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There are 70 objects for which Condition contains "heavily"
13.10.5 Single fragment, missing parts possibly at both ends. Heavily corroded, with greyish-brown incrustations, with greenish tinge at thicker edge. The fragment is curved on the flatter section (where it may have been attached. 2008.09.0013.jpg
2003.3.37 Interior in in good condition, one of the bands is very faded and only traces remain of the added red. Also a patch of dark brown discolouration. Exterior is heavily discoloured with gray and brown build up, added red is visible underneath
2004.8.7 Worn surfaces, with the base of the loom weight heavily worn away and missing. A small amount of white deposits on the surface. Surface of loom weight is scratched and worn, with a partial piercing, cylindrical hole on one side, 1.2 below the piercing hole proper.
2005.3.32 Bad, fragment is heavily encrusted with dark brown deposits and red is faded and stratched 2006.20.0378.jpg
2005.3.34 Red is heavily worn away in places
2005.3.38 Interior is in good condition, red band is faded and worn. Exterior is heavily discoloured by gray and brown deposits, some stratches 2006.20.0393.jpg
2006.12.107 Fragment; heavily worn 2007.03.0989.jpg
2006.12.121 Fragment; heavily worn decoration.
2006.12.56 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.03.1138.jpg
2006.12.59 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.03.1110.jpg
2006.12.60 Fragment; heavily worn decoration 2007.03.1107.jpg
2006.12.76 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.03.1122.jpg
2007.4.115 Fragment; heavily worn decoration 2007.30.0025.jpg
2007.4.126 Fragment; decoration heavily worn 2007.30.0044.jpg
2007.4.166 Fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.167 fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.168 Fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.169 fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.177 Heavily worn
2007.4.179 fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.180 fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.181 Fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.183 Fragment; heavily worn
2007.4.187 Fragment; Heavily worn
2007.4.189 Heavily worn
2007.4.190 Heavily worn
2007.4.192 heavily worn
2007.4.197 Fragment; heavily faded decoration
2007.4.73 Fragment; Heavily worn decoration; Heraeum written on in pencil 2007.03.0703.jpg
2008.7.11 Fragment broken on four sides heavily scratched dark discoloured spots on exterior surface
2008.7.123 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash on exterior is heavily scratched. Interior is chipped and scratched. On interior are illegible handwritten pencil marks and 'III' handwritten in ink.
2008.7.128 Fragment, chipped at edges. Interior is heavily scratched.
2008.7.133 Fragment, heavily chipped around edges. Wash has some small chips and scratches. Handwritten in pencil on interior is: 'I-II'.
2008.7.134 Fragment, heavily chipped. One large chip at bottom of exterior. Handritten in ink on interior is: '28/4/3: A.IV.9.9 black ort 5.4.5 8L5'
2008.7.139 Fragment,chipped. Pattern on the exterior is heavily worn, large chip in top right-hand corner.
2008.7.140 Fragment, chipped. Interior heavily chipped.10YR 6/3
2008.7.141 Fragment, heavily chipped on exterior, leaving only a rectangular raised section. Wash is almost entirely worn away.
2008.7.145 Fragment, chipped. Cream wash and greyish-black overpaint are heavily chipped.
2008.7.147 Fragment. Wash on interior and exterior is heavily chipped. Both ridges are chipped away at one end.
2008.7.158 Fragment, edges are chipped. Deoration on interior and exterior is heavily worn. On exterior there is spotting of a darker colour. Below the handle is handwritten in pencil 'Hernion'. On interior is written '13 Argive Hernion'.
2008.7.178 Fragment; worn heavily and so covered in dirt that establishing the Munsell color and decoration are practically impossible.
2008.7.183 Fragment; heavily worn, decoration worn down until almost unrecognizble, expecially around edges of fragment.
2008.7.186 Fragment; badly worn throughout, worse on exterior; decoration heavily faded and worn, completely missing in parts; extensive dirt on interior.
2008.7.189 Fragment; heavily worn and chipped, irregularly broken; badly worn enough that any decoration is practically unrecoginzable.
2008.7.29 Fragment. Chipped, more heavily on exteior. "Aegina Aphrodite" handwritten in pencil on exterior.
2008.7.31 Fragment. Moderate scratching and chipping. Edge between side and base heavily worn. "Aegina Aphrodite" handwritten in pencil on interior of base.
2008.7.40 Fragment; chipped and worn on exterior, heavily worn interior; "Aegina Aphrodite" handwritten in pencil on interior.
2008.7.62 Fragment, worn and chipped. Decoration on exterior heavily chipped.
2008.7.65 Fragemnt worn and chipped. Decoration heavily chipped.
2008.7.66 Fragment, heavily chipped.
2008.7.67 Fragment, worn. Decoration heavily chipped.
2008.7.78 Fragment, worn and chipped. Decoration heavily chipped.
2008.7.82 Fragment, chipped and worn. Decoration heavily worn.
2008.7.86 Fragment, chipped. Decoration heavily worn.
2008.7.88 Fragment, chipped. Decoration heavily worn.
2008.7.99 Fragment, heavily chipped on two faces. Black wash is chipped.
2008.8.2 Fragment, heavily chipped at edges.Decoration is faded , in particular the red overpainting.
2008.9.16 Fragment, exterior is heavily chipped.
2008.9.23 Fragment, interior is heavily faded.
2008.9.24 Fragment, decoration on exterior is heavily chipped.
2008.9.28 Fragment, decoration on exterior heavily chipped.
2008.9.8 Fragment, 2 chips to base , other areas heavily chipped.
2008.9.9 Fragment, wash is heavily chipped and worn away, paricularly on exterior.
2009.7.99 Fragment, heavily chipped on 2 faces. Black was is chipped.
27.4.11 Repaired from many fragments, but heavily restored in the lower part. 2003.15.0001.jpg
80.7.1 Comprised of 25 of more rejoined pieces, preserving almost the entire vase. The surface, both glazed and reserved areas, have been heavily eroded, especially on interior, rim, handles, and one side of the exterior (around the siren on the right). The surface is also scratched. and stained gray in places 2010.98.0222.jpg
83.9.5 Seven fragments have been glued together, but four fragments are missing inbetween. A chip to thick black ring outlining base of foot. Sides of foot are heavily soiled. Slight discoloration revealing a warm red undertone. 2006.20.0127.jpg
L.2011.1.39 fragmentary, heavily chipped and some white sediment 2011.97.0294.jpg
REDMG:1958.113.1 Surface heavily stained and scratched, with traces of white slip, mostly chipped and eroded
REDMG:1964.1606 Complete and intact, red wash worn in places, white deposit on exterior and heavily on the interior. Blackening aruond the nozzle due to use. 2005.01.0324.jpg
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