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There are 5 objects for which Condition contains "illegible"
2008.7.104 Fragment, chipped along edges. Wash is scratched. Illegible handwritten pencil marks on interior.
2008.7.123 Fragment, chipped at edges. Wash on exterior is heavily scratched. Interior is chipped and scratched. On interior are illegible handwritten pencil marks and 'III' handwritten in ink.
2008.7.97 Fragment, chipped. Engraving wearing away. Illegible handwritten pencil marks on interior.
L.2013.10.4 worn and discoloured surface, not symmetrical but intact. Image visible on one side but reverse is illegible.
REDMG:2003.84.1 Blackening in areas. Illegible stamp near the base. Some white inclusions and chipping around the rim
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