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There are 6 objects for which Shape_description contains → terminating
39.8.1 Stemless cup-skyphos with an offset lip terminating in a rounded everted rim; moulded foot comprised of concave element above convex element, interrupted by a ridge at the top. 2003.93.0335.jpg
51.7.2 Lid: slightly convex top with circular groove (1.9 cm diam.) at the centre, overhanging a cylindrical body, with straight sides, terminating in a rounded rim at bottom. Pyxis: high cylindrical body with straight sides and simple rounded rim sits atop a flanged element, with rounded edges, that slopes sharply to a foot ring with tapered interior edge and rounded resting surface. 2003.92.0198.jpg
78.12.16 Deep circular body with a rounded shoulder terminating in a large filling hole. Long rounded nozzle titling slightly upwards, irregular rounded tip and an oval wick hole. Large splayed foot. Small vertical lug on the right hand side. 2008.99.0035.jpg
REDMG:1947.13.1 Large pseudo-panathenaic amphora with a cup-shaped mouth terminating in an outturned rim; offset neck divided from the shoulder by a plastic ring from which rise two vertical strap handles that curve down to the bottom of the sloping shoulder; ovoid body tapering to a thick stem on a pedestal base (not original). 2003.93.0004.jpg
REDMG:1951.145 Cylindrical lid with inset flat top and raised edge, stepping down in three ridges, broader than the width of the walls; slightly tapering walls terminating in offset flanged rim.
REDMG:1964.1632.1 Deep skyphos. Thin rim, slightly averted, below which u-shaped round horizontal handles are attached, and rise slightly to just above the height of the walls. The sides, tapering down, are slightly convex at the top and concave below, terminating in a groove, just above the short raised base with a flat underside, grooved on the outside. 2006.20.0243.jpg
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