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There are 12 objects for which Condition contains "fire"
2006.12.15 Fragment; fading of decoration; discolouration of clay suggests possible fire damage 2007.30.0050.jpg
2006.12.68 Fragment; slight hints of fire damage 2007.03.1102.jpg
2007.4.75 Fragment; signs of fire damage; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0599.jpg
2007.4.78 Fragment; possible fire damage; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0730.jpg
2007.7.1A-S All pieces are chipped with designs partly faded. A-F, H, L-N, P-Q, S: Evidence of later restoration; O-P, R: Fire damaged
45.10.5 Comprised of nine rejoined fragments and nine loose fragments, one of which shows the head and shoulders of a youth, badly damaged in fire. Five pieces were badly damaged when it was found in 1979 - more detailed in Ure inventory. Underside has been repainted. Exterior surface design is in remarkably good condition considering the damage done to the interior surface. Stem remains but the foot is completely missing. 2011.98.0040.jpg
74.7.5 Complete. Has been glued back together from two pieces. Is entirely covered by dark deposit, possibly from the action of fire. Thought to be from a burnt grave. There is a lot of flaking, revealing white. The features of the face are distinguishable, but are worn in places. The back is much lighter in colour, but still covered in brown/green deposit and feels rough to the touch. 2002.97.0398.jpg
TEMP.2007.2 29 Fragment; fire damage
TEMP.2007.2.49 Fragment; Damaged by fire, with chipping of decoration probably due to this damage. Munsell colours are for unburnt and burnt parts respectively 2007.10.0051.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.51 Fragment, possile fire damage, scratches and chips in glaze 2007.10.0057.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.52 Fragment, fire damage, chips and scratches 2007.10.0059.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.57 Fragment; parts with fire damage 2007.10.0069.jpg
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