Ure Museum Database

There are 8 objects for which Condition contains "heavy"
2005.3.27 Fragment, heavy white deposits, black on neck is very worn, only a couple of patches remain 2006.20.0405.jpg
2006.12.119 Fragment; heavy wear of decoration
2006.12.75 Fragment; heavy wear on decoration 2007.03.1132.jpg
2007.4.119 Fragment; heavy wear of decoration 2007.30.0017.jpg
2008.7.187 Fragment; if exterior did have color, it is very badly worn down; heavy dirt throughout.
22.3.4 Incomplete as one handle and part of rim are missing. Heavy deposits inside and white, thinner ones on mouth and handle. Base damaged so object does not sit properly. 2003.97.0837.jpg
47.7.3 One handle missing. Heavy deposits inside holding jug which appears to be intact. Paint in good condition. 2003.26.0008.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.30 Red has faded and may have once been black. Deposits on underside, but not heavy.
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