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There are 2155 objects for which Condition contains "intact"
2009.10.2.198 Intact
11.10.1 Intact. Paint worn inside and on top part of outer surface. 2003.97.0676.jpg
11.10.14 Intact. Surface shows little sign of wear, except for small areas of pinky deposit inside handles and at the top of the foot. 2003.29.0096.jpg
11.10.3 Complete and intact. There are tiny air bubbles over the surface, as well as small areas of brownish deposit. Detailed markings on face and hands are slightly worn away. The left eyebrow, left eye, nose and mouth however, are all still clearly visible. Material on the resting surface has flaked away in areas. Originally painted red all over. 2002.97.0760.jpg
13.10.1 Single piece, intact, and seemingly complete, except eroded at the edges of the blade, on either side, particularly in the middle third of the piece. Blackish-brown with green patches throughout. 2007.99.0100.jpg Intact, White residue covers parts of the bead. Small chips on both ends of the piercing. Intact, chipped in places and worn. Some grey deposit. 2002.98.0170.jpg Intact, chipping around both holes and pitting all over the body of the bead which is now filled with a white deposit. Intact, chipped around the holes. Pitting on the surface of the bead which is now filled with white deposit. Intact, slight wear, some small chips. Intact with ware around the holes, scratching on the surface. Intact, small amount of ware around the holes. Some scratching and chipping on the surface. Intact, slightly worn, especially round the girth and around the openings to the hole. Intact, chipped at the entrance to both piercing, one end having quite severe chips. Discoloured with black and white deposits. Intact, slightly chipped at top and bottom, white depositon parts. DSCN0189.jpg Intact, large and small chips on the surface. Black deposit. Intact, worn in places. Large part chipped off at one of the piercings. Intact, worn and chipped around the piercings. Black and white deposit on surface. Intact, worn. Intact, severely chipped in many places. Blackened in places.
13.10.13 Intact, missing only small chips from the interior of the lip and the foot. White and black deposits in patches all over. 2008.99.0131.jpg
13.10.14 Intact, chipped and worn. Missing part of the top right and possibly part of the bottom (a plinth?), near the feet. 2008.99.0100.jpg
13.10.16 Intact. A few small chips. Paint worn inside obscuring some of pattern. Some greyish deposit on exterior. 2008.99.0169.jpg
13.10.17 Intact, half of neck and rim missing, on one side by the cross there is a section which has been chipped away. There are various chips on the body, and the paint has faded significantly on the handle and around the shoulder. 2003.92.0048.jpg
13.10.19 Mostly intact with restoration to rim with a section each side of restoration still missing. There are some chips and pits on the inside and outside of the vase. 2008.99.0139.jpg
13.10.21 Complete and intact. There are wheel marks on the body of the vase and some deposits on the base, above the handle, and on the lip. 2010.99.0070.jpg
13.10.23 Intact and complete; the surface has eroded all over, and completely through the body of the vase on its shoulder. 2008.03.0042.jpg
13.10.26 Intact, but missing a chunk from the rim. There is a substantial amount of greyish deposit on the rim and interior, and smaller surface chips on both the interior and the exterior. The exterior is worn in several places. 2003.92.0071.jpg
13.10.27 Intact, small piece missing from one side of the wick rest. White deposit in places, blackening around the wick rest, probably from use. Unglazed. 2005.01.0001.jpg
13.10.3 Single piece, Intact, but broken off at the pointed end. The surface has dulled to a mottled medium brown with flecks of dark grey (slightly lighter in colour on one side). 2008.99.0121.jpg
13.10.4A-B Two pieces, each intact, seemingly not missing any parts. The mirror is in better condition, with only a few worn and/or green patches, while the lid is damaged at the edges and is covered on the underside with whitish-green deposits. The lid has one cracked, running from the edge toward the centre. 2010.99.0120.jpg
13.10.7 Complete and intact. Chip on the lip. Deposits on the body and deposits completely filling one handle hole. Small area of pattern chipped off back of body. 2010.99.0086.jpg
13.10.8 Intact with few small chips to the rim. White deposit all around the exterior of the mortar. 2011.96.0001.jpg
14.9.1 Intact and complete. There are stresses in the pottery throughout body and base, numerous pits and deposits. One crack starts at the mouth and terminates just before the base, and is visible on the interior and exterior. There is a fingerprint near the base. 2002.98.0197.jpg
14.9.118 Intact, a small section from the left eye to the nose is missing, chips around left arm, right arm broken. Chips on legs. 2008.99.0026.jpg
14.9.2 Foot broken. Large parts of surface of body chipped away, but still intact. 2010.99.0056.jpg
14.9.4 Complete, intact. Minor chips and scratches on main shoulder. 2008.99.0269.jpg
14.9.75 Intact, paint faded a little. 2013.04.0008.jpg
14.9.77 Intact, paint faded. 2013.04.0012.jpg
14.9.78 Intact, two fragments glued together, few surface chips, little fading of paint. 2003.46.0069.jpg
14.9.79 Intact, paint faded, a few small chips on the decorated side. 2003.46.0066.jpg
14.9.80 Intact, paint faded slightly, a white mark by the purple area. 2013.04.0018.jpg
14.9.82 Intact, one chip on the rim, a surface chip on the interior. 2003.08.0096.jpg
2001.10.2.139 Intact
2002.9.4 Intact and complete; wood is slightly stained and sticky (from previous adhesive) at the right side of the crossbar; the ‘leather’ drum is brittle, as are the strings, which are loose; the velvet fillet is in dissaray, with some torn stitches. 2004.95.0118.jpg
2003.6.19 Intact but not complete, slightly worn on both inside and outside. 2007.03.1216.jpg
2003.7.15 Intact, paint shows little signs of fading, no chips or scratches. 2007.03.1222.jpg
2003.7.16 Intact, a lot of the paint has been chipped off/scraped away on the exterior. 2007.03.1212.jpg
2003.7.17 Intact, paint greatly faded on exterior. 2007.03.1205.jpg
2003.7.18 Intact, paint slightly faded on both sides. A small chip on the rim on the base. 2007.03.1214.jpg
2003.7.19 Intact, paint faded/scraped away on the exterior (side B) 2007.03.1210.jpg
2003.7.20 Intact, paint has worn/faded away significantly on the exterior 2007.03.1209.jpg
2003.7.21 Intact, paint faded on the exterior. 2007.03.1206.jpg
2003.7.22 Intact, paint has faded a little on the exterior. 2007.03.1220.jpg
2003.7.23 Intact, paint faded significantly on the exterior, and slightly on the interior. 2007.03.1201.jpg
2003.7.24 Intact, paint has faded slightly on both sides. 2007.03.1197.jpg
2003.7.25 Intact, one small surface chip on the black interior, slight wear of the paint on the exterior in the centre. 2007.03.1194.jpg
2003.7.26 Intact, paint has worn off and faded a lot on both the interior, where only a small area of black and dark red remains, and the exterior where the white is barely visible, yet the black paint remains. 2007.03.1192.jpg
2003.7.27 Intact, paint has faded slightly on both sides. 2007.03.1202.jpg
2003.7.28 Fragment. Intact, paint has faded on the exterior, mostly the white. 2007.03.1199.jpg
2005.2.5 Intact 2005.02.0320.jpg
2005.3.25A-C Three fragments. Good condition, black areas show few signs of wear and have a glossy finish, patterned areas also intact 2006.20.0368.jpg
2005.6.1 Mouth missing the rim/ lips, neck is complete, half shoulder section intact, exterior decoration marked by brownish-grey deposits, large brownish-grey deposit found the full width of interior.
2007.10.1.1 Intact, some surface wear
2007.10.2.1 Intact
2007.10.2.100 Intact
2007.10.2.101 Intact.
2007.10.2.102 Intact except for some slight erosion to the edge.
2007.10.2.103 Intact.
2007.10.2.104 Intact.
2007.10.2.105 Intact.
2007.10.2.106 Intact.
2007.10.2.107 Intact.
2007.10.2.108 Intact.
2007.10.2.109 Intact.
2007.10.2.110 Intact.
2007.10.2.111 Intact.
2007.10.2.112 Intact.
2007.10.2.113 Intact.
2007.10.2.114 Intact.
2007.10.2.115 Intact.
2007.10.2.116 Intact.
2007.10.2.118 Intact.
2007.10.2.119 Intact.
2007.10.2.120 Intact.
2007.10.2.121 Intact
2007.10.2.122 Intact.
2007.10.2.123 Intact
2007.10.2.124 Intact.
2007.10.2.125 Intact
2007.10.2.126 Intact
2007.10.2.127 Intact
2007.10.2.128 Intact
2007.10.2.129 Intact
2007.10.2.130 Intact
2007.10.2.131 Intact
2007.10.2.132 Intact
2007.10.2.133 Intact
2007.10.2.134 Intact
2007.10.2.135 Intact
2007.10.2.136 Intact
2007.10.2.138 Intact
2007.10.2.139 Intact
2007.10.2.140 Intact
2007.10.2.141 Intact
2007.10.2.142 Intact
2007.10.2.143 Intact
2007.10.2.144 Intact
2007.10.2.145 Intact
2007.10.2.146 Intact
2007.10.2.147 Intact
2007.10.2.148 Intact
2007.10.2.149 Intact
2007.10.2.150 Intact
2007.10.2.151 Intact
2007.10.2.152 Intact
2007.10.2.153 Intact
2007.10.2.154 Intact
2007.10.2.155 Intact
2007.10.2.156 Intact
2007.10.2.157 Intact
2007.10.2.158 Intact
2007.10.2.159 Intact
2007.10.2.160 Intact
2007.10.2.161 Intact
2007.10.2.162 Intact
2007.10.2.163 Intact
2007.10.2.164 Intact
2007.10.2.165 Intact
2007.10.2.166 Intact
2007.10.2.167 Intact
2007.10.2.168 Intact
2007.10.2.169 Intact
2007.10.2.170 Intact
2007.10.2.171 Intact
2007.10.2.172 Intact
2007.10.2.173 Intact
2007.10.2.174 Intact
2007.10.2.175 Intact
2007.10.2.177 Intact
2007.10.2.178 Intact
2007.10.2.179 Intact
2007.10.2.180 Intact
2007.10.2.181 Intact
2007.10.2.182 Intact
2007.10.2.183 Intact
2007.10.2.184 Intact
2007.10.2.185 Intact
2007.10.2.186 Intact
2007.10.2.187 Intact
2007.10.2.188 Intact
2007.10.2.189 Intact
2007.10.2.191 Intact
2007.10.2.192 Intact
2007.10.2.193 Intact
2007.10.2.194 Intact
2007.10.2.195 Intact
2007.10.2.196 Intact
2007.10.2.197 Intact
2007.10.2.198 Intact
2007.10.2.199 Intact
2007.10.2.2 Intact, but some surface wear on the left side
2007.10.2.200 Intact
2007.10.2.201 Intact
2007.10.2.202 Intact
2007.10.2.203 Intact
2007.10.2.204 Intact
2007.10.2.205 Intact
2007.10.2.206 Intact
2007.10.2.207 Intact
2007.10.2.208 Intact
2007.10.2.210 Intact but dirty
2007.10.2.211 Intact but dirty
2007.10.2.214 Intact
2007.10.2.215 Intact
2007.10.2.217 Intact
2007.10.2.219 Intact
2007.10.2.221 Intact
2007.10.2.223 Intact
2007.10.2.224 Intact
2007.10.2.225 Intact
2007.10.2.226 Intact
2007.10.2.229 Intact
2007.10.2.230 Intact
2007.10.2.234 Intact
2007.10.2.235 Collapsed, but the surface is still intact
2007.10.2.236 Intact
2007.10.2.238 Intact
2007.10.2.239 Intact
2007.10.2.240 Intact
2007.10.2.242 Intact
2007.10.2.243 Intact
2007.10.2.244 Intact
2007.10.2.245 Intact
2007.10.2.246 Intact
2007.10.2.247 Intact
2007.10.2.248 Intact
2007.10.2.249 Intact
2007.10.2.250 Intact
2007.10.2.251 Intact
2007.10.2.253 Intact
2007.10.2.254 Intact
2007.10.2.256 Intact
2007.10.2.257 Intact
2007.10.2.259 Intact
2007.10.2.260 Intact
2007.10.2.262 Intact
2007.10.2.263 Intact
2007.10.2.264 Intact
2007.10.2.267 Intact
2007.10.2.268 Not intact, worn.
2007.10.2.269 Intact
2007.10.2.270 Intact
2007.10.2.271 Intact
2007.10.2.272 Intact
2007.10.2.273 Intact
2007.10.2.276 Intact
2007.10.2.277 Intact
2007.10.2.279 Intact
2007.10.2.281 Intact
2007.10.2.282 Intact
2007.10.2.284 Intact
2007.10.2.286 Intact
2007.10.2.288 Intact
2007.10.2.289 Intact
2007.10.2.291 Intact
2007.10.2.292 Intact, slightly worn
2007.10.2.293 Intact
2007.10.2.294 Intact
2007.10.2.295 Intact
2007.10.2.297 Intact
2007.10.2.298 Intact
2007.10.2.299 Intact
2007.10.2.301 Intact, apparent damage possible from original gem stone
2007.10.2.302 Intact
2007.10.2.303 Intact
2007.10.2.304 Intact
2007.10.2.305 Intact
2007.10.2.306 Intact
2007.10.2.307 Intact
2007.10.2.308 Intact
2007.10.2.309 Intact
2007.10.2.310 Intact
2007.10.2.311 Intact
2007.10.2.312 Intact
2007.10.2.313 Intact
2007.10.2.314 Intact
2007.10.2.315 Very worn, but intact
2007.10.2.317 Intact
2007.10.2.318 Intact but slightly worn
2007.10.2.319 Intact
2007.10.2.320 Intact
2007.10.2.321 Worn but Intact
2007.10.2.322 Intact
2007.10.2.323 Worn but intact
2007.10.2.324 Intact
2007.10.2.325 Intact
2007.10.2.326 Worn but intact
2007.10.2.327 Intact
2007.10.2.328 Intact
2007.10.2.329 Intact
2007.10.2.330 Slightly worn, but Intact
2007.10.2.331 Slightly worn, but Intact
2007.10.2.333 Worn, but intact
2007.10.2.334 Intact
2007.10.2.335 Intact
2007.10.2.336 Intact
2007.10.2.337 Intact
2007.10.2.338 Intact
2007.10.2.339 Intact
2007.10.2.340 Intact
2007.10.2.341 Intact
2007.10.2.342 Intact
2007.10.2.343 Intact
2007.10.2.345 Intact
2007.10.2.346 Intact
2007.10.2.347 Intact
2007.10.2.348 Intact
2007.10.2.349 Slightly worn but intact
2007.10.2.350 Slightly worn but intact
2007.10.2.351 Intact
2007.10.2.352 Intact
2007.10.2.353 Intact
2007.10.2.354 Intact
2007.10.2.355 Intact
2007.10.2.356 Intact
2007.10.2.357 Intact
2007.10.2.358 Intact
2007.10.2.359 Intact
2007.10.2.360 Slightly scratched in the corner but Intact
2007.10.2.361 Intact
2007.10.2.4 Intact
2007.10.2.495 Intact, worn
2007.10.2.496 Intact, worn
2007.10.2.498 Intact, worn
2007.10.2.499 Intact
2007.10.2.5 Intact
2007.10.2.500 Intact
2007.10.2.501 Intact, very worn
2007.10.2.502 Intact
2007.10.2.505 Intact
2007.10.2.54 Intact.
2007.10.2.55 Intact.
2007.10.2.56 Intact.
2007.10.2.57 Intact.
2007.10.2.58 Intact.
2007.10.2.59 Intact.
2007.10.2.6 Intact
2007.10.2.60 Intact.
2007.10.2.61 Intact.
2007.10.2.62 Intact.
2007.10.2.63 Intact.
2007.10.2.64 Intact.
2007.10.2.65 Intact.
2007.10.2.66 Intact.
2007.10.2.67 Intact.
2007.10.2.68 Intact.
2007.10.2.69 Intact.
2007.10.2.70 Intact.
2007.10.2.71 Intact.
2007.10.2.72 Intact.
2007.10.2.73 Intact.
2007.10.2.74 Intact.
2007.10.2.75 Intact.
2007.10.2.76 Intact.
2007.10.2.77 Intact.
2007.10.2.78 Intact.
2007.10.2.79 Intact.
2007.10.2.80 Intact with some surface wear.
2007.10.2.81 Intact.
2007.10.2.82 Intact.
2007.10.2.83 Intact.
2007.10.2.84 Intact.
2007.10.2.85 Intact.
2007.10.2.86 Intact.
2007.10.2.87 Intact
2007.10.2.88 Intact.
2007.10.2.89 Intact.
2007.10.2.90 Intact.
2007.10.2.91 Intact.
2007.10.2.92 Intact.
2007.10.2.93 Intact
2007.10.2.94 Intact
2007.10.2.95 Intact.
2007.10.2.96 Intact with some surface wear.
2007.10.2.97 Intact
2007.10.2.98 Intact.
2007.10.2.99 Intact.
2007.9.1.1 Intact
2007.9.1.10 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.100 Intact
2007.9.1.101 Intact, some cracking to outer border.
2007.9.1.102 Intact
2007.9.1.103 Intact
2007.9.1.104 Intact
2007.9.1.105 Intact
2007.9.1.106 Intact
2007.9.1.107 Intact
2007.9.1.108 Intact
2007.9.1.109 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.1.11 Intact, but with some scratches on outer circle.
2007.9.1.110 Intact
2007.9.1.111 Intact
2007.9.1.112 Intact
2007.9.1.113 Intact
2007.9.1.114 Intact
2007.9.1.115 Intact
2007.9.1.12 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.13 Intact, but with some wear around the inside of the outer boarder.
2007.9.1.14 Intact
2007.9.1.15 Intact
2007.9.1.16 Intact
2007.9.1.17 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.18 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.19 Intact, but with some scratches on the outer border.
2007.9.1.2 Intact
2007.9.1.20 Intact
2007.9.1.21 Intact
2007.9.1.22 Intact
2007.9.1.23 Intact
2007.9.1.24 Intact
2007.9.1.25 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.26 Intact
2007.9.1.27 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.1.28 Intact
2007.9.1.29 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.1.3 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.30 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.1.31 Intact, some damage to outer border.
2007.9.1.32 Intact
2007.9.1.33 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.1.34 Intact
2007.9.1.35 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.1.36 Intact
2007.9.1.37 Intact
2007.9.1.38 Intact
2007.9.1.39 Intact
2007.9.1.4 Intact
2007.9.1.40 Intact
2007.9.1.41 Intact
2007.9.1.42 Intact
2007.9.1.43 Intact
2007.9.1.44 Intact
2007.9.1.45 Intact
2007.9.1.46 Intact
2007.9.1.47 Intact
2007.9.1.48 Intact
2007.9.1.49 Intact
2007.9.1.5 Intact
2007.9.1.50 Intact
2007.9.1.51 Intact
2007.9.1.52 Intact
2007.9.1.53 Intact
2007.9.1.54 Intact, some cracking of outer border.
2007.9.1.55 Intact
2007.9.1.56 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.1.57 Intact
2007.9.1.58 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.1.59 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.1.6 Intact
2007.9.1.60 Intact, some surafce wear
2007.9.1.61 Intact, some wear and scratches to the surface.
2007.9.1.62 Intact
2007.9.1.63 Intact
2007.9.1.64 Intact
2007.9.1.65 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.1.66 Intact
2007.9.1.67 Intact
2007.9.1.68 Intact, some scratches on outer border.
2007.9.1.69 Intact
2007.9.1.7 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.70 Intact, some scratches on the outer border.
2007.9.1.71 Intact, some wear to outer border.
2007.9.1.72 Intact
2007.9.1.73 Intact, some wear to outer border.
2007.9.1.74 Intact
2007.9.1.75 Intact
2007.9.1.76 Intact
2007.9.1.77 Intact
2007.9.1.78 Intact
2007.9.1.79 Intact
2007.9.1.8 Intact
2007.9.1.80 Intact
2007.9.1.81 Intact
2007.9.1.82 Intact
2007.9.1.83 Intact
2007.9.1.84 Intact
2007.9.1.85 Intact
2007.9.1.86 Intact
2007.9.1.87 Intact
2007.9.1.88 Intact
2007.9.1.89 Intact
2007.9.1.9 Intact, but with some wear on the most raised surfaces.
2007.9.1.90 Intact
2007.9.1.91 Intact
2007.9.1.92 Intact
2007.9.1.93 Intact
2007.9.1.94 Intact
2007.9.1.95 Intact
2007.9.1.96 Intact
2007.9.1.97 Intact
2007.9.1.98 Intact, some cracking on outer border.
2007.9.1.99 Intact, image is of poor quality, but most likely due to the cast or original gem.
2007.9.2.1 Intact
2007.9.2.10 Intact, some darkening of raised surfaces.
2007.9.2.11 Intact, slightly darkening of surfaces.
2007.9.2.12 Intact, one small but obvious stain.
2007.9.2.13 Intact
2007.9.2.14 Intact, some surface scratches.
2007.9.2.15 Intact
2007.9.2.16 Intact
2007.9.2.17 Intact
2007.9.2.18 Intact
2007.9.2.19 Intact
2007.9.2.2 Intact
2007.9.2.20 Intact
2007.9.2.21 Intact
2007.9.2.22 Intact
2007.9.2.23 Intact, some fine surface scratches
2007.9.2.24 Intact
2007.9.2.25 Intact
2007.9.2.26 Intact
2007.9.2.27 Intact
2007.9.2.28 Intact
2007.9.2.29 Intact, some fine surface scratches.
2007.9.2.3 Intact
2007.9.2.30 Intact
2007.9.2.31 Intact
2007.9.2.32 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.2.33 Intact, some surface damage.
2007.9.2.34 Intact, some staining to outer border.
2007.9.2.35 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.2.4 Intact, one small stain.
2007.9.2.5 Intact, some darkening of raised surfaces.
2007.9.2.6 Intact, some darkening of raised surfaces.
2007.9.2.7 Intact
2007.9.2.8 Intact
2007.9.2.9 Intact, some darkening of surafce.
2007.9.3.1 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.10 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.100 Intact
2007.9.3.101 Intact
2007.9.3.102 Intact.
2007.9.3.103 Intact
2007.9.3.104 Intact
2007.9.3.105 Intact
2007.9.3.106 Intact
2007.9.3.107 Intact.
2007.9.3.108 Intact but with much surface wear.
2007.9.3.109 Intact.
2007.9.3.11 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.110 Intact with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.111 Intact
2007.9.3.112 Intact
2007.9.3.113 Intact
2007.9.3.114 Intact
2007.9.3.116 Intact
2007.9.3.117 Intact
2007.9.3.118 Intact
2007.9.3.119 Intact
2007.9.3.12 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.120 Intact
2007.9.3.121 Intact
2007.9.3.122 Intact.
2007.9.3.123 Intact.
2007.9.3.124 Intact but with surface wear. The cast lacks definition.
2007.9.3.125 Intact.
2007.9.3.126 Intact.
2007.9.3.127 Intact.
2007.9.3.128 Intact.
2007.9.3.129 Intact.
2007.9.3.13 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.130 Intact.
2007.9.3.131 Intact.
2007.9.3.132 Intact.
2007.9.3.133 Intact.
2007.9.3.134 Intact.
2007.9.3.135 Intact.
2007.9.3.136 Intact.
2007.9.3.137 Intact.
2007.9.3.138 Intact.
2007.9.3.139 Intact.
2007.9.3.14 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.140 Intact.
2007.9.3.141 Intact.
2007.9.3.142 Intact.
2007.9.3.143 Intact.
2007.9.3.144 Intact.
2007.9.3.145 Intact.
2007.9.3.146 Intact.
2007.9.3.147 Intact.
2007.9.3.148 Intact.
2007.9.3.149 Intact.
2007.9.3.15 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.150 Intact.
2007.9.3.151 Intact.
2007.9.3.152 Intact.
2007.9.3.153 Intact.
2007.9.3.154 Intact.
2007.9.3.155 Intact.
2007.9.3.156 Intact but the neck on the cast is missing
2007.9.3.157 Intact.
2007.9.3.158 Intact.
2007.9.3.159 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.16 Intact
2007.9.3.160 Intact, but neck of cast is missing.
2007.9.3.161 Intact.
2007.9.3.17 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.18 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.19 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.2 Intact, some surafce wear.
2007.9.3.20 Intact
2007.9.3.21 Intact
2007.9.3.22 Intact
2007.9.3.23 Intact
2007.9.3.24 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.25 Intact
2007.9.3.26 Intact
2007.9.3.27 Intact, with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.28 Intact, with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.29 Intact, with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.3 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.30 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.31 Intact, with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.32 Intact.
2007.9.3.33 Intact, with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.34 Intact.
2007.9.3.35 Intact.
2007.9.3.37 Intact.
2007.9.3.38 Intact.
2007.9.3.4 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.40 Intact, with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.44 Intact.
2007.9.3.46 Intact, with some surface wear.
2007.9.3.49 Intact.
2007.9.3.5 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.51 Intact.
2007.9.3.52 Intact.
2007.9.3.53 Intact.
2007.9.3.55 Intact.
2007.9.3.56 Intact.
2007.9.3.57 Intact.
2007.9.3.58 Intact.
2007.9.3.6 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.60 Intact.
2007.9.3.61 Intact.
2007.9.3.62 Intact.
2007.9.3.63 Intact.
2007.9.3.64 Intact.
2007.9.3.65 Intact.
2007.9.3.66 Intact.
2007.9.3.67 Intact.
2007.9.3.68 Intact.
2007.9.3.69 Intact.
2007.9.3.7 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.70 Intact.
2007.9.3.71 Intact.
2007.9.3.72 Intact.
2007.9.3.73 Intact.
2007.9.3.74 Intact.
2007.9.3.76 Intact.
2007.9.3.77 Intact.
2007.9.3.78 Intact.
2007.9.3.79 Intact.
2007.9.3.8 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.80 Intact.
2007.9.3.81 Intact.
2007.9.3.82 Intact.
2007.9.3.83 Intact.
2007.9.3.84 Intact.
2007.9.3.85 Intact.
2007.9.3.86 Intact.
2007.9.3.87 Intact.
2007.9.3.88 Intact.
2007.9.3.9 Intact, some surface wear.
2007.9.3.90 Intact.
2007.9.3.91 Intact.
2007.9.3.92 Intact.
2007.9.3.93 Intact.
2007.9.3.94 Intact.
2007.9.3.95 Intact.
2007.9.3.96 Intact.
2007.9.3.97 Intact.
2007.9.3.98 Intact.
2007.9.3.99 Intact
2008.1.2.80 Intact
2008.2.1.1 Intact.
2008.2.1.10 Intact.
2008.2.1.100 Intact
2008.2.1.101 Intact
2008.2.1.102 Intact
2008.2.1.103 Intact
2008.2.1.104 Intact
2008.2.1.105 Intact
2008.2.1.107 Intact
2008.2.1.108 Intact
2008.2.1.109 Intact
2008.2.1.11 Intact.
2008.2.1.110 Intact
2008.2.1.12 Intact.
2008.2.1.13 Intact.
2008.2.1.14 Intact.
2008.2.1.15 Intact.
2008.2.1.16 Intact.
2008.2.1.17 Intact.
2008.2.1.18 Intact.
2008.2.1.19 Intact.
2008.2.1.2 Intact
2008.2.1.20 Intact.
2008.2.1.21 Intact.
2008.2.1.23 Intact.
2008.2.1.24 Intact.
2008.2.1.25 Intact.
2008.2.1.26 Intact.
2008.2.1.27 Intact.
2008.2.1.28 Intact.
2008.2.1.29 Intact.
2008.2.1.3 Intact.
2008.2.1.30 Intact.
2008.2.1.31 Intact.
2008.2.1.32 Intact
2008.2.1.33 Intact
2008.2.1.34 Intact
2008.2.1.35 Intact
2008.2.1.36 Intact
2008.2.1.37 Intact
2008.2.1.4 Intact.
2008.2.1.40 Intact
2008.2.1.41 Intact
2008.2.1.42 Intact
2008.2.1.43 Intact
2008.2.1.44 Intact
2008.2.1.45 Intact
2008.2.1.46 Intact
2008.2.1.49 intact
2008.2.1.5 Intact.
2008.2.1.50 intact
2008.2.1.57 Intact
2008.2.1.58 intact
2008.2.1.59 Intact
2008.2.1.6 Intact.
2008.2.1.60 Intact
2008.2.1.61 Intact
2008.2.1.62 Intact
2008.2.1.63 Intact
2008.2.1.64 Intact
2008.2.1.65 Intact
2008.2.1.66 Intact
2008.2.1.67 Intact
2008.2.1.68 Intact
2008.2.1.69 intact
2008.2.1.7 Intact.
2008.2.1.70 intact
2008.2.1.71 Intact
2008.2.1.72 Intact
2008.2.1.73 Intact
2008.2.1.74 Intact
2008.2.1.75 Intact
2008.2.1.76 Intact
2008.2.1.77 Intact
2008.2.1.78 Intact
2008.2.1.79 Intact
2008.2.1.8 Intact.
2008.2.1.80 Intact
2008.2.1.81 Intact
2008.2.1.82 Intact
2008.2.1.83 Intact
2008.2.1.84 Intact
2008.2.1.85 Intact
2008.2.1.86 Intact
2008.2.1.87 Intact
2008.2.1.88 Intact
2008.2.1.89 Intact
2008.2.1.9 Intact.
2008.2.1.90 Intact
2008.2.1.92 Intact
2008.2.1.93 Intact
2008.2.1.94 Intact
2008.2.1.95 Intact
2008.2.1.96 Intact
2008.2.1.97 Intact
2008.2.1.98 Intact
2008.2.1.99 Intact
2008.7.121 Handle fragment broken on three sides, handle intact; exterior: pen marks 'O-I'; interior: '[Theta symbol] IV-V'
2009.10.2.100 Intact
2009.10.2.101 Intact
2009.10.2.102 Intact
2009.10.2.103 Intact
2009.10.2.104 Intact
2009.10.2.105 Intact
2009.10.2.106 Intact
2009.10.2.107 Intact
2009.10.2.108 Intact
2009.10.2.109 Intact
2009.10.2.110 Intact
2009.10.2.111 Intact
2009.10.2.112 Intact
2009.10.2.113 Intact
2009.10.2.114 Intact
2009.10.2.115 Intact
2009.10.2.116 Intact
2009.10.2.117 Intact
2009.10.2.118 Intact
2009.10.2.119 Intact
2009.10.2.120 Intact
2009.10.2.121 Intact
2009.10.2.122 Intact.
2009.10.2.123 Intact
2009.10.2.124 Intact
2009.10.2.125 Intact
2009.10.2.126 Intact
2009.10.2.127 Intact
2009.10.2.128 Intact
2009.10.2.129 intact
2009.10.2.130 Intact
2009.10.2.131 Intact
2009.10.2.132 Intact
2009.10.2.133 Intact
2009.10.2.134 chipped but intact
2009.10.2.135 Intact
2009.10.2.136 Intact
2009.10.2.137 Intact
2009.10.2.139 Intact
2009.10.2.140 Intact
2009.10.2.141 Intact
2009.10.2.142 Intact
2009.10.2.144 Intact
2009.10.2.145 Intact
2009.10.2.146 Intact
2009.10.2.147 Intact
2009.10.2.148 Intact
2009.10.2.149 Intact.
2009.10.2.150 Intact
2009.10.2.152 Intact
2009.10.2.159 Intact
2009.10.2.16 Intact
2009.10.2.160 Intact
2009.10.2.161 Intact
2009.10.2.162 Intact
2009.10.2.163 Intact
2009.10.2.164 Intact
2009.10.2.165 Intact
2009.10.2.169 Intact
2009.10.2.170 Intact
2009.10.2.172 Intact
2009.10.2.173 Intact
2009.10.2.174 Intact.
2009.10.2.175 Intact
2009.10.2.176 Intact
2009.10.2.177 Intact
2009.10.2.178 Intact
2009.10.2.179 Intact
2009.10.2.180 Intact
2009.10.2.181 Intact
2009.10.2.182 Intact
2009.10.2.184 Intact
2009.10.2.185 Intact
2009.10.2.186 Intact
2009.10.2.187 Intact
2009.10.2.188 Intact
2009.10.2.189 Intact
2009.10.2.190 Intact
2009.10.2.191 Intact
2009.10.2.194 Intact
2009.10.2.196 Intact
2009.10.2.197 Intact
2009.10.2.199 Intact
2009.10.2.200 Intact
2009.10.2.201 Intact
2009.10.2.202 Intact
2009.10.2.203 Intact
2009.10.2.204 Intact
2009.10.2.205 Intact
2009.10.2.206 Intact
2009.10.2.207 Intact, picture is faint.
2009.10.2.208 Intact.
2009.10.2.209 Intact
2009.10.2.210 Intact
2009.10.2.211 Intact
2009.10.2.212 Intact
2009.10.2.213 Intact
2009.10.2.214 Intact
2009.10.2.215 Intact
2009.10.2.216 Intact
2009.10.2.217 Intact
2009.10.2.218 Intact
2009.10.2.219 Intact
2009.10.2.220 Intact
2009.10.2.221 Intact
2009.10.2.222 Intact
2009.10.2.224 Intact
2009.10.2.225 Intact
2009.10.2.226 Intact
2009.10.2.227 Intact
2009.10.2.228 Intact
2009.10.2.229 Intact
2009.10.2.230 Intact
2009.10.2.231 Intact
2009.10.2.233 Intact
2009.10.2.234 Intact
2009.10.2.235 Intact
2009.10.2.236 Intact
2009.10.2.237 Intact
2009.10.2.238 Intact
2009.10.2.239 Intact
2009.10.2.240 Intact
2009.10.2.241 Intact
2009.10.2.243 Intact
2009.10.2.245 Intact
2009.10.2.246 Intact
2009.10.2.247 Intact
2009.10.2.248 Intact
2009.10.2.249 Intact
2009.10.2.250 Intact
2009.10.2.251 Intact
2009.10.2.252 Intact
2009.10.2.253 Intact
2009.10.2.254 Intact
2009.10.2.255 Intact
2009.10.2.256 Intact
2009.10.2.257 Intact
2009.10.2.258 Intact
2009.10.2.259 Intact
2009.10.2.260 Intact
2009.10.2.261 Intact
2009.10.2.262 Intact but faded
2009.10.2.263 Intact
2009.10.2.264 Intact
2009.10.2.265 Intact
2009.10.2.266 Intact
2009.10.2.267 Intact
2009.10.2.269 Intact
2009.10.2.270 Intact
2009.10.2.271 Intact
2009.10.2.273 Intact
2009.10.2.275 Intact
2009.10.2.276 Intact
2009.10.2.278 Intact
2009.10.2.279 Intact
2009.10.2.280 Intact
2009.10.2.281 Intact
2009.10.2.282 Intact
2009.10.2.283 Intact
2009.10.2.285 Intact
2009.10.2.286 Intact
2009.10.2.287 Intact
2009.10.2.289 Intact
2009.10.2.290 Intact
2009.10.2.291 Intact
2009.10.2.292 Intact
2009.10.2.293 Intact
2009.10.2.294 Intact
2009.10.2.295 Intact
2009.10.2.296 intact
2009.10.2.297 Intact
2009.10.2.298 Intact
2009.10.2.299 Intact
2009.10.2.300 Intact
2009.10.2.301 Intact
2009.10.2.302 Intact
2009.10.2.303 Intact
2009.10.2.304 Intact
2009.10.2.305 Intact
2009.10.2.306 Intact
2009.10.2.307 Intact
2009.10.2.308 Intact
2009.10.2.309 Intact
2009.10.2.310 Intact
2009.10.2.311 Intact
2009.10.2.312 Intact
2009.10.2.313 Intact
2009.10.2.314 Intact
2009.10.2.315 Intact
2009.10.2.316 Intact
2009.10.2.317 Intact
2009.10.2.318 Intact
2009.10.2.319 Intact
2009.10.2.320 Intact
2009.10.2.321 Intact
2009.10.2.322 Intact
2009.10.2.323 Intact
2009.10.2.324 Intact
2009.10.2.325 Intact
2009.10.2.326 Intact
2009.10.2.327 Intact
2009.10.2.328 Intact
2009.10.2.329 Intact
2009.10.2.330 Intact
2009.10.2.331 Intact
2009.10.2.332 Intact
2009.10.2.333 Intact
2009.10.2.334 Intact
2009.10.2.335 Intact
2009.10.2.336 Intact
2009.10.2.337 Intact
2009.10.2.338 Intact
2009.10.2.339 Intact
2009.10.2.340 Intact
2009.10.2.341 Intact
2009.10.2.342 Intact
2009.10.2.343 Intact
2009.10.2.344 Intact
2009.10.2.345 Intact
2009.10.2.346 Intact
2009.10.2.347 Intact but worn image
2009.10.2.348 Intact
2009.10.2.349 Intact but worn image
2009.10.2.350 Intact
2009.10.2.351 Intact
2009.10.2.355 Intact
2009.10.2.356 Intact
2009.10.2.357 Intact
2009.10.2.358 Intact
2009.10.2.359 Intact
2009.10.2.360 Intact
2009.10.2.362 Intact
2009.10.2.363 Intact
2009.10.2.364 Intact
2009.10.2.365 Intact
2009.10.2.367 Intact
2009.10.2.368 Intact
2009.10.2.369 Intact
2009.10.2.37 Intact
2009.10.2.370 Intact
2009.10.2.372 Intact
2009.10.2.373 Intact
2009.10.2.374 Intact
2009.10.2.375 Intact
2009.10.2.376 Intact
2009.10.2.377 Intact
2009.10.2.378 Intact
2009.10.2.379 Intact
2009.10.2.38 Intact
2009.10.2.380 Intact
2009.10.2.381 Intact
2009.10.2.382 Intact
2009.10.2.383 Intact
2009.10.2.384 Intact
2009.10.2.386 Intact
2009.10.2.387 Intact
2009.10.2.39 Intact
2009.10.2.390 Intact
2009.10.2.391 Intact
2009.10.2.392 Intact
2009.10.2.393 Intact
2009.10.2.394 Intact
2009.10.2.396 Intact but worn image
2009.10.2.397 Intact
2009.10.2.398 Intact
2009.10.2.399 Intact
2009.10.2.40 Intact
2009.10.2.400 Intact
2009.10.2.401 Intact
2009.10.2.402 Intact
2009.10.2.403 Intact
2009.10.2.404 Intact
2009.10.2.405 Intact
2009.10.2.406 Intact
2009.10.2.407 Intact
2009.10.2.408 Intact
2009.10.2.409 Intact
2009.10.2.41 Intact
2009.10.2.410 Intact but faded image
2009.10.2.411 Intact
2009.10.2.412 Intact
2009.10.2.413 Intact
2009.10.2.42 Intact
2009.10.2.43 Intact
2009.10.2.45 Intact
2009.10.2.46 Intact
2009.10.2.47 Intact
2009.10.2.48 Intact
2009.10.2.49 Intact
2009.10.2.50 Intact
2009.10.2.500 Intact
2009.10.2.501 Intact
2009.10.2.502 Intact
2009.10.2.503 Intact
2009.10.2.504 Intact
2009.10.2.51 Intact.
2009.10.2.52 Intact
2009.10.2.53 Intact
2009.10.2.532 Intact
2009.10.2.533 Intact
2009.10.2.54 Intact
2009.10.2.55 Intact
2009.10.2.56 Intact
2009.10.2.57 Intact
2009.10.2.58 Intact
2009.10.2.59 Intact
2009.10.2.60 Intact
2009.10.2.61 Intact
2009.10.2.63 Intact
2009.10.2.64 Intact
2009.10.2.65 Intact
2009.10.2.66 Intact
2009.10.2.67 Intact
2009.10.2.68 Intact
2009.10.2.69 Intact
2009.10.2.70 Intact
2009.10.2.71 Intact
2009.10.2.72 Intact
2009.10.2.73 Intact
2009.10.2.74 Intact
2009.10.2.75 Intact
2009.10.2.76 Intact
2009.10.2.77 Intact
2009.10.2.78 Intact
2009.10.2.79 Intact
2009.10.2.80 Intact
2009.10.2.81 Intact
2009.10.2.82 Intact
2009.10.2.83 Intact
2009.10.2.84 Intact
2009.10.2.85 Intact
2009.10.2.86 Intact
2009.10.2.87 Intact
2009.10.2.88 Intact
2009.10.2.89 Intact
2009.10.2.90 Intact
2009.10.2.91 Intact
2009.10.2.92 Intact
2009.10.2.93 Intact
2009.10.2.94 Intact
2009.10.2.95 Intact
2009.10.2.96 Intact
2009.10.2.97 Intact
2009.10.2.98 Intact
2009.10.2.99 Intact
2009.2.1.91 Intact
2009.8.1 Intact
2009.8.100 Intact
2009.8.101 Intact
2009.8.102 Intact
2009.8.103 Intact
2009.8.104 Intact
2009.8.105 Intact
2009.8.106 Intact
2009.8.107 Intact
2009.8.108 Intact
2009.8.109 Intact
2009.8.11 Intact
2009.8.110 Intact
2009.8.111 Intact
2009.8.112 Intact
2009.8.113 Intact
2009.8.114 Intact
2009.8.115 Intact
2009.8.116 Intact
2009.8.117 Intact
2009.8.118 Intact
2009.8.119 Intact
2009.8.12 Intact
2009.8.121 Intact
2009.8.122 Intact
2009.8.123 Intact
2009.8.124 Intact
2009.8.125 Intact
2009.8.126 Intact
2009.8.127 Intact
2009.8.128 Intact
2009.8.129 Intact
2009.8.13 Intact
2009.8.130 Intact
2009.8.131 Intact
2009.8.134 Intact
2009.8.135 Intact
2009.8.137 Intact
2009.8.138 Intact
2009.8.139 Intact
2009.8.14 Intact
2009.8.140 Intact
2009.8.141 Intact
2009.8.142 Intact
2009.8.143 Intact
2009.8.144 Intact
2009.8.145 Intact
2009.8.146 Intact
2009.8.147 Intact
2009.8.148 Intact
2009.8.149 Intact
2009.8.15 Intact
2009.8.150 Intact
2009.8.151 Intact
2009.8.152 Intact
2009.8.153 Intact
2009.8.154 Intact
2009.8.155 Intact
2009.8.156 Intact
2009.8.157 Intact
2009.8.158 Intact
2009.8.159 Intact
2009.8.16 Intact
2009.8.160 Intact
2009.8.161 Intact
2009.8.162 Intact
2009.8.163 Intact
2009.8.164 Intact
2009.8.165 Intact
2009.8.166 Intact
2009.8.167 Intact
2009.8.168 Intact
2009.8.169 Intact
2009.8.170 Intact
2009.8.171 Intact
2009.8.172 Intact
2009.8.173 Intact
2009.8.174 Intact
2009.8.175 Intact
2009.8.176 Intact
2009.8.177 Intact
2009.8.178 Intact
2009.8.179 Intact
2009.8.18 Intact
2009.8.180 Intact
2009.8.181 Intact
2009.8.182 Intact
2009.8.183 Intact
2009.8.184 Intact
2009.8.185 Intact
2009.8.186 Intact
2009.8.187 Intact
2009.8.188 Intact
2009.8.189 Intact
2009.8.19 Intact
2009.8.190 Intact
2009.8.191 Intact
2009.8.192 Intact
2009.8.193 Intact
2009.8.194 Intact
2009.8.195 Intact
2009.8.196 Intact
2009.8.197 Intact
2009.8.198 Intact
2009.8.199 Intact
2009.8.2 Intact
2009.8.20 Intact
2009.8.200 Intact
2009.8.201 Intact
2009.8.202 Intact
2009.8.203 Intact
2009.8.204 Intact
2009.8.205 Intact
2009.8.206 Intact
2009.8.207 Intact
2009.8.208 Intact
2009.8.209 Intact
2009.8.21 Intact
2009.8.210 Intact
2009.8.211 Intact
2009.8.212 Intact
2009.8.213 Intact
2009.8.214 Intact
2009.8.215 Intact
2009.8.216 Intact
2009.8.217 Intact
2009.8.218 Intact
2009.8.219 Intact
2009.8.22 Intact
2009.8.220 Intact
2009.8.221 Intact
2009.8.222 Intact
2009.8.223 Intact
2009.8.224 Intact
2009.8.225 Intact
2009.8.226 Intact
2009.8.227 Intact
2009.8.228 Intact
2009.8.229 Intact
2009.8.23 Intact
2009.8.230 Intact
2009.8.231 Intact
2009.8.232 Intact
2009.8.233 Intact
2009.8.234 Intact
2009.8.235 Intact
2009.8.236 Intact
2009.8.237 Intact
2009.8.238 Intact
2009.8.239 Intact
2009.8.24 Intact
2009.8.240 Intact
2009.8.241 Intact
2009.8.242 Intact
2009.8.243 Intact
2009.8.244 Intact
2009.8.246 Intact
2009.8.247 Intact
2009.8.248 Intact
2009.8.249 Intact
2009.8.25 Intact
2009.8.250 Intact
2009.8.251 Intact
2009.8.252 Intact
2009.8.254 Intact
2009.8.255 Intact
2009.8.256 Intact
2009.8.257 Intact
2009.8.258 Intact
2009.8.259 Intact
2009.8.26 Intact
2009.8.260 Intact
2009.8.261 Intact
2009.8.262 Intact
2009.8.263 Intact
2009.8.264 Intact
2009.8.265 Intact
2009.8.266 Intact.
2009.8.267 Intact
2009.8.268 Intact
2009.8.269 Intact
2009.8.27 Intact
2009.8.270 Intact
2009.8.271 Intact
2009.8.272 Intact
2009.8.273 Intact
2009.8.274 Intact
2009.8.275 Intact
2009.8.276 Intact
2009.8.277 Intact
2009.8.278 Intact
2009.8.28 Intact
2009.8.280 Intact
2009.8.281 Intact
2009.8.282 Intact
2009.8.283 Intact
2009.8.29 Intact
2009.8.3 Intact
2009.8.30 Intact
2009.8.31 Intact
2009.8.32 Intact
2009.8.33 Intact
2009.8.34 Intact
2009.8.35 Intact
2009.8.36 Intact
2009.8.37 Intact
2009.8.38 Intact
2009.8.39 Intact
2009.8.4 Intact
2009.8.40 Intact
2009.8.41 Intact
2009.8.42 Intact
2009.8.43 Intact
2009.8.44 Intact
2009.8.45 Intact
2009.8.46 Intact
2009.8.47 Intact
2009.8.48 Intact
2009.8.49 Intact
2009.8.5 Intact
2009.8.50 Intact
2009.8.51 Intact
2009.8.52 Intact
2009.8.53 Intact
2009.8.54 Intact
2009.8.56 Intact
2009.8.57 Intact
2009.8.58 Intact
2009.8.59 Intact
2009.8.6 Intact
2009.8.60 Intact
2009.8.61 Intact
2009.8.62 Intact
2009.8.64 Intact
2009.8.65 Intact
2009.8.66 Intact
2009.8.67 Intact
2009.8.68 Intact
2009.8.69 Intact
2009.8.7 Intact
2009.8.70 Intact
2009.8.71 Intact
2009.8.72 Intact
2009.8.73 Intact
2009.8.74 Intact
2009.8.75 Intact
2009.8.76 Intact
2009.8.77 Intact
2009.8.78 Intact
2009.8.79 Intact
2009.8.8 Intact
2009.8.80 Intact
2009.8.81 Intact
2009.8.82 Intact
2009.8.83 Intact
2009.8.84 Intact
2009.8.85 Intact
2009.8.86 Intact
2009.8.87 Intact
2009.8.88 Intact
2009.8.89 Intact
2009.8.9 Intact
2009.8.90 Intact
2009.8.91 Intact
2009.8.92 Intact
2009.8.93 Intact
2009.8.94 Intact
2009.8.95 Intact
2009.8.96 Intact
2009.8.97 Intact
2009.8.98 Intact
2009.8.99 Intact
2009.9.1 Intact
2009.9.10 Intact
2009.9.100 Intact
2009.9.101 Intact
2009.9.102 Intact
2009.9.103 Intact
2009.9.104 Intact
2009.9.105 Intact
2009.9.106 Intact
2009.9.107 Intact
2009.9.108 Intact
2009.9.109 Intact
2009.9.11 Intact
2009.9.110 Intact
2009.9.111 Intact
2009.9.112 Intact
2009.9.113 Intact
2009.9.114 Intact
2009.9.115 Intact
2009.9.116 Intact
2009.9.117 Intact
2009.9.118 Intact
2009.9.119 Intact
2009.9.12 Intact
2009.9.120 Intact
2009.9.121 Intact
2009.9.122 Intact
2009.9.123 Intact
2009.9.124 Intact
2009.9.125 Intact
2009.9.126 Intact
2009.9.127 Intact
2009.9.128 Intact
2009.9.129 Intact
2009.9.13 Intact
2009.9.130 Intact
2009.9.131 Intact
2009.9.132 Intact
2009.9.133 Intact
2009.9.134 Intact
2009.9.135 Intact
2009.9.136 Intact
2009.9.137 Intact
2009.9.138 Intact
2009.9.139 Intact
2009.9.14 Intact
2009.9.140 Intact
2009.9.141 Intact
2009.9.142 Intact
2009.9.143 Intact
2009.9.144 Intact
2009.9.145 Intact
2009.9.146 Intact
2009.9.148 Intact
2009.9.149 Intact
2009.9.15 Intact
2009.9.150 Intact
2009.9.151 Intact
2009.9.152 Intact
2009.9.153 Intact
2009.9.154 Intact
2009.9.155 Intact
2009.9.156 Intact
2009.9.157 Intact
2009.9.158 Intact
2009.9.159 Intact
2009.9.16 Intact
2009.9.160 Intact
2009.9.161 Intact
2009.9.162 Intact
2009.9.163 Intact
2009.9.164 Intact
2009.9.165 Intact
2009.9.166 Intact
2009.9.167 Intact
2009.9.168 Intact
2009.9.169 Intact
2009.9.17 Intact
2009.9.170 Intact
2009.9.171 Intact
2009.9.172 Intact
2009.9.173 Intact
2009.9.174 Intact
2009.9.176 Intact
2009.9.177 Intact
2009.9.179 Intact
2009.9.18 Intact
2009.9.180 Intact
2009.9.181 Intact
2009.9.182 Intact
2009.9.183 Intact
2009.9.184 Intact
2009.9.186 Intact
2009.9.187 Intact
2009.9.188 Intact
2009.9.189 Intact
2009.9.19 Intact
2009.9.190 Intact
2009.9.191 Intact
2009.9.192 Intact
2009.9.193 Intact
2009.9.194 Intact
2009.9.195 Intact
2009.9.196 Intact
2009.9.197 Intact
2009.9.199 Intact
2009.9.2 Intact
2009.9.20 Intact
2009.9.200 Intact
2009.9.201 Intact
2009.9.202 Intact
2009.9.203 Intact
2009.9.204 Intact
2009.9.205 Intact
2009.9.206 Intact
2009.9.207 Intact
2009.9.208 Intact
2009.9.209 Intact
2009.9.21 Intact
2009.9.210 Intact
2009.9.212 Intact
2009.9.213 Intact
2009.9.214 Intact
2009.9.215 Intact
2009.9.216 Intact
2009.9.217 Intact
2009.9.218 Intact
2009.9.219 Intact
2009.9.22 Intact
2009.9.220 Intact
2009.9.221 Intact
2009.9.222 Intact
2009.9.223 Intact
2009.9.224 Intact
2009.9.225 Intact
2009.9.226 Intact
2009.9.227 Intact
2009.9.228 Intact
2009.9.229 Intact
2009.9.23 Intact
2009.9.230 Intact
2009.9.231 Intact
2009.9.232 Intact
2009.9.233 Intact
2009.9.234 Intact
2009.9.235 Intact
2009.9.236 Intact
2009.9.238 Intact
2009.9.239 Intact
2009.9.240 Intact
2009.9.241 Intact
2009.9.242 Intact
2009.9.243 Intact
2009.9.244 Intact
2009.9.245 Intact
2009.9.246 Intact
2009.9.247 Intact
2009.9.248 Intact
2009.9.249 Intact
2009.9.25 Intact
2009.9.250 Intact
2009.9.251 Intact
2009.9.252 Intact
2009.9.253 Intact
2009.9.254 Intact
2009.9.255 Intact
2009.9.256 Intact
2009.9.257 Intact
2009.9.258 Intact
2009.9.259 Intact
2009.9.26 Intact
2009.9.260 Intact
2009.9.261 Intact
2009.9.262 Intact
2009.9.263 Intact
2009.9.264 Intact
2009.9.265 Intact
2009.9.266 Intact
2009.9.267 Intact
2009.9.268 Intact
2009.9.269 Intact
2009.9.27 Intact
2009.9.270 Intact
2009.9.271 Intact
2009.9.272 Intact
2009.9.273 Intact
2009.9.274 Intact
2009.9.275 Intact
2009.9.276 Intact
2009.9.277 Intact
2009.9.278 Intact
2009.9.279 Intact
2009.9.28 Intact
2009.9.280 Intact
2009.9.281 Intact
2009.9.282 Intact
2009.9.283 Intact
2009.9.284 Intact
2009.9.285 Intact
2009.9.286 Intact
2009.9.287 Intact
2009.9.288 Intact
2009.9.289 Intact
2009.9.29 Intact
2009.9.290 Intact
2009.9.291 Intact
2009.9.292 Intact
2009.9.293 Intact
2009.9.3 Intact
2009.9.30 Intact
2009.9.31 Intact
2009.9.32 Intact
2009.9.33 Intact
2009.9.34 Intact
2009.9.35 Intact
2009.9.36 Intact
2009.9.37 Intact
2009.9.38 Intact
2009.9.39 Intact
2009.9.4 Intact
2009.9.40 Intact
2009.9.41 Intact
2009.9.42 Intact
2009.9.43 Intact
2009.9.45 Intact
2009.9.46 Intact
2009.9.47 Intact
2009.9.48 Intact
2009.9.49 Intact
2009.9.5 Intact
2009.9.50 Intact
2009.9.51 Intact
2009.9.52 Intact
2009.9.53 Intact
2009.9.54 Intact
2009.9.55 Intact
2009.9.56 Intact.
2009.9.57 Intact
2009.9.58 Intact
2009.9.59 Intact
2009.9.6 Intact
2009.9.61 Intact
2009.9.62 Intact
2009.9.63 Intact
2009.9.64 Intact
2009.9.65 Intact
2009.9.66 Intact
2009.9.67 Intact
2009.9.68 Intact
2009.9.69 Intact
2009.9.7 Intact
2009.9.71 Intact
2009.9.72 Intact
2009.9.73 Intact
2009.9.74 Intact
2009.9.75 Intact
2009.9.76 Intact
2009.9.77 Intact
2009.9.78 Intact
2009.9.79 Intact
2009.9.8 Intact
2009.9.80 Intact
2009.9.81 Intact
2009.9.82 Intact
2009.9.83 Intact
2009.9.84 Intact
2009.9.85 Intact
2009.9.86 Intact
2009.9.87 Intact
2009.9.88 Intact
2009.9.89 Intact
2009.9.90 Intact
2009.9.91 Intact
2009.9.92 Intact
2009.9.93 Intact
2009.9.94 Intact
2009.9.95 Intact
2009.9.96 Intact
2009.9.97 Intact
2009.9.98 Intact
2009.9.99 Intact
2016.1.1 Complete and intact
2016.3.2 Complete and intact. Some white chips on bottom and sides of the lamp. Whitish-grey deposits on the whole object, especially on interior. 2016.99.0250.jpg
22.11.1 Intact. Chalky white deposits. Colour remains good. Very minimal surface damage. 2001.99.0013.jpg
22.3.42 Intact and complete. Glaze worn and lost in places, particulaly around the back of the body and the handle. Grey deposit on the interior and the left hand side of the body and nozzle. 2004.95.0093.jpg
22.3.43 Intact. Paint worn on mouth. Chips on base. Scratch on shoulder under handle. 2003.97.0370.jpg
22.3.5A-B Intact. Three small chips on the body of the lid. Also there are patches of wear particulary on the lid and also there are scratch marks on the lid marking the decorative patterns and inside the pot. Paint has worn off of handle and areas of lid. 2003.97.0895.jpg
22.9.1 Intact. Indentation at top has yellowish deposit in it, rim uneven. Front reveals scratches and small chips at ends of arms. Back has small patches of white deposit, across shoulders, neck and near base. Base is smooth but covered in white deposit. 2004.08.0002.jpg
22.9.3 Black faded and covered in white deposit. Complete but not intact, body made of six fragments joined together. 4cm crack along rim as well as smaller chips. Also chips on base and handles. 2003.29.0001.jpg
22.9.7 Intact. Flaking Gloss on mouth, shoulder, body. Black paint nisfired reddish-brownish. Chips around the mouth and the ring of the foot. White deposits on the junction of the body and the foot at one side. 2003.97.0099.jpg
22.9.8 Intact. In good condition, surface shows little sign of wear except tiny cracks in gloss, and a scratch on the horses back, near hind. Small areas of white deposit on back right horses leg/tail, neck and front right leg and top of riders head. 2007.02.0012.jpg
25.6.1 Chips on underside of mouth and paint erosion on the top. Intact. Some erosion of paint on body. 2003.98.0205.jpg
25.6.2 Intact except for the edge of the rim which is missing on one side. The inside show small areas of general wear, as well as a small patch of what looks like yellow varnish near the broken rim. There is also some white deposit in the reserved disk in the centre, and on one of the handles. The black glaze on the handles has been rubbed away in patches, as has the decoration on the main zone. There is more white deposit on the main zone, some of which runs in circles, showing the gradient of the material. There are cracks on the glaze around the top of the foot, below which are some denser patches of white deposit. This deposit is also evident on the base of the foot and inside it. 2003.16.0094.jpg
25.6.3 Intact. Streaky glaze. Paint cracking from handle. White deposits under handle and base. 2011.98.0106.jpg
25.8.4 Difficult to see main design due to erosion of paint but intact despite small chip in body. 2003.03.0093.jpg
25.8.7 Complete but not intact. Can see the join on the inside of the figurine. Lots of flaking on the surface of the figurine, and evidence of white deposit around the face and feet, as well as down the side of the left leg. 2002.97.0399.jpg
26.12.1 Intact. Partial erosion of paint but pattern remains clear. 2003.97.0152.jpg
26.12.16 Intact, paint faded slightly on exterior, small surface chips on exterior. 2007.03.1181.jpg
26.12.23 Intact. Band around rim covered in scratches and small areas of wear. Daub in centre also scratched, very centre is chipped, with a small crack in the middle and small areas of white deposit. Scratches also evident on the outside, some blobs also slightly chipped. Bottom of base uneven, with a small crack running across the middle. 2003.19.0096.jpg
26.12.25 Intact. Design on top surface remains clear. Paint on spout, handle and base is worn. 2003.35.0097.jpg
26.12.30 Intact. Flakes of glaze are missing all over the surface, both inside and out, especially around the edge of the handles and the rim. A white deposit is clear not only on the inside of the Kantharos, but also in large quantities on the outside, including the base of the foot. 2002.97.0296.jpg
26.12.31 Complete and intact, glaze thinnly applied in areas. White deposits close to handles and bottom of vase, also inside. 2002.97.0660.jpg
26.12.32 Complete and intact. Small chip on footring. Glaze slightly worn on rim and interior. 2002.97.0601.jpg
26.12.33 Intact. Surface worn in patches throughout, especially at the bottom of the bowl. Yellowish-grey adhesions on the underside. 2008.10.0003.jpg
26.12.34 Complete and intact. One fragment on lip rejoined. Other small chips around lip and one chip on resting surface. Black glaze faded and worn away in most areas to a dull grey. 2003.35.0093.jpg
26.12.5 Intact. Paint worn on mouth and shoulder. 2003.97.0353.jpg
26.12.6 Intact. Much of the paint has eroded leaving traces of the pattern. Small chip to rim. 2003.03.0086.jpg
26.12.9 Complete and intact. Very small chip on base. Black has faded to reddish brown colour. Paint and gloss worn of on some areas of the body. 2002.97.0585.jpg
26.4.5 Intact. The stem of the knob has greyish deposit on it, a soft white version of which, can be found around the rim of the lid. The rim of the lid shows several chips. The underneath if the lid is covered in white and grey deposit. 2002.97.0340.jpg
26.5.2 Almost intact but for a chip out of base. Deposits inside the kothon. Paint worn but colour does remain. 2003.06.0099.jpg
26.7.1 Intact. Small crack forming at one handle. Streaky paint on bottom of body, showing red through black/brown. Paint is wearing from outside of body on one side particularly. Dusty white deposits on exterior surface as well as uneven lumps in the walls. 2003.08.0007.jpg
26.7.11 Intact. Beneath the handle, the top of the bell is not smooth, it appears to have been a hole, which has been stoppered with a ball of clay that remains connected and does not move. The lower black band on the main zone has been completely rubbed away on one side, revealing a darker brown clay. The entire surface shows small scratches, and some whitish deposit is evident, especially around the handle. The inside surface is rough, due to a lot of brown/grey deposit. 2002.97.0314.jpg
26.7.13 Intact and complete; rusted. 2002.97.0563.jpg
26.7.15 Intact. All over shows small areas of wear, on the main zone there are small chips around the base of the handles. Above the stem, on the top of the foot, and inside the handles, there is a small amount of white deposit, including one large patch (which looks like it could have been used to fix a hole). 2003.29.0099.jpg
26.7.4 Intact. Chip to body. Design remains clear and the colours have not eroded. 2004.95.0069.jpg
26.7.5 Half mouth missing and large chips to underside of the mouth. Good condition paint. Intact. 2005.05.0043.jpg
26.7.8 Complete and intact. Small chip on spout mouth, and slight dent to one side. Wash worn in places, small amount of deposit. 2002.97.0553.jpg
26.8.2 Half the mouth is missing as is a fraction of the handle. Paint is worn but some colour patches of red remain. Intact. 2002.97.0057.JPG
27.10.1 Restored false neck and rejoined spout (with added clay around the join to the body), but otherwise intact. Black bands faded in places. Minor chips and scratches on the body and shoulder. The side with the spout has a crazed look (?). 2004.95.0051.jpg
27.3.1 Intact. Small chips to rim. Paint worn near top on outer surface. 2003.97.0212.jpg
27.3.4 Intact. Two large chips on body and one on handle. 2003.57.0091.jpg
27.3.6 Intact. Erosion of paint but pattern remains. 2003.97.0147.jpg
27.3.8 Intact but with deep chips in body. Top half of object very badly worn, and decoration faded. 2003.03.0004.jpg
27.4.13 Complete and intact. Slight chip on lip, colour of decoration faded from black to red. 2003.15.0099.jpg
27.4.14 Complete and intact, small chip on side of lip and decoration faded. 2003.15.0098.jpg
27.4.3 Intact and complete; chips and pink deposits on the rim; pitted surface. On the outer surface, some of the glaze is very faded, especially on the base. 2003.14.0095.jpg
27.4.5 Intact. The rim, inside of the bowl and handles, all show evidence of wear, and there are considerable patches where all of the glaze has been removed. There are also small chips to be found on the handles, and on the inside of the rim. Where the glaze has been rubbed away, it has revealed a grey colour. There is also a thin crack running from the edge of the rim, to half way down the first black band. The well in the centre of the bowl is also slightly worn, to reveal a whitish grey colour, as well as a small crack running across the side. On the underside of the bowl, there is more evidence of general wear, including a chip just under the rim next to one of the handles. The bottom rim of the foot also reveals small chips, as well as a crack running across the middle. 2003.19.0007.jpg
27.4.6 Intact. Some of the glaze appears faded through use, with patches of wear around the top of the rim. Red/orange disk in the centre has big patches of wear in it that has rubbed away the colour. The handles contain small chips and one has a patch of brown deposit. The outside shows one or two small holes and small chips. The base shows small areas of grey deposit and small flakes have been knocked away through use. 2003.14.0094.jpg
28.6.1 Intact. Crack around the base of the neck. Small chips of paint from lip and mouth and handle. Main design is clear and the glaze remains. 2011.98.0057.jpg
28.6.2 Intact. The paint on the mouth and base of the neck is chipped. The glaze remains shiny. 2003.25.0006.jpg
28.6.4 Intact. Black glaze has retained its silvery lustre on the exterior but not interior walls. Paint on handles is worn. 2003.97.0655.jpg
28.6.5 Complete and intact. Black glaze worn in most places, most notably on the top. 2003.36.0006.jpg
29.11.12 Intact. Copious amounts of grey deposit on back, and white deposit on underside. 2002.97.0749.jpg
29.11.2 Intact. Paint slightly worn in places but overall in very good condition. Bad quality of gloss fired brownish. Gloss applied thinly on the exterior of the mouth and the handle. 2003.97.0743.jpg
29.11.7 Intact. There is one chip on the edge of the rim, as well as a bit of wear. There is evidence of greyish/white deposit most noticeably around the rim and below one of the handles. Main zone in fairly good condition, with the usual evidence of wear and small scratches all over the surface. A large area of the the firing is red instead of black. There is a small whole in the stem of the foot, and some whitish/grey deposit around the edge of the foot and inside the base. 2002.97.0200.jpg
29.11.8 Intact and complete, with only slight chips to the rim. The surface is dulled, with glaze half worn off and brown deposits on the base and next to the handle attachments. 2008.99.0397.jpg
29.5.1 Intact. Large flake from surface taken from towards base. Colours remain strong. Black paint at bottom of body has suffered the worst. 2004.95.0044.jpg
29.5.3 Intact. Some wearing of paint on the body of the swan. Small chip on body where an inclusion in the clay is showing through. 2003.57.0088.jpg
29.5.4 Intact. Black faded to red. Chip to side of body taking off top layer of paint. Deposits below handle on body. 2003.03.0089.jpg
29.5.5 Complete but not intact it has been pieced back together. On the inside, there are small scratches on the surface and patches where the glaze has faded to red or even its reserved colour. The glaze has also faded on the handles, and the edge of the rim is chipped. There is evidence of a greyish/white deposit on the inside of the rim. On the outside, the decoration is much more worn and faded, and the surface has small chips and flakes. The resting surface of the foot is chipped and in the centre of the foot has been scratched the letters T and I. 2003.19.0005.jpg
30.11.1 Complete but not intact. The top of the mouth has some small chips in it and a small crack inside the mouth. The rim is worn, leaving only a little cross-hatching still evident. At the top and bottom of the handle, is revealed where it has been stuck back together again. There is white deposit on the handle. The surface of the body shows little scratches and wear on the glaze. On the base is a small patch of greyish deposit. 2016.99.0214.jpg
30.11.2 Intact. Some deposits under handles 2002.97.0084.JPG
30.11.4 Complete but repaired. The paint has become very faded on the exterior more than the interior surface. The handles are intact, but the paint is lost. Material is very soft and fine. 2005.89.0026.jpg
31.6.1 Intact. Crack appearing inside and an area exists where the paint has cracked. Small chips to exterior paintwork. 2003.97.0857.jpg
33.4.1 Complete, but not intact. One handle and part of rim restored. Stuck back together from six/seven pieces. Decoration around rim and handles is worn in patches, with small chips in the surface. Small gaps where the pieces have been rejoined. A few scratches are evident in surface of main zone. Top of stem is rough to touch. Resting edge of foot has chips in it, inside the foot has some sandy deposit and a crack across the centre. Inside the body, the gloss looks silvery, with small scratches on it. 2003.58.0011.jpg
33.4.2 Complete but not intact. Rim of foot made up with plaster. Decoration worn in places, small holes and scratches all over surface. Lower bands on foot half missing because of restoration with modern materials, as is one handle. 2003.58.0012.jpg
34.10.1 Intact. Small chips on mouth. Paint on shields partly worn away. 2003.04.0002.jpg
34.10.10 Intact. White, gritty deposits inside the object. Lustre has worn away on mouth and top half of body. Small chips out of rim. Small scratches on base. 2003.97.0476.jpg
34.10.11 Spout, handle, lid and body intact. Slight wearing of gloss around base and spout. 2003.35.0083.jpg
34.10.13 Intact. Small chips on rim and foot. Design remains clear. Small chips to paint around mouth. Body beneath handle is red in places, with small amount of white deposit. 2003.97.0474.jpg
34.10.15 Intact. The surface of the rattle is very rough, scratched, with peeling slip and dark grayish-white adhesions. There are three large cracks at the top of the ovoid part. 2004.95.0115.jpg
34.10.18 Complete and intact. The surface is uneven all over, and the red glaze has been rubbed away in areas of prominance; for example, knees, stomach, chest and features of the face. There are indentations and air bubbles around the chest area, and on the back of the figurine. Here, there are also lots of scratches on the surface. 2002.97.0441.jpg
34.10.19 Complete and intact. The surface of the woman is incredibly smooth, the features of the face nearly worn away. There is a large scratch on the woman's right shoulder. As well as patches of white slip that is still evident, there is a smoky covering to the head, chest and knees. The base is very uneven. 2002.97.0438.jpg
34.10.2 Wheel pattern is worn badly as has lower part of cinquefoil. Intact. Small chips to underside of mouth rim. 2003.04.0001.jpg
34.10.20 Intact and complete. The figure is almost entirely covered by a grey deposit, which makes the surface feel rough. Small detail still remains, on the face, the nose, mouth and one eye. The right foot is also detailed. 2002.97.0434.jpg
34.10.24 Complete but not intact. Top of left arm has broken off and been glued back on. Blue of cloak still faintly visible, but a lot of brown deposit is evident all over the figurine. The top of the head is covered with an even darker deposit, that also encases right shoulder and arm. The swan is also entirely covered by it. Inside the back of the figurine is a whitish deposit, and the surface is very rough, with scratches and air bubbles in it. 2004.95.0122.jpg
34.10.25 Complete but not intact. The figure has been broken in two and pieced back together. Other than that, the only thing wrong is the patches of brown/grey deposit on the head and shoulders, on the back, down some of the folds in the robe, on the vase and at the base, around the feet. 2002.97.0429.jpg
34.10.26 Intact but not complete. Detail of the hair remains very clear, but the features on the face are less so. The eyes have been worn almost completely away, and the nose has a chip in one side. At the top of the forhead, just where the hair begins, is a hole. The top and back are uneven and show small holes on the surface. There is a small amount of dirty deposit at the base of the neck, and inside the hollow of the head. 2002.97.0426.jpg
34.10.4 Intact. Chip above one handle on outside rim. Deposits on external surface. 2003.98.0190.jpg
34.10.5 Intact. Badly fired. Some small chips to interior surface. 2003.02.0069.jpg
34.10.6 Intact. Poorly fired. Paint has since flaked off. Some deposits at base inside. 2003.02.0010.jpg
34.10.7 Complete and intact, but surface worn and dulled, with some scratches and losses to glaze. Underside shows a deep groove (probably misfiring), with white deposits; brown patches on underside. 2008.98.0461.jpg
34.10.8 Intact and complete except for two chips to the rim, one on either side. The surface is dulled by a yellowish-brown deposit. The glaze has also worn away in patches. 2008.98.0478.jpg
34.10.9 In good condition, complete ands intact. Large chip of 2.5cm on lip as well as a few smaller ones. One large chip on base. Scratches, faded colour and some white deposits on body. 2002.97.0663.jpg
34.2.1 Intact. There are four noticeable chips in the rim, as well as evidence of wear over the black surface. All over the Kylix are patches of wear and small scratches. The reserved disk in the centre has a lot of grey deposit on it, as does the inside of the rim. This deposit is also evident around the handles, and in small patches along the main zone. At the top of the stem, leading to the base, are lots of cracks and some flaking. There is a chip in the side of the foot, and the well in the base of the foot contains a lot of grey/white deposit. 2003.16.0010.jpg
34.2.3 Intact 2002.97.0010.JPG
34.8.10 Complete and intact. Surface worn to show grey clay underneath. 2002.97.0538.jpg
34.8.11 Intact, tip of nozzle and area of base chipped. Smaller chips all over the lamp. Glaze wearing, white deposit in places. 2005.01.0128.jpg
34.8.14 Intact and complete. Much of the glaze remains but in areas where it has rubbed of the green pigment is also missing. The painted detail remains in good condition, the face detail however was not painted and has greatly worn away. It would also seem that the left arm has worn down since the pigment is missing and the arm seems stunted cvompared to its companion. There are several obvious cracks around the feet. 2007.99.0032.jpg
34.8.15A Intact and complete, some dark marks over the surface. White deposits and one large scratch on underside. 2002.98.0159.jpg
34.8.4 Intact. On back, below handle, the cream ground surface has cracked away almost entirely leaving the surface rough. Part of black main design has been worn but enough remains to distinguish pattern. Deposits inside mouth. 2003.12.0077.jpg
35.4.3 Intact. The rim of the pot shows two chips on the inside and three on the outside. As well as this, there is a grey deposit, which is evident in small areas all over the piece. The glaze on the inside is worn and there are small scratches all over. The outside also shows signs of wear, with small scratches all over the glaze. At the base of the foot, there is more deposit, but this is a white/cream clolour. 2003.17.0098.jpg
35.4.5 Intact 2001.99.0031.jpg
37.11.1 Intact and shape undamaged. Colouring is worn away but the pattern of scales still remains clear. Most worn is the handle and the top of the mouth. 2003.03.0010.jpg
37.11.2 Intact. Bands on mouth and body particularly worn. 2003.04.0093.jpg
37.11.3 Chips to mouth. Some erosion of paint on the quatrefoil design. Intact. 2003.97.0048.jpg
37.11.4 Intact. Paint worn on handles. White deposits on outside. 2003.97.0666.jpg
37.11.5 Handle has been repaired; rim chipped; Gloss flaked off at places on the body, handles and the resting surface; small crack in centre of underside. Intact but assembled from 2 pieces. One handle, part of rim and body assembled. 2003.97.0555.jpg
37.11.6 Intact; slight chips on rim and footring; much of the glaze flaked off, especially on the exterior; large amounts of white deposit on interior, handles, and exterior. At alrge parts glaze is not lustrous. On one of the handles, glaze is fired light brown. 2008.10.0005.jpg
37.7.2 Intact but base of handle coming away slightly from the shoulder. Good condition design of siren and clearly incised lines. Some areas of red on handle ande below, possibly where darker paint has worn away. Some chips to underside of the mouth. 2003.05.0002.jpg
37.7.3 Intact. Some glaze flaked off of handles. White deposits are wide spread over exterior surface. 2003.31.0007.jpg
37.7.4 Intact. Small chips to rim and interior. Paint worn. Traces of white deposits in base. 2003.31.0009.jpg
38.4.1 Intact; lopsided; worn decoration around handles; white faded. 2003.29.0002.jpg
38.4.2 Complete, intact (?) possible signs of repair on the body. A chip on the true neck on the side facing the false neck. A crack on the false neck. Numerous small chips on the shoulder and body. Two chips on the base.
38.4.3 Complete, appears intact. Paint extremely faded. Inside of mouth has over three small chips. There is one noticeable chip on the outside of the lip. The paint on the neck appears to have been worn away, because a pinkish clay is showing which does not appear to be a fading of the black decoration. There are at least two hairline cracks on the shoulder, with some of the clay worn away. The handles are in good condition with no noticeable chips, whereas the body has several chips and cracks. The base has a few small chips but is in very good condition. 2003.01.0004.jpg
38.4.8 Intact and complete except for chips on the top of the foot. Decoration is worn and chipped. 2013.99.0017.jpg
39.8.3 Intact, few shallow surface chips on both sides. 2003.21.0009.jpg
39.9.5 Clear red paint remains. Intact. Wearing of paint on body. Small chips in side of body. 2003.97.0108.jpg
43.11.2 Intact but worn and missing a large chip from the rim.
44.1.1 Intact (tiny bits have chipped off from the rim). There is large loss of paint on the whole of the vessel (parts of the top surface, as well as the greater part of the lion design is lost, as paint has worn away). 2003.06.0006.jpg
44.4.1 Intact. Paint is in good condition and some lustre remains. Chips to base. 2003.26.0003.jpg
44.6.1 Handle missing. Intact and clear pattern remains. 2003.35.0091.jpg
44.6.2 Intact. Black glaze slightly worn. Crack on underside of rim. 2002.97.0497.jpg
45.10.7A-B Comprised of many rejoined piecesby (ca. 10 for the body and 25 for the lid), with some patches reconstructed. One of the legs and large areas of the base, body and lid are restored and repainted. The surface decoration on original pieces is largely intact, with faded white details, and some dark deposits. Decoration worn on the lower flange and the rim of the body, as well as the lower edge of the lid. 2003.94.0098.jpg
45.6.10 Intact but missing a small chip on the rim and a large chip from the foot. One further very small chip on the rim. Surfaces are slightly pitted with red showing through black surfaces. 2003.45.0061.jpg
45.6.13 Intact, but badly worn on the surface so that the design is crude and lacking detail. Black paint at neck, mouth and towards base has almost completely worn away. 'Chunks' of clay missing in three or four places on body. 2003.97.0643.jpg
45.6.2 Intact and no significant chips to rim, handles, base or body. 2003.97.0209.jpg
45.6.24 Complete and intact, interior covered with grey deposit. One scratch on outside surface, close to knob. 2006.20.0044.jpg
45.6.26 Complete and intact, except for a large chip 2.8cm out of base. Interior worn in the centre, scratches around interior and exterior, edge of rim worn. Body patches of white deposit. Gloss of quite good quality that has however lost its brightness. 2008.10.0007.jpg
45.6.31 Intact. Deposits inside and some scratches to paintwork. 2003.98.0048.jpg
45.6.33 Intact. Deposits on mouth and body. Paint worn on mouth. 2003.98.0028.jpg
45.6.35 Complete and intact. Black glaze only on neck lip and handle, completely worn away on the rest of the vessel. Chipped around rim. 2006.20.0027.jpg
45.6.36 Complete and intact, one chip in lip and one chip in base. 2006.20.0030.jpg
45.6.37 Intact, but chipped on the upper surface of the neck, with scratches and some white and grey deposits.Bad quality glaze fired brown on almost all the surface of the vase. 2010.98.0159.jpg
45.6.38 Intact, but missing two chips from rim. There are some deposits on the lower part of the rim. 2003.31.0011.jpg
45.6.39 Complete and intact, speckled black. 2006.20.0165.jpg
45.6.4 Intact. Deposits all over making surface very gritty. Some wearing of black bands. 2003.35.0088.jpg
45.6.40 Complete and intact, variations in colour with black glaze wearing thin in most areas; white deposits on rim and interior. 2006.20.0043.jpg
45.6.41 Complete and intact. Surface covered with deposits of dirt and surface scratched. 2006.20.0166.jpg
45.6.45 Complete and intact. Poorly fired, chiped on rim of mouth and glaze worn throughout. 2006.20.0022.jpg
45.6.48 Complete and intact, base reveals that it was roughly made. Deposits of dirt on the surface. 2006.20.0037.jpg
45.6.49 Complete and intact, grey deposit in places. 2006.20.0038.jpg
45.6.5 Intact but clay has flaked on one side of body where there are also white and grey deposits. Paint has worn badly on handle and sides. 2003.35.0089.jpg
45.6.53 Complete and intact, deposits of dirt on surface. 2006.20.0005.jpg
45.6.56 Intact. Paint worn but traces remain. Deposits just inside rim. 2003.98.0076.jpg
45.6.57 Complete and intact. Black glaze worn away apart from on neck. 2006.20.0040.jpg
45.6.61 Complete and intact. Surface scratched, chipped and covered in grey deposit. 2006.20.0024.jpg
45.6.64 Complete and intact. Large muddy deposits cover the surface. 2006.20.0041.jpg
45.6.66 Intact, one side of the top of the central tube has chipped away, numerous small chips to the outer body. The black glaze is worn in places. There is a white deposit over areas of the exterior, the interior has a deposit too, wick hole is almost completely blocked with deposit. 2005.01.0072.jpg
45.6.67 Intact. Chipped at mouth of nozzle, small chips and areas of glaze missing are now showing white. 2005.01.0300.jpg
45.6.68 Intact, chip off the body opposite to the spout; Handle missing ? Nozzle slightly blackened suggesting use. Wash worn in certain areas, white deposit on the surface and inside the lamp. 2005.01.0074.jpg
45.6.70 Intact, small amount of chipping on the base. Blackening around the tip of the nozzle sugggesting use.Large amount of grey deposit on the front end of the body and nozzle. Small amount of wick hole cut in still apparent. A piece of grain? in the wick hole. 2005.01.0007.jpg
45.6.71 Intact, very small hole bottom left hand side and a few small chips. Large amount of white deposit all over the lamp. 2005.01.0010.jpg
45.8.2 Intact. Deposits inside. Small chip to the rim and one to the foot. 2011.98.0080.jpg
46.9.1 Intact. Gloss has lustre and white design is undamaged. Small chips on body and top of the rim. Black gloss flaked off handle. 2003.92.0149.jpg
47.10.1 Faded paint on mouth rim. Incision lines remain clear. Intact. Crack in base of handle. 2003.98.0206.jpg
47.10.3A-B Lid intact and complete except for a large chip missing from the rim. Lekanis comprised of three or more rejoined pieces, rejoined with some plaster restorations, preserving one handle, most of the foot, and approximately 2/3 of the body of the bowl. The surface on both parts is somewhat worn, with whitish-gray patches, chips and scratches, and some black glaze eroded. 2010.98.0012.jpg
47.12.15 Intact and complete. The inside surface is worn.
47.2.13 Intact. Gloss chipped away, scratches near base and interior, chips on lower exterior. 2007.03.1159.jpg
47.2.14 Intact. One handle missing, other handle in three pieces and glued back together. One one side three pieces joined together. Small chips around rim and scratches to the surface. Terracotta itself very fine. 2010.98.0207.jpg
47.2.21 Intact; string not original, and therefore striking ball may not be original. Surface worn, with medium-brown deposits. 2005.02.0295.jpg
47.2.23 Intact. White deposit on rim, paint worn in places. Design still very clear. 2010.99.0035.jpg
47.2.28 Intact, but large part of body broken off, also part of right side of the head. Concretion build up below chin and neck. Large deposits along left hand side. 2008.99.0007.jpg
47.2.30 Intact, but bottom of body broken off. 2010.99.0188.jpg
47.2.31 Intact, although left arm missing and a section from base. Facial features well preserved. 2008.99.0146.jpg
47.2.32 Intact, but chips and some ware on the surface and to paint. 2008.03.0015.jpg
47.2.33 Intact, but bottom of nose missing and right ear more worn than left. Some chipping on the lower body. Some concretion to back around arms and tambourine. 2007.99.0126.jpg
47.2.34 Similar in shape and attitude to 47.2.32 and 47.2.33. Intact, although in the worst condition of this group. Nose chipped, right hand ear worn. Concretion on face, back and right hand side. 2005.81.0025.jpg
47.2.6 Intact and mended from 6 fragments. Small part of the ring of the base is broken off. Small chips on rim. Glaze worn off at a spot on the interior. Gloss is not lustrous especially on the interior and the lower part of the body of the exterior. Deposits on the underside of the foot. 2001.99.0123.jpg
47.6.2A-B About two thirds of the top rim of the lid are missing, while one third of its side surface has been reconstructed. The rest of the lid has been repaired through the joining of three fragments; the figural scene has faded. The body is almost intact, only a small bit has been chipped off from the rim, three tiny bits have been pitted off and a small part of it has been reconstructed. The rim of the base also has some pitted off parts. 2005.88.0043.jpg
47.6.3 Complete and intact. Small chip on base. Surface scratched slightly and worn. 2002.97.0647.jpg
47.7.2 Almost intact apart from a chip to the mouth; slightly chips on the surface, and worn on the top of the handle and the mouth. Animals remain clear and the gloss is shiny apart from around base which is a little streaky. 2003.24.0002.jpg
47.7.3 One handle missing. Heavy deposits inside holding jug which appears to be intact. Paint in good condition. 2003.26.0008.jpg
48.11.8 Complete and intact. Chip in rim and centre of body. Black gloss worn in places. 2003.92.0398.jpg
48.12.1 Intact but gloss very badly worn inside and out. Air bubble type holes, perhaps from firing. 2003.92.0249.jpg
48.12.12 Intact. Paint badly worn on mouth and handle. Small chips from body towards foot. 2008.99.0531.jpg
48.12.13 Intact. Rim has small chips, the body has chips of varying sizes and also small holes which do not appear to go all the way through the fabric. There is a piece of debris in one of the handles. Colour is fading in some places, maybe due to firing process. 2008.99.0242.jpg
48.12.3 Intact but missing several large chips from the rim, one from the handle joint, from the foot. Interior pitted so red fabric shows through. White deposits on the interior in the area under one handle. 2002.97.0519.jpg
48.12.5 Intact. Much of paint flaked off. Small chip to lip. 2003.92.0265.jpg
48.12.9 Intact. Good condition despite a small chip on the underside of the lip and some scratches on the surface. 2008.99.0514.jpg
48.2.1 Intact. The inside is covered in sandy/white deposit, which can also be found in the inside of the handles. The rim shows wear on the glaze and slight flaking. The main zones have small scratches on them, including deep scratches on three of the swans (could be intentional?). There is more deposit around the top of the foot and on the base of it. 2003.16.0003.jpg
48.5.1 Intact. Pattern inside remains clear but some of the main pictures have faded badly (especially C). No significant damage to rims or handles. 2010.98.0115.jpg
48.5.3 Intact but surface worn in places.
49.1.1 Intact. Small chips to the foot. Paint flaking on shoulder, body, handles, interior, ringfoot and underside. Chips on the surface of the body and shoulder. Black paint at parts fireed brownish. 2003.92.0300.jpg
49.1.2 Intact, with only slight chips on the base. The design remains very clear and the glaze is shiny and complete. Only the white paint has suffered a little. There are deposits inside the rim. 2004.13.0014.jpg
49.10.2 Intact, small chip out of the back of the rim. White deposit all over with areas of blackening around the nozzle and around the rim. 2005.01.0015.jpg
49.12.1 Intact and complete. The surface is marred with scratches, gray deposits, especially in the bowl, under the handle, and on the foot; and slight chips, especially to the foot. 2008.98.0387.jpg
49.8.1 Intact but very small chips along the rim and body of mug. Small areas of paint chipped and deposit areas can also be found on the body as well as the base of the rim. Gloss is not lustrous. At parts on the body, gloss fired brown. 2008.98.0423.jpg
49.8.10 Intact, surface pitted with one chipped piece on the base rejoined. A few chips on the body surface itself and the ring of the foot. White deposit on interior just below rim, underneath top of handle, and especially underside. 2003.93.0309.jpg
49.8.11 Intact. Small chip on rim and on the body. At parts the black paint is fired reddish. Paint faded on the top of the rim, underside of the base and on some rosettes and on one of the lions. 2003.97.0012.jpg
49.8.2 Almost intact (only one bit has been pitched off). The gloss has lost its lustre but yellow and white remain clear. Small dark deposits on underside. 2003.94.0065.jpg
49.8.3 Intact and very well preserved. Paint remains clear and there are very few chips in the rim. 2003.92.0349.jpg
49.8.4 Intact except for one chip on body and some small around the ring foot. Paint worn on mouth and especially handle and parts of the body. Most of decoration survives and body pattern is clear. 2008.99.0365.jpg
49.8.6 Intact. Slight chip on rim. Deposits on underside of handle. 2008.99.0401.jpg
49.8.8 Intact. Small chip on the neck. Gloss is shiny and picture remains clear. On the back side of the body, gloss is faded. Paint worn on handle and under mouth rim. White paint has faded. white deposits on the top of the foot. Colour remains clear. 2003.97.0621.jpg
49.8.9 Intact, except for tiny chips on the rim and three small gouges on the lower body. The vessel's condition is very good, as the paint is not worn and the glaze remains. There is a dent in the body but this was made during production. Only slight wearing of the purple dots but not so as they become indistinguishable.
50.10.3 Intact. Preserved in a very good condition. large chip on one of the handles. Glaze flaked at small parts on the rim, on the interior, arund the foot ring. White depositions in the interior of the footring. 2003.97.0808.jpg
50.10.5 Intact. White deposits on base and underside of body, rim. Some paint chipped from rim, handles, interior of the body. On the exterior, gloss remains lustrous at parts, but on the interior is worn.
50.10.6 Intact. Large piece rejoined from side A, but doesn't obscure decoration. Some pitting and chipping all over body. Small chip in rim by one of the handles. 2004.07.0006.jpg
50.3.2 Intact. White deposits on stem and around ridges. 2003.97.0304.jpg
50.4.17 Intact and lustre remains. Deposits on base. A few scratches on sides. 2010.98.0045.jpg
50.4.18 Intact except for a small chip on the mouth, and a few on the footring. Glaze on rim worn. Not lustrous. white depositions on the junction of the foot and the body. 2010.98.0291.jpg
50.4.2 Complete and intact. White and yellow deposits on inside and outside of glass, glass worn. 2002.97.0551.jpg
50.4.20 Complete and intact, afew chips in the glaze, hairline scratch around the back of the lower body. 2005.02.0003.jpg
50.4.23 Intact, slight anomaly on the left hand side of the nozzle, ware all over the lamp with considerable amounts of wash missing. Outer ring around the discus is misshapen in one place, probably happened in manufacture. Protruding form on the discus has been broken off. Grey deposit in places, blackening at the end of the nozzle, probably from use. 2005.01.0017.jpg
50.4.3 Intact. Gloss worn. Rim, body and underside have white soil deposits. Small hole on the outside of the body. Rim of base chipped. Inside of bowl has brown soil deposits and gloss eroded. 2003.92.0312.jpg
50.4.5 Intact. Pattern badly worn away. Chip to rim at front and a few to base. Part of the decoration fired brownish. White deposits covering the entire underside of the foot. Gloss worn at aprts on the neck. Small chips and scratches on the body. 2008.99.0569.jpg
50.5.1 Badly fired leaving traces of red, especialy around lower body. Intact despite dents and scratches to body and handle. Only traces of the white design remain. Major grey/white deposit build up on base and interior. Gloss is quite lustrous. 2006.20.0092.jpg
50.5.3 Mouth and upper part of neck modern and intact handle. Most of the black has faded to a light brown color. The neck and mouth has been rebuilt by modern material. The surface appears in fairly good condition, except for some deep scratches around the neck. Left swan scratched face, right swan intact face. There are other small scratches on the surface and bit of flaking and chipping, especially around the edge of the foot. 2007.01.0012.jpg
50.5.6 Intact. Paint appears extremely dull and matt despite being badly worn. Flaked off from most part of the decoration. Peach colour on small areas inside and corresponding exterior surface. A number of chips on the lower part of the base. The larger allows the clay inclusions (white stones) to show through. 2003.92.0190.jpg
51.1.1 Intact. Surface dulled by greyish-white deposits, especially thick at bottom of bowl on interior, small scratches and patches of wear all over. 2002.97.0233.jpg
51.1.4 Intact and complete. Surface slightly scratched, especially around rim and on the siren's left wing, with some yellowish-white deposits above the siren. Small scratches over surface, especially around the rim, with adhesive on the underside. 2004.02.0009.jpg
51.4.10 Intact. Colours and design remains clear. Glaze remains shiny. Very good condition. Small chips on the lower part of the body and the rim. Glaze thinly applied on the eyes on side B and clay can be seen underneath. 2010.98.0125.jpg
51.4.8 Complete. The body mended from a number of joining fragments. Glaze flaked off on the top of the rim, body and handles. Small chip on one of the horizontal handles. The main zone decoration remains similarly intact, except for a few scratches on the surface, and in small patches, a misty light grey deposit. There is also some of this deposit around the ends of all three handles. Thinly applied glaze, especially on the back side of the vessel, allowing for the colour of the clay to be seen. On the resting surface of the foot is a chalky white deposit.
51.7.10 Lid appears to be missing. Deposits inside and out, partly obscuring design. Base is intact. 2003.97.0333.jpg
51.7.13 Intact, with the exception of some spots that have been pitted off and few small gouges (on the interior of the mouth and on the body). Added white details are dirty. 2003.95.0062.jpg
51.7.15 Complete and intact. The body is cracked on one side, around the central hollow. The surface is scratched and pitted, with worn decoration. 2004.06.0013.jpg
51.7.2 Lid: Comprised of 6 of more pieces, rejoined, with plaster filling (painted red) on the side of the body. Surface worn, with scratches and pitting on the exterior decoration and glaze nearly chipped off on the interior. Pyxis intact and nearly complete, but missing a chip on the rim. Surface severely worn with most of glaze chipped off. Some white deposits on the resting surface of the lid. 2003.92.0198.jpg
51.7.3 Intact. The rim mended from 2 fragments. Small chips to rim. Lustre remains although some paint has chipped away around rim, handle. Slight scratches and chips on body. White deposits on the underside of the foot. 2008.98.0371.jpg
51.7.8 Intact. Gloss is in very good condition, shiny, with slight scratches on rim, neck and body. Surface of underside somewhat eroded, with white deposits. 2003.93.0255.jpg
51.7.9 Very worn around handle, mouth and one side of object. Suprisingly clear decorative banding and leaf motif in places. Intact. 2009.99.0068.jpg
54.2.3 Intact. Some deposits on outside. Carved pattern remains clear. Coarse Ware. 2007.03.1152.jpg
56.8.1 Intact. Very small chips on the rim. Extensive areas of colour loss mostly around the handle and body of the piece. 2003.97.0945.jpg
56.8.2 Lid missing. Complete, and intact for handles, broken in 3 parts, reattached. Surface damaged with scratches, pitting, white deposits, and dark stains. 2002.97.0579.jpg
57.7.9 Very worn around handle, mouth and one side of object. Suprisingly clear decorative banding and leaf motif in places. Intact.
58.2.3A Intact, but cracked on base of pyxis. Lustre has faded. 2008.98.0396.jpg
58.2.3B Intact, slightly chipped on knob of lid. Lustre has faded. What are pink smears inside lid? 2003.98.0008.jpg
58.2.4 Intact apart from a section of the spur which seems to have broken off. There is a deep crack on the inner side of the handle at the bottom. Also a dent in the body by the base of the handle, and the base is misshapen, both of which may have been done before firing (?). In a few areas the paint has been worn, and there are minor chips. 2003.92.0082.jpg
58.2.6 Intact, A chip is taken out at the tip of the handle. A hairline crack is about 1.0cm beneath the handle. Interior scratched and worn. 2003.92.0112.jpg
59.6.1 Intact and complete except for a chip in the foot. Surface chipped and worn, especially on handles. White and grey deposit on handles and foot; black dulled to red in places. 2010.98.0333.jpg
60.1.4A-B Complete and intact. Small chips on rim and the edge of the lid. Decoration faded in places on both lid and body. Scratches on body and white deposits. 2004.05.0002.jpg
60.1.5 Intact and complete; slightly scratched and chipped on body. Glaze flaked off mouth, neck, handle and ring foot. 2008.99.0786.jpg
60.8.1 Intact. One of the handles broken off and restored. Small chip under this handle. Bad quality gloss that is not lustrous. Thinly applied on the exterior of the body and the foot ring. Deposits on the rim, handles and the underside of the foot 2009.07.0004.jpg
60.8.2 Complete and intact, but in fairly bad condition. It has been badly fired, which has left the glaze patchy, especially on the back of the body. Fired to reddish brown. Around the rim of the mouth, the glaze has been worn and scratched away to reveal the reserved clay, as it has around the handles. The decoration on the main zone is still fairly visible, but is worn in patches and flaking around the edges. At many parts, clay flaked off. Around the top of the foot is greyish white deposit, also evident around the handles. There is a large chip in the foot. White has faded. 2002.97.0709.jpg Intact, but one side of the cup is missing. 2008.99.0501.jpg Intact, one chip on the edge of the middle. Black areas on one side. Intact, few small chips in rim and scratches and pinprick sized holes on exterior. 2008.99.0472.jpg Complete, intact, a few chips round the rim. 2008.99.0488.jpg Complete and intact. A crack and a chip on the interior, numerous cracks and chips on the body and the base. 2008.99.0481.jpg Complete and intact, but orifice and base are slightly scratched. 2003.92.0125.jpg Complete, intact, few chips in body but not noticable. 2008.99.0454.jpg Intact; but part of the body of the container have broken away, and there are small chips on the rim 2008.99.0449.jpg Intact, lip broken on one side, a few chips on body, a few surplus blobs of terracotta on base. 2003.92.0127.jpg Intact. Sizeable chips in rim and especially foot. Scratches and chips to paint on interior, body and foot. 2008.99.0491.jpg
61.6.4 Complete and intact. Pitted slightly at the back of the body. Surface decoration flaked off on lower part of body and foot at the back White deposits on left handle; white stain over front of body large white (salt?) deposit. One of the handles also has this white deposit and the upper part of the footring. 2010.98.0213.jpg
61.6.5 Lid: complete and intact, with slight chips to rim; surface inside and out marred with small white deposits, dark stains, and scratches and chips. One-handler: intact and complete except for a chip missing from the lower part of the exterior body, just to the right of the handle. Black-glaze pitted and scratched on interior, with slight white deposits. 2002.97.0677.jpg
62.10.1 Complete and intact. Small chips on rim, decoration faded and worn on rim, mouth, handles, and parts of the decoration on the body. No lid. 2008.98.0333.jpg
62.5.1 Intact. Small deposits inside and some flaking of paint. Small chips in rim. Black has faded to red in places. 2003.94.0036.jpg
65.6.1 Many spots have been pitted off, especially on the mouth, handle and neck. There are also some bits (shallow) that have been chipped off, especially on the shoulder and upper body, however, the vessel is intact. 2003.95.0173.jpg
67.7.2 Intact. Good condition, although lip and base slightly chipped.
68.12.2 Intact and complete except for two chips on the rim. The top of the knob has a crack across the middle, leading to a hole in the deeper recess. The surface is worn, with cracks to the glaze surrounding the attachment of the knob and white deposits throughout the decoration. Yellow deposits on the underside of the lid, just outside the flange. 2002.97.0272.jpg
68.12.3 Complete and intact. Yellowish-red accretions on the knob and top of lid as well as the underside mar the surface. The outer part of the lid is worn. The handle of the lid shows areas of wear, especially on the leaves. The stem and underside of the rim are covered in pinky/beige deposit. A white deposit occupies most of the underside. 2008.99.0609.jpg
71.12.4 Intact. Discolouration to green. Not bent or damaged. 2004.95.0145.jpg
74.7.2 Intact. Some chips to the rim at one side. Major deposits on base. 2007.03.1292.jpg
78.12.1 Intact, top part of the vertical handle is missing, small hole in the left hand side of the body, chip on the edge of the base. Wash is worn in places, with a small amount of white deposit around decoration. Some blackening around spout. 2008.99.0677.jpg
78.12.11 Intact, handle is missing the top half, decoration is very worn. Wash is mostly intact with a white deposit in areas. Very slight darkening around the tip of the nozzle probably from use. 2008.09.0020.jpg
78.12.12 Intact and complete, wash worn all over, especially on the left hand side of the body, small ammount of white deposit. 2005.01.0110.jpg
78.12.13 Intact, part of the base is missing, hairline fracture radiating from this damage. Wash is worn, especially on the decoration and base. Large amount of grey deposit all over, interior and exterior. 2010.99.0095.jpg
78.12.14 Intact, small hole in left hand side of the body, wash fading in places with a large amount of white deposit on the body and on the discus. Chip on surface of discus. 2008.01.0057.jpg
78.12.15 Intact, chip on the base, underside of the nozzle and at the wick hole, small amount of chipping on the surface of the discus. Wash becoming worn in places, small amount of white deposit, mainly on the underside and on the interior. 2008.99.0063.jpg
78.12.16 Intact, three small pits in the body of the lamp, none pierce through to the reservoir. wash is worn and chipped all over. Tip of nozzle is blackened, probably due to use. Small amount of grey/white deposit. 2008.99.0799.jpg
78.12.17 Intact, small chip on rim, blackening at the end of the wick rest, probably from use. Large amount of white deposit all over. 2005.01.0099.jpg
78.12.18 Intact, a few chips around outside of rim, scratches on inside and underside. Base roughened. Small amount of black at the end of the wick rest, white deposit in places. Two small holes, one on the underside of the rim, the other on the base. Unglazed. 2005.01.0281.jpg
78.12.19 Intact , hairline cracks on the surface of the shoulder, wash worn on the discus. Folds of clay still apparent from the joining of the upper and lower discus. Small amount of discolouration and blackening on the nozzle, probably due to use. 2005.01.0097.jpg
78.12.21 Intact, upper right half of nozzle is missing, long hairline crack reaching down into the centre of the base from ths damage. Signs of use visible on nozzle. Fracture around the edge of the discus continuing along the nozzle to the wick hole. Brownish red wash is worn, large amount of white-grey deposit 2008.01.0038.jpg
78.12.22 Intact and complete, gladiator rather worn and slipworn in places. Underneath has white soil deposits. 2008.99.0754.jpg
78.12.3 Intact, slight chipping around the nozzle obscuring one of the volutes, the other is very faded as is the moulded design. very small amount of grey deposit. Unglazed. 2008.99.0724.jpg
78.12.4 Intact and complete, some of the wash has worn in places. There is a large amount of white/grey deposit, including an amount making the filling hole smaller. 2008.01.0050.jpg
78.12.5 Intact, wash is worn and there are slight chips on the shoulder. Slight blackening at the tip of the nozzle, probably from use. 2008.99.0037.jpg
78.12.6 Intact and complete, Wash and some of the decoration is very worn. ther area around the nozzle has largly lost most of its wash, however there are traces of black indicating usage. Some white deposit on the base and a small amount on the discus. 2005.01.0289.jpg
78.12.7 Intact and complete, decoration and wash worn in places. White deposit all over, especially on the interior, nozzle tip blackened, probably due to use. 2008.99.0808.jpg
78.12.8 Intact and complete. Wash is worn in most areas, White and grey deposits in patches over the base, handle and nozzle. 2008.99.0064.jpg
78.12.9 Intact. Handle completely missing, left side of the nozzle is missing. Wash is worn and chipped in places, large amount of white-grey deposit mainly on the base and the interior, blocking air hole. 2005.01.0115.jpg
78.7.1 Intact. Side A is badly faded and design has become unclear. Deposits around reserved band at foot. Some scratching to paintwork. 2008.98.0440.jpg
79.1.1 Intact, small chip on the rim of the discus and one on the edge of the foot. Small hole on the base of the foot, black glaze is almost all worn off. 2005.01.0021.jpg
79.1.10 Intact, missing handle, small hole in the base. Lumpy deposit over areas of the lamp, wash wearing in places. Blackening of the nozzle due to use. 2005.01.0034.jpg
79.1.12 Intact, small chip to the end of the spout. Wash is wearing, especially at the back of the lamp. large amount of deposit visible through the wick hole. Small amount of deposit on the exterior, more on the base. Nozzle tip blackened, possibly from use. 2005.01.0036.jpg
79.1.13 Complete and intact, the black glaze has worn considerably in places. Deposit in places, a hairline crack is starting on the nozzle. 2005.01.0038.jpg
79.1.14 Complete and intact. End of nozzle blackened due to use. A few chips around rim. 2005.01.0290.jpg
79.1.16 Intact, upper portion of handle missing, filling hole shape slightly obscured by missing area of discus. Wash worn in most place, superficial chips in the body blackening along the left side of the shoulder, nozzle and all though the interior. 2005.01.0041.jpg
79.1.17 Complete and intact but surface very worn. Handle and nozzle blackened possibly from burning. White deposit in places. Slight depression on left hand side of the nozzle shaft. 2005.01.0321.jpg
79.1.18 Intact, missing a section at the back of the lamp which could be where a handle has been broken off. Small amount of white deposit all over the interior and the exterior. 2005.01.0044.jpg
79.1.2 Intact, small section missing from the surface of the lamp on the left hand side causing hairline cracks. White and grey deposits over much of the surface of the interior and the exterior. 2005.01.0024.jpg
79.1.3 Intact, lug is missing outer face, tip of nozzle is slightly chipped. Glaze worn off in front half of the lamp and on the moulded ring. Small amounts of white deposit, blackening around the tip of the nozzle. 2005.01.0320.jpg
79.1.4 Intact, chipped on the moulded ring around the discus, decoration worn. Wash is fading especially on the underside. Tip of nozzle blackened, probably from use. 2005.01.0025.jpg
79.1.5 intact, chipped at the tip of the nozzle. Joind of the handle and the nozzle are rough, small ammount of white deposit. 2005.01.0336.jpg
79.1.6 Intact, worn wash and worn decoration. Nozzle blackened probably due to use. 2005.01.0083.jpg
79.1.7 Intact and complete, brownish to black wash waring in places. White deposit on the base and blackening around the nozzle, probably due to use. 2008.99.0765.jpg
81.9.1 Intact and complete; surface weathered, with scratches and abrasions. Slight chip on foot and two chips on lip. Drip of (accidental?) black paint on side of handle. 'CH' written in pencil on the bottom. 2003.94.0042.jpg
91.11.1 Complete and intact, with a thick layer or iridescence and deposits of mud and dirt. 2002.97.0557.jpg
91.12.2 Intact, however top partially chipped away towards right edge left side. Covered in soil deposits. 2006.20.0028.jpg
91.12.3 Complete and intact, small chip on bottle rim. 2006.20.0185.jpg
E.2002.8.1 Intact and complete, shallow and very small holes in various parts of the body.
E.23.1 Intact, some detail missing from the carving. Several chips throughout, some large, i.e. on both bottom corners. 2008.08.0182.jpg
E.23.11 Intact and complete, with many scratches on the top of the trapezoid. There is a large black deposit on the base, which viscous to the touch so is probably quite recent. 2002.98.0110.jpg
E.23.16 Intact and complete. Heavilly scratched on both surfaces.
E.23.18 Intact if not complete. The areas where parts of the headdress has fallen off is quite worn. There are three deep holes in the headress that are symetrical about a crack that goes from the top of the headdress to the mouth. There is also a second crack on the right hand side from top to the base of the head, going through the eye. 2007.99.0105.jpg
E.23.19 Intact, Several chips in the lip. The body has large scars all around it removing large portions of the decoration. 2002.98.0025.jpg
E.23.22 Intact, there is a large chip in the lip and several much smaller ones also. The surface is very coarse and covered in shallow scratches. There is also a noticeable chip missing from the foot. There is a deposit in the bottom of the orifice. 2006.20.0102.jpg
E.23.23 Intact and complete; stained in places. 2002.98.0182.jpg
E.23.24 Intact and complete. Slightly blackened by firing. 2003.92.0089.jpg
E.23.25 Intact and complete. Surface cracking and chipped. 2006.20.0003.jpg
E.23.26 Intact, chipped on the base and on the lip. Surface covering is worn. 2007.01.0059.jpg
E.23.27 Intact, missing some small chips on the lip. There is a large amount of brown deposit all over the body and there are remnants of a Liverpool label. 2002.98.0191.jpg
E.23.28 Intact and complete, with a large chip missing from the lip. There are two noticable stresses near the foot, one which forms a hole the other a shallow chip. 2002.98.0209.jpg
E.23.3 Intact and complete, including all figues and oars. The paint on all figures has degraded and does not merit individual description. Detail is missing from the bow and stern of the boat where the wood has degraded so much. There is also fissures in the wood of the deck of the boat.
E.23.31 Intact and complete, the pottery is very blackened in areas, particulary in one area around the base. There are shallow chips throughout the surface. 2002.98.0177.jpg
E.23.32 Intact, there are several chips on the lip and a small hole in the lower body of the jar. 2002.98.0198.jpg
E.23.33 Intact. There is a large amount of white deposit all over the artefact, and several shallow chips out of the surface. The surface itself is very rough. 2002.98.0205.jpg
E.23.34 Intact and complete. There is a large amount of green deposit on the front of the figure. Some detail on the extremities, particularly the right hand, has worn away. 2008.08.0072.jpg
E.23.35 Intact, one small chip in the lip and a slight dent near the neck. Otherwise the vase is still smooth to the touch. 2002.98.0002.jpg
E.23.36 Intact and complete, minor chips to lip, one crack shown on inner and outer although not major. 2005.88.0069.jpg
E.23.37 Complete but not intact. Small chips in the lid. The lip and mouth are detatched from the body. Large crack in the lip, deposit on the shoulder, small chips in the base. 2002.98.0010.jpg
E.23.38 Intact, it is clear from the top and bottom part of the artefact that it has been removed from a larger object, since they appear to be thinner than the rest of the object and therefore look like 'connectors' of some kind. There appears to be very little degradation of the wood. There are some remnants of a white pigment on the lower half. 2002.98.0077.jpg
E.23.43.1 Intact, but one end has been broken of, the snap mark is visible. Also the glaze has totally worn off although the colour remians. 2002.98.0254.jpg
E.23.43.2 Intact and copmplete, there are several impurities in the glaze, most notably a long line of black substance that appears to be stuck to the bead as it very raised from the surface.
E.23.43.3 Intact and complete.
E.23.43.4 Intact, altough the ends are rough and distorted suggesting they have been damaged. The glaze has completey worn away.
E.23.43.5 Intact although the glaze has greatly worn as has the blue colour in the same areas.
E.23.43.6 Intact and complete, the surface is slightly worn suggesting some degrading of the glaze
E.23.43.7 Intact, but there is a large chip missing from one of the ends. Also the glaze is highly worn leading to a rough surphace.
E.23.43.8 Intact, the glaze is worn in some ares leading to the blue colouring being partially worn away
E.23.43.9 Intact, the glaze has worn away leading to some loss of the blue colour. 2008.08.0187.jpg
E.23.44 Intact and complete. The blue glaze is quite worn in some areas, most notably at the top of the crown where it has toally worn away and reveals the original terracotta material. This is slightly true also around the ears. 2002.98.0994.jpg
E.23.47.1 Most of the beads have lost their original sheen and several of them have a brown deposit on them. Since there are very few details on any of the beads/amulets it is difficult to say if any have been lost. Several of the objects have lost some of their original colour but all remain intact and complete. 2002.98.0232.jpg
E.23.49.1 Intact no discernable damage or deposit. 2002.98.0138.jpg
E.23.49.2 Intact, no damage but some brown deposit around the edges on the top side. 2002.98.0139.jpg
E.23.49.3 Intact, no discernable damage or deposit 2002.98.0131.jpg
E.23.49.4 Intact although if there was a handle it is now gone. There appears to be some deposit on the non flat side. 2002.98.0141.jpg
E.23.49.5 Intact, no discernable damage or deposit. 2002.98.0145.jpg
E.23.5 Intact, if it did have ivory handle it is no longer there. There is a small amount of brown deposit around the edges of the artefact. 2008.08.0270.jpg
E.23.50 Intact and complete (although it was once presumably part of a necklace). 2002.98.0992.jpg
E.23.52 Intact and complete apart from chip off the corner of the base. Much of the glaze remains but in areas where it has rubbed of the green pigment is also missing. 2007.01.0117.jpg
E.23.54 Intact and complete, the glaze has worn away as has a lot of the green colour particularly around the head and shoulders. 2008.08.0120.jpg
E.23.55 Intact and complete, the glaze is gone leaving a rough surgace, a large amount of the green pigment is missing and some details from the mouth, also the inscription is incomplete. 2002.98.0980.jpg
E.23.56 Intact and complete, although the glaze is mostly gone most of the green pigment remains. The details remain clear although the inscription is incomplete. 2008.08.0098.jpg
E.23.57 Intact and complete, most of the glaze and a large portion of the green pigment is gone. The are several large cracks on the body underneath the head. A large amount of detail is missing particularly the inscription and the shoulder decoration. 2002.98.0979.jpg
E.23.58 Intact but not complete. The bottom left quadrant of the scarab is missing removing the left leg and the left side of the base. 2007.99.0073.jpg
E.23.59 Intact and complete although it is presumed that the necklace has been restrung. Most of the beads have lost their original glaze and have a slight brown deposit on them. 2008.08.0083.jpg
E.23.6 Intact, no deposit or significant damage. 2002.98.0135.jpg
E.23.61 Intact and complete. The only detail missing is the curl from the end of the line originating from the underside of the eye. The glaze has totally rubbed away. 2002.98.0217.jpg
E.23.7 Intact, no deposit or discernable damage 2002.98.0150.jpg
E.23.8 Intact, no discernable damage or deposit. 2002.98.0133.jpg
E.26.39A-B Intact and smooth. Undamaged and not discoloured.
E.47.1 Complete and intact but worn. Small amount of deposit especially around the decoration. The wick hole is blackened at the tip due to usage. 2005.01.0328.jpg
E.47.6.10 Intact but missing about one-third of lower body. Dark deposits around the neck and mouth. Several shallow chips on body. 2002.98.0020.jpg
E.47.6.6 Intact and complete, small scratches around the base. 2006.20.0064.jpg
E.47.6.7 Intact and complete, very shallow scratches all over the object. 2002.98.0093.jpg
E.47.6.8 Intact and complete, with some small scratches near the base; 2002.98.0094.jpg
E.47.6.9 Intact, although there are several chips on the lip. 2002.98.0031.jpg
E.62.1 Intact. Small amount of deposits in natural crevices.
E.62.10 Intact if fragmentary, the wood is somewhat degraded and there are three large chips, two at the top and one running along the side of the main body. It is clear from the state of the state of the foot that it has been snapped off a larger object. 2002.98.0972.jpg
E.62.11 Intact if fragmentary, the wood is in good condition although there are some deep grains in the wood. 2002.98.0973.jpg
E.62.12 Intact and complete. Very little glaze has been removed but some brown deposit can be found on the underside and in the holes over all parts. 2008.08.0054.jpg
E.62.16 Intact and complete. Some of the black pigment has gone and several edges have slight scratches. The most significant damage is a scratch on the side with twelve dots that goes from one side in a straight line to the other. 2002.98.0256.jpg
E.62.17 Intact and complete. The details are still clear and there is no obvious damage to the artefact. 2002.98.0982.jpg
E.62.18 Intact and complete. There is a large chip in the thorax and the edge of the base is highly chipped. The details however remain clear. 2008.08.0018.jpg
E.62.2 Intact if fragmentary. The detail is refined and there is no deposit on the surphace. No discernable damage. 2008.08.0210.jpg
E.62.24 Intact and complete, missing a large chip from the lip. There is several shallow scratches. 2002.98.0090.jpg
E.62.26 Intact, two large chips out of the lip next to each other. Small amounts of white deposit on the outside. There is also a small amount of wearing of the red pigment. 2002.98.0124.jpg
E.62.27 Intact but missing the original gemstones, the bronze is slightly discoloured in some areas, particularly on the underside of the bottom triangle. 2002.98.0997.jpg
E.62.28 Intact and complete. There is one long chip missing from the lip. 2005.89.0014.jpg
E.62.30 Intact and complete with a chip in the lip that removes approximately one-fifth of the lip. There is a large amount of deposit on the inside of the pot. 2002.98.0174.jpg
E.62.31 Intact, with white deposits all over. There is a large but shallow chip near the base of the pot. 2002.98.0039.jpg
E.62.32 Intact. There is a large area where the top layer of limestone has worn away revealing the orginal colour of the limestone. There is a large amount of brown deposit all over the artefact. 2002.98.0123.jpg
E.62.37 Intact and complete. There are several small chips around the rim. There appear to be several water marks on the inside of the bowl. The base and some parts of the body are covered in an encrusted light brown deposit. 2002.98.0085.jpg
E.62.39 Intact, but a large chip is missing from the lip, approximately one quarter missing. There is a crack going from one side to the other, starting and terminating at the shoulder, it goes around the base. Very little deposit. 2002.98.0011.jpg
E.62.4 Intact not complete (the head is missing). The detail is becoming less desinite and the underside has become dirty with what appears to be watermarks. There are small amounts of black deposit sparcely placed around the artefact. 2002.98.0241.jpg
E.62.40 All pieces intact. Still sit nicely together. White deposits on bottom part around rim and on the underside of the ring. Dark deposits (or remains of kohl) caught in the ribbing in base. Sandy deposits on outer surface of base have changed the colour considerably. 2002.98.0008.jpg
E.62.42 Single fragment intact and well preserved although it is unclear how much of the original object is preserved.
E.62.43 Intact, but with a large chip missing from the lip. Several shallow scratches in the body, several small chips in the rim of the base. 2002.98.0013.jpg
E.62.45 Intact, including top lid and pot. The lid has a about 1/4 of the rim missing, a large chip and several smaller chips around the lip. There is dark deposit around the shoulder and there is a large chip missing from the rim of the base. 2002.98.0004.jpg
E.62.48 Intact if only a fragment. The glyphs are still very clear, except one of the right hand side, the fourt glyph down, that has been rubbed away. There is also a white deposit at the bottom of the object on the right. Overall there has been very little degredation of the wood. 2007.01.0070.jpg
E.62.49 Intact but not complete. The top right quater of the painted scene is gone. The wood is not particularly degraded and the actual remaining inscription is well preserved and quite clear. 2007.99.0004.jpg
E.62.5 Intact, with no apparent damage to surface.
E.62.50 Intact and complete. There is a large chip missing from the lip from which a small crack eminates. Several other smaller cracks also begin at the lip. Base is pitted. 2002.98.0172.jpg
E.62.51 Intact. On the underside the wood is apparently water damaged and there is some rotting at the end of the cobra where it presumably once joined to the larger object (crown). There is a large crack on the underside near the very top head of the cobra. 2008.08.0279.jpg
E.62.52 Intact. There are chips all over the object, some that just remove paint others that take some wood as well, particularly on the the left side of the beetle its self. There is a large white deposit on the right wing whcih has collected where some paint has chipped away. 2007.99.0110.jpg
E.62.53 Intact, but missing what is stated above. There is some degredation of the wood and alot of the detail is missing. There are holes on the head and base where extra detail has disapperared. 2002.98.0074.jpg
E.62.55 Intact and complete, there is no damage aside from some imperfections on the base. There is also a few areas of black deposit on the inside of the vase. 2002.98.0151.jpg
E.62.60 Intact. No major chips or dents (except one dent near the base which is a result of bad workmanship or is designed to allow the pot), very little deposit. The decoration is still very clear. 2002.98.0028.jpg
E.62.61 Intact and complete, there are several small chips missing from the lip. There is some discolouration of the Alabaster. 2002.98.0155.jpg
E.62.8 Intact and the surface remains smooth although discoloured to red, green, yellow, black, brown and orange. There is still lustre on the surface and the incised lines are still clear except for the two on the outer surface. Two small holes have formed in the folded over rim. 2005.88.0070.jpg
E.63.1 Fragmentary but intact. There are no major cracks, but there is a large amount of muddy deposit all over the artefact. 2002.98.0163.jpg
E.63.10 Intact and complete. Around the base a large amount of the blue glaze has worn away. 2002.98.0952.jpg
E.63.12 Intact and complete. Although much of the glaze is gone there is no loss of detail nor any deposit. 2008.08.0207.jpg
E.63.15 Intact and complete. There are slight areas of bronze discolouration. 2007.01.0108.jpg
E.63.16 Intact and complete. Very little glaze has been removed but some brown deposit can be found on the underside detail and more so on the right legs of the beetle. 2007.99.0067.jpg
E.63.18 The fragment is intact. The ends of the fragment are tainted by a brown deposit. The inscription is very scratched on one side, with one particularly large scratch. 2007.01.0115.jpg
E.63.19 Intact but the point of the head is blunted as if the sharpest part has been snapped off. 2002.98.0166.jpg
E.63.2 Intact and complete, inspite of the fact that the surface remains smooth much of the blue pigment is gone and the artefact is now mostly brown. There is very little loss of the carved details. 2002.98.0947.jpg
E.63.20 Intact. The point has a small amount missing but still sharp (and sharper than Reading E.63.19); slightly tarnished.
E.63.23 Intact, two large chips in the lip, the surface on the body and base is worn away in large patches. 2002.98.0034.jpg
E.63.25 Intact, with several small defects on body and one quite large one towards the base, and large, elongated areas of deposits, one at top of body the other towards base. Surface of base is worn.
E.63.27 Intact but not complete, the original base part has been lost. Also the body is pitted with shallow chips in the surface of the pottery. 2002.98.0169.jpg
E.63.28 Intact and complete. 2002.98.0180.jpg
E.63.29 Intact. Several large chips on the lip, large amounts of light deposit, more prominant on base. Elongated verticle hole at widest point of body. Two smaller but shallower holes to the right of the larger. Blackened from use. 2002.98.0041.jpg
E.63.3 Intact and complete, most of the green pigment has faded although the glaze remains. 2007.99.0053.jpg
E.63.4 Intact and complete. Much of the glaze and colour has rubbed away particularly on the right side of the front. There is also some dark miscolouration at the top of the head-dress. Compared to it's partner the details of the face are much more vague. 2007.99.0058.jpg
E.63.5 Intact and complete, with a large crack half way down the body, and several chips missing from the base, a small crack originates here, the blue glaze is intact. 2002.98.0966.jpg
E.63.6 Intact and complete. The blue glaze is largely intact although where it has worn away the blue colour has also gone and there is only a light brown rough surface remaining. 2007.99.0065.jpg
E.63.7 Intact and complete. Some amount of blue glaze has rubbed off, and a small amount of white deposit can be found on the mid-rif. 2002.98.0937.jpg
E.63.8 Intact, much of the blue glaze survives although what detail may have existed is now rubbed off and only basic detail now survives. There is a small amount of brown deposit on the flat underside. 2002.98.0935.jpg
E.63.9 Intact and complete, the glaze is still present although the light green colour is somewhat faded. Aside from one crack and two small chips on the facade no detail has been lost. 2002.98.0219.jpg
E.65.10 Intact. Slight discolouration to bronze due to deterioration. Small surface scratches and deposits make surface appear slightly uneven although it feels smooth. 2007.01.0179.jpg
E.65.11 Intact. Small area of polished metal showing through on rectangular extension but not reflective. Major discolouration and deterioration to the surface of both sides. Small surface scratches. Does not sit flat so the object must be slightly bent. 2008.08.0017.jpg
E.65.12 Intact. Much chipping to edge and colour deterioration of surface but more round the edges than in the centre.
E.65.13 Intact, although it is only fragmentary. The blue glaze remains, although it is not present on either end indicating it has been snapped off. 2002.98.0223.jpg
E.65.14 Intact but a fragment, the glaze is gone as has much of the colour, there is an obvious crack near the foot of the fragment and it is clear from both ends of the fragment it has been snapped off. 2002.98.0967.jpg
E.65.15 Intact if fragmentary, no colour is lost although the surface is rough in some areas suggesting a loss in glaze, one end displays characteristics of having been snapped of a larger object. 2002.98.0969.jpg
E.65.16 Intact and complete, the glaze has gone abd there is no more painted detail. There are areas of white deposit all over the artefact. 2002.98.0933.jpg
E.65.17 Intact and complete, There is very little detail remaining, so it may have been painted on. The glaze has rubbed off and there is a white deposit on the amulet on both sides. 2002.98.0948.jpg
E.65.2 Intact and complete. The pot is covered with small, shallow scratches and small amounts of white deposit. There is also a large scratch going from the mouth down one side, accross the base, and terminating near the base on the other side. 2002.98.0128.jpg
E.65.4 Intact, but surface eroded, worm eaten 2007.99.0159.jpg
E.65.5 Intact and complete, scratches on both surfaces but not particularly deep. 2002.98.0117.jpg
E.65.6 Intact, although clearly not complete even though it is unclear what it once belonged to. There is however little degridation of the wood. 2002.98.0076.jpg
E.65.7 Intact and complete, chip in the lip, several shallow indentations on the surphace showing a different colour of clay. 2002.98.0046.jpg
E.79.2 Intact and complete, there is a large chip missing from the edge of the bowl opposite the channel described above. The surface of the artefact is very rough and there is a large amount of grey deposit on large portions of the plate. 2002.98.0207.jpg
L.2011.1.1 Single fragment neck, lip and handle intact, broken at the junction between neck and shoulder. White-ish grey deposits all over. 2011.97.0034.jpg
L.2011.1.57 Quite intact, with one vertex missing; roughly hewn on the underside and chipped around the edges. 2011.97.0056.jpg
L.2011.1.59 Intact terracotta pipe segment, slightly squashed and warped at the bottom with ridges around the outside surface 2011.97.0001.jpg
L.2013.10.1 Intact, very worn with surface damage and grey deposits especially in the incisions
L.2013.10.4 worn and discoloured surface, not symmetrical but intact. Image visible on one side but reverse is illegible.
L.2013.10.7 Intact but deposits on the surface make seeing the iconography very difficult. Poor condition makes it impossible to see if there are any inscriptions. The coin edge is very uneven.
L.2013.10.8 Intact but with deposits on the surface make seeing the iconography very unclear.
L.2013.10.9 Intact, worn but fair condition Discolouration on parts of the coin
L.2016.3.14 Intact; not deposits. The surface is slightly worn.
L.2016.3.16 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.17 Intact, no discernible damage. Minimal white deposits around the ending edge (of the long sides).
L.2016.3.18 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.19 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.20 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.21 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.22 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.23 Intact, no discernible damage.
L.2016.3.32 Complete and intact. Whitish-grey deposits on interior.
L.2016.3.7 Complete and intact. Small scratches on the surface, especially on the underside. White, slightly light brownish deposits on bottom part of rim, whereby lid would have sat on the pot.
L.2016.3.8 Complete and intact. The surface is worn. Small chips on lip and slight brownish deposits on body.
REDMG:1926.99.59 Intact, apart from small scratches on rim and base. 2004.99.0779.jpg
REDMG:1934.53.5 Intact, but surface worn; light brown deposits, especially on interior. 2004.99.0331.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.10 Intact. Part of one handle coming away at join. Badly eroded inside and towards top on the outer surface.
REDMG:1935.87.13 Intact and complete, save for one medium chip on the rim. Surface very slightly pitted leading to lighter colours showing through black areas. 2005.89.0090.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.16 Intact. Glaze worn on rim. White deposits on handle and rim.
REDMG:1935.87.17 Paint worn more on body than lid. Deposits inside lid. Chips to rim and one in the body. Intact.
REDMG:1935.87.19 Intact but with a couple of small chips on the body. Decoration very worn around mouth; images remain reasonably clear despite erosion of colouring.
REDMG:1935.87.2 Complete and intact. The amphora is in good condition, showing little signs of wear, as the glaze has flaked in little patches. There is one small chip on the rim and a few around the foot. There is a little bit of greyish deposit around the top of the foot and the rim of the mouth. On the resting surface of the foot is a small amount of brown deposit. 2002.97.0713.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.20 Chip in rim (and one on base) but lid intact. Particularly worn paint on handle, mouth and front of body.
REDMG:1935.87.22 Intact and with a substantial amount of decoration remaining. Two large dents to the side of the body but none to the mouth or handle.
REDMG:1935.87.23 Intact. Colours faded and black paint inside is streaky. Stem and foot faded or fired red to black.
REDMG:1935.87.25 Side A is intact by side B, once broken in, has had two large pieces rejoined, while one piece is missing. The rim and one handle are chipped. Decoration worn, especially on handles and side A. 2005.89.0068.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.27 Intact except one chip in rim. Some deposits inside but outside remains painted and glossed. 2003.93.0395.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.29 Intact. Paint worn from rim and edge of one handle. Some damage to inside near to stamped palmettes. Glaze remains silvery.
REDMG:1935.87.3 Intact. Underside of mouth is slightly chipped. Areas of white deposit around the body and handle.
REDMG:1935.87.32 Intact. The glaze has lost its lustre and the red paint is dull. The glaze is also streaky around the foot. There is a major build-up of deposits in the base and in the interior of the rim. There is a gouge on the lower body. 2005.89.0042.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.33 Complete and intact. One chip underneath the rim. Areas of colour loss can be found around the rim, handles and the main body of the krater. Part of the foot and has a layer of deposit. 2004.07.0003.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.4 Intact. Paint is dirty thus losing its glaze in most areas and appearing very dull. Large areas of black have worn away, especially on back of oinochoe, below handle. Base has large area of deposit.
REDMG:1935.87.7 Intact. Misfired slightly on back of object. Untidy on base. Much white detail remains visible.
REDMG:1935.87.8 Intact. Paint inside has flaked away in small areas. Glaze remains shiny on exterior.
REDMG:1942.5.6.2 Intact. Some areas of black glaze have worn away
REDMG:1951.130.1 Intact, but with two cracks across the center. Missing surface chips from the body, and underside. Decoration eroded, especially on lip. 2004.99.0353.jpg
REDMG:1951.144.1 Rim and foot are cracked once and twice, respectively, but remain intact. There is a gouge on the rim, as well as some smaller chips on the base. Decoration damaged with cracks and reddish-brown stains. White deposits on lower part of rim and underside, as well as foot. 2005.99.0120.jpg
REDMG:1951.154 Intact; decoration worn and slightly chipped, especially around mouth and handle. 2005.99.0098.jpg
REDMG:1951.155 Intact. Deposits all over, especially on the front. Decoration worn. 2005.99.0096.jpg
REDMG:1951.160.1 Nearly intact, with a large piece rejoined to the rim. Rim slightly scratched and red surface slightly worn; light grey deposits cover the underside. Red wash on figures seems to be wearing off. 2003.95.0072.jpg
REDMG:1951.1707 Intact. Whitish-grey deposits. 2004.99.0399.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.102 Intact. Small scratch on top of lion's head, and cracks running from top of back, down through back right foot into base. Crack in front right foot. Front shows traces of white slip. Back shows areas of grey deposit on remaining white slip.
REDMG:1953.25.188 Intact. Relief features are worn. Pink and grey deposits all over, but mostly on back and base. 2003.93.0108.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.49 Intact, but covered with thin gray deposits, and surface scratched at front.
REDMG:1953.25.56 Intact. Base is a little unstable due to minor chips. Small traces of deposits. Slight scratches but is very good condition on the hole. 2003.93.0128.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.6 Intact. Deposits inside and large chip to inside of pot by handle. Outside shows some wearing of surface, with deposits on handles.
REDMG:1953.25.63 Complete and intact. One chip on the rim and two on the foot. Surface somewhat eroded around the body, but otherwise glossy. Scratch marks can also be seen around the body.
REDMG:1953.25.79 Intact, two small chips on the left side of the foot. Wash worn, especially on the back and right hand side of the body. Small amount of white deposit around the foot and on the interior. 2005.01.0248.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.83 Intact if fragmentary. The facial features, especially the nose and right ear, have worn down quite considerably although it is still clear what they are meant to be. The line of breakage is straight, falling from the right ear to the middle of the left side of the neck. 2003.93.0197.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.91 Seemingly intact. Small chip to back leg of horse. Some deposits. 2003.93.0135.jpg
REDMG:1953.41.1 Intact. Accretions from river sediment (light greyish brown, with some reddish brown in areas) cover most of the vase, especially the handles and foot, where the deposits have built up. The interior surface is pitted on reserved areas, and glazed surfaces are scratched and eroded, especially on the interior of the bowl and the lip. 2005.99.0133.jpg
REDMG:1958.16.1 Intact and complete. Vessel rests unevenly, blackening aroun the body and the handle, brown deposit and pitting on the body. '306' stamped on the base
REDMG:1958.19.1 Intact and complete. Paint worn in places
REDMG:1958.23.1 Intact and complete
REDMG:1958.37.1 Intact and complete. Wash and paint are worn in places, some white deposit on the body.
REDMG:1961.199.3 Intact, but scratched with dark grey surface adhesions, and chips to the base.
REDMG:1964.1601 Intact, slight chips around the filling hole andthe handle. Black glaze is worn off in large areas over the lamp on the exterior and interior. Small ammount of whie deposit. 2003.93.0124.jpg
REDMG:1964.1603.1 Intact, wash mostly worn off, small amount of pitting on the base. Large amount white - grey deposit on the interior, lesser amount on the exterior. 2003.93.0122.jpg
REDMG:1964.1605.1 Intact, chip in filling hole rim, top of wick hole, left side of nozzle, left side of body and two chips on the foot. Wash worn and chipped. 2003.93.0130.jpg
REDMG:1964.1606 Complete and intact, red wash worn in places, white deposit on exterior and heavily on the interior. Blackening aruond the nozzle due to use. 2005.01.0324.jpg
REDMG:1964.1607.1 Intact, wash is worn and there are numerous chips. Tip of nozzle is slightly blackened, due to use. Small amount of pale deposit. 2005.02.0001.jpg
REDMG:1964.1608.1 Intact, chips all around the edge of the foot, on the left hand side of the shoulder, filling hole rim, on the top of the nozzle and at the end of the nozzle. Wash worn and chiped in places, deposit mostly on interior. 2005.01.0234.jpg
REDMG:1964.1609.1 Intact and complete, moulded decoration very worn, small superficial cracks on the base (these could have been caused during it's making). Large amount of dark deposit on the surface. 2005.01.0235.jpg
REDMG:1964.1610.1 Intact, many small chips in the surface, grey deposit over large amounts of the exterior and interior. Large amount of blackening around the nozzle, probably from use. Remains of a modern candle in the reservoir. 2005.01.0257.jpg
REDMG:1964.1611.1 Intact, centre of discus is obscured by damage, many small chips in the surface. Large amount of grey deposit on the interior and the back of the exterior. 2005.01.0258.jpg
REDMG:1964.1615.1 complete and intact, handle is restored from three pieces. small amount of scratching and pitting on the body. filling hole is chiped, Wick hole is blackened from use and air hole is filled in. 2005.01.0139.jpg
REDMG:1964.1616.1 Intact, small anomily at the tip of the nozzle. Relief is worn and indistinguishable. Wick hole and nozzle ar both blackened from use. 2005.01.0217.jpg
REDMG:1964.1617.1 Handle is missing, rejoined from two main pieces. Glaze mostly intact, small amount of deposit on the interior. 2003.93.0169.jpg
REDMG:1964.1619.1 Intact, large chip on the left side of the nozzle, score from the rim to the filling hole, large number of small chips. Grey deposit in areas, small amount of blackening around the nozzle, probably from use. 2003.93.0121.jpg
REDMG:1964.1657.1 Complete and intact; areas of deposit around the foot and the main body. There are also scratch marks on the body and a very small chip on the rim. 2003.97.0927.jpg
REDMG:1964.1660 Intact. Slight grey deposits all over.
REDMG:1964.1661 Intact, with some white and reddish-brown deposits. 2004.99.0605.jpg
REDMG:1964.1664.1 Intact. Paint has been chipped in places. mostly around the rim. Both handles are missing completely. 2004.99.0132.jpg
REDMG:1964.1666.1 Intact. Large area of deposits on one side of body and some around mouth. On opposite side the glaze has scratched away. 2008.99.0220.jpg
REDMG:1964.1691 Intact. Black glaze chipped away; whitish-gray deposits particularly on upper surface; rim slightly chipped.
REDMG:1964.1703.1 Intact. Some chips to body and rim but only very slight. Some pit holes on the body. Some wheel marks on bottom of foot. Very good condition. 2008.99.0229.jpg
REDMG:1964.1704.1 Intact with some chipping on the body 2008.99.0239.jpg
REDMG:1964.1711.1 Intact. Deposits become confused with inclusions in the clay. Diagonal scratches just above base. 2003.93.0188.jpg
REDMG:1997.209.2 Intact but with a large chip on the rim; scratches on the interior (neck) and slightly on the exterior; black stains and bronish-gray adhesions on exterior.
REDMG:2003.92.1 Complete and intact. Some darkening around the handle and the body. White deposits on the body. Chipping on the handle and rim. Some cloth glued to the base and '295' stamped on the base.
REDMG:2003.93.1 Intact and complete. Some white and brown deposits. Brown stains on the handle. Wheel marks visible around the body.
REDMG:2004.98.1 Comprised of 8 rejoined pieces (although shoulder and body are intact), rejoined, with added resin, paint, and modern accretions around the neck and handle. Stains and yellowish-gray deposits on side and base. 2004.99.0924.jpg
RM.87.35.22 The decoration is partly faded, there's two bits missing on the shield's design. Complete but not intact. 2003.04.0004.jpg
TEMP.2002.7.1 Intact. The rim suffers from several chips, one in particular quite large, opposite one of the handles. There is also evidence of wear on the glaze, as there is on the inside of the bowl. On the band inside the bowl can be found three deeper scratches, as well as the occasional small hole. The handles of the bowl also reveal small chips on their glaze, as well as small scratches. The band which leads down to and envelops the top of the foot, contains small scratches, and where it meets the foot are lots of small cracks in the glaze. There is also some yellowy/grey deposit, which we can also see on the base of the foot. The base is chipped slightly in places and there are small scratches in the glazed bands. 2002.97.0223.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.1 Complete, but worn. There is one small chip on the rim and considerable wear. The handles are intact and one is chipped. The black gloss has faded in parts.
TEMP.2003.6.12 Four fragments that belong to the same vessel. a) Part of the rim, body and the handle (intact). There is white plaster on the inner surface of the handle and many bits and spots have been pitted off and colour appears peeled off, especially from the back of the handle. b)Should be rejoined to c. Part of the rim and body. Four small bits have been pitted off from the rim (exterior) and there is a bit of plaster. c) Should be rejoined to b. Part of the rim and tiny part of the body. Part of the decoration of the rim has been peeld off. d) Part of the body. 2006.20.0466.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.22 Intact. Chipped all throughout. The white bands become indiscernable half way down the lacrymaterion.
TEMP.2003.7.29 Intact, complete. Surface chips all over figure.
TEMP.2003.7.30 Intact, complete, paint has faded all over figurine, a chip on the left side of the head, and also on the right arm.
TEMP.2003.7.31 Intact. Part of the left arm is missing, and the majority of the right arm has been broken off. There are surface scrapings all over the figure.
TEMP.2003.7.32 Intact, left arm is missing, shallow chips on the body revealing lighter colour of the stones.
TEMP.2003.7.34 Intact
TEMP.2003.7.38 Intact, a few shallow chips on side a and b.
TEMP.2003.7.43 Complete and intact. Chips around rim area. Deposits of dirt on the interior and exterior. Grey deposits on underside and base. 2006.20.0123.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.49 Intact. Both sides of the coin are worn down, and the sides are chipped. There appears to be some small bits of green weathering around the coin. 2008.02.0117.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.66 Single fragment comprises a kylix handle with some of the rim. Colour intact on the the concave side of the fragment. 2006.20.0493.jpg
TEMP.2003.8.64 Complete and intact. On the right, top area of hair terracotta is chipped to reveal orange colour. 2006.20.0473.jpg
TEMP.2003.8.65 Complete and intact. 2006.20.0535.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.81a-f all great condition, some slight wear, all intact
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