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There are 21 objects for which Condition contains "fine"
2006.5.11 Fine, Unevenly Broken 2007.03.0033.jpg
2006.5.12 Fine, unevenly broken 2007.03.0042.jpg
2006.5.14 Fine, Unevenly Broken 2007.03.0102.jpg
2006.5.15 Fine. Unevenly Broken 2007.03.0105.jpg
2006.5.16 Fine. Unevenly Broken, One chip 2007.03.0057.jpg
2006.5.17 Fine, Unevenly Broken 2007.03.0037.jpg
2006.5.18 Unevenly Broken, Fine 2007.03.0065.jpg
2006.5.19 Fine. Unevenly broken 2007.03.0071.jpg
2006.5.20 Fine, Unevenly Broken 2007.03.0077.jpg
2006.5.22 Fine, Unevenly Broken 2007.03.0003.jpg
2006.5.23 Fine, Unevenly Broken 2007.03.0006.jpg
2006.5.24 Fine, one chip 2007.03.0007.jpg
2006.5.25 Fine with some chips, unevenly broken 2007.03.0061.jpg
2006.5.26 Fine, unevenly broken 2007.03.0049.jpg
2006.5.8 Fine, rectangularly broken 2007.03.0076.jpg
2006.5.9 Fine, Unevenly Broken
2007.9.2.23 Intact, some fine surface scratches
2007.9.2.29 Intact, some fine surface scratches.
30.11.4 Complete but repaired. The paint has become very faded on the exterior more than the interior surface. The handles are intact, but the paint is lost. Material is very soft and fine. 2005.89.0026.jpg
47.2.14 Intact. One handle missing, other handle in three pieces and glued back together. One one side three pieces joined together. Small chips around rim and scratches to the surface. Terracotta itself very fine. 2010.98.0209.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.81 Fine but chipped 2007.99.0197.jpg
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