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There are 7 objects for which Condition contains "extensive"
2008.7.174 Fragment; very well worn, especially around broken edges; extensive dirt deposits on remaining decoration.
2008.7.179 Fragment; well worn, plus extensive dirt deposits on interior.
2008.7.186 Fragment; badly worn throughout, worse on exterior; decoration heavily faded and worn, completely missing in parts; extensive dirt on interior.
2008.7.35 Fragment. Rough patch where handle was possibly attached. General wear and chipping throughout, but not too extensive.
2008.9.1 Fragment, chipped at edges. Extensive white spotting on interior. Exterior wash is worn away in places.
27.4.15 Extensive rubbing 2003.97.0776.jpg
56.8.1 Intact. Very small chips on the rim. Extensive areas of colour loss mostly around the handle and body of the piece. 2003.97.0945.jpg
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