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There are 18 objects for which Condition contains "image"
2007.10.2.44 Right half damaged, image gone completely
2007.9.1.99 Intact, image is of poor quality, but most likely due to the cast or original gem.
2009.10.2.274 Slightly worn image and damaged around the edges
2009.10.2.284 Worn image
2009.10.2.347 Intact but worn image
2009.10.2.349 Intact but worn image
2009.10.2.385 Slightly damaged edges and worn image
2009.10.2.395 Slightly worn and unclear image
2009.10.2.396 Intact but worn image
2009.10.2.410 Intact but faded image
2009.10.2.62 Damaged at the bottom, hard to distinguish image.
E.62.3 Single fragment. The image is complete except for the large chip in the head of the worshipper. There is also Red pigment remaining on his body. The bottom left of the fragment has no image and is speckled with a grey deposit. 2002.98.0246.jpg
L.2013.10.4 worn and discoloured surface, not symmetrical but intact. Image visible on one side but reverse is illegible.
L.2014.8.2 Good,inscription and image visible on both sides.
L.2014.8.3 Poor. Image and inscription faintly visible on the obverse but not on the reverse.
L.2014.8.4 Poor. Inscription and image only faintly visible on either side.
L.2014.8.5 Good. Inscription and image clearly visible on both sides.
TEMP.2007.3.56 discolouration, worn all over; on obverse, text and image worn and on reverse, text on left is clear but right hand side is worn; complete 2008.02.0098.jpg
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