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There are 6 objects for which Condition contains "helmet"
2007.10.2.222 Scratched surface obscuring some detail of the helmet
23.11.31B Slightly chipped; spear has broken off completely; head and some of helmet are missing. 2005.06.0057.jpg
23.11.31I Chipped in many places, but the remains indicate where the helmet, face, and spear once were. 2005.06.0008.jpg
23.11.31J Fragmented around the edges with the shield in good condition. Fragmented and incomplete spear, helmet, face, and legs. 2005.06.0064.jpg
23.11.31V There is a large notch-shaped section missing from the crest and top of the helmet. The arm extending to the right of the shield is bent upwards, and is missing the hand. The left leg is broken off above the knee; and the right leg is warped to the right, and is missing a foot.
23.11.31Y The tail of the helmet crest is missing, and a small projection at the top left of the shield indicates where someting has broken off. Both legs have broken off at just below the lower shield edge. 2005.06.0154.jpg
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