jpg
E.23.49.2 Intact, no damage but some brown deposit around the edges on the top side. 2002.98.0139.jpg
E.23.5 Intact, if it did have ivory handle it is no longer there. There is a small amount of brown deposit around the edges of the artefact. 2008.08.0270.jpg
E.62.16 Intact and complete. Some of the black pigment has gone and several edges have slight scratches. The most significant damage is a scratch on the side with twelve dots that goes from one side in a straight line to the other. 2002.98.0256.jpg
E.62.33 In three parts, with one 'wing' tip broken off. Chipped and broken all around the edges. 2002.98.0120.jpg
E.62.47 The coulouring (perhaps a wash)has worn off in some small patches, particularly around the edges. There are some shallow cracks around the details of Hat-Hor. 2002.98.0165.jpg
E.63.17 Shell is chipped at edges and small shard of inner surface has come away but remains with the shell. 2005.89.0036.jpg
E.65.12 Intact. Much chipping to edge and colour deterioration of surface but more round the edges than in the centre.
L.2011.1.10 Fragmentary, chipped around the edges with glaze scraped off. 2011.97.0107.jpg
L.2011.1.23 damaged, a large chip on one of the faces and around the edges 2011.97.0135.jpg
L.2011.1.26 Fragment. Burn marks on the edges of the lip and covered in a light brown sediment. Scorch marks on the body and chips on the lip. 2011.97.0177.jpg
L.2011.1.40 worn and slightly chipped around the edges 2011.97.0228.jpg
L.2011.1.56 Worn, and slightly scratched around the edges with multiple patches of grey discolouration across the front 2011.96.0089.jpg
L.2011.1.57 Quite intact, with one vertex missing; roughly hewn on the underside and chipped around the edges. 2011.97.0056.jpg
L.2014.8.1 worn on edges and both faces
L.2014.8.6 Green in colour; worn on edges; complete;Images worn
L.2016.3.9 Fragment; broken off at ca. 2/3 of foot. Grey-brownish deposits on foot and older fracture edges, which are limited to two sides at the foot section. The other fracture edges are younger. The black paint is slightly worn but well preserved for the most part.
TEMP.2002.9.27 Deposits and discolouration on the fractured edges. Paint remains clear and pattern visible although surface between has become dull. 2007.03.1230.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.28 Large flake missing from topside over zigzags. Thin deposits on edges. Black fading to red. 2007.03.1228.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.29 The paint on the underside is in very bad condition; streaky, dull and flaking away at the edges. The paint on the topside is dull but not flaking. Paint has worn badly from rim. Deposits are on the edges. 2007.03.1226.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.39 Worn around the edges with chips on the base and top. 2002.97.0609.jpg
TEMP.2003.8.14 Single fragment with faded colours: black band faded to grey; black glaze on the either side a few small patches revealing the terracotta beneath. Grey and black deposits on edges.
TEMP.2007.3.51 very well preserved; worn around the edges; slight chunk missing on one side
TEMP.2007.3.52 fairly good condition; around edges and in the centre of the reverse 2007.99.0200.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.60 very well preserved; edges slightly worn; chips around the edge but mainly complete 2007.99.0187.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.61 red in colour, but well preserved; only worn around edges; 2 small dents on edge but mainly complete 2008.02.0018.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.74 Slightly worn; edges are chipped 2007.99.0190.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.82 Red in colour with slight green weathering; failry worn; edges are chipped all the way around 2008.02.0085.jpg
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