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There are 4 objects for which Condition contains "notably"
26.7.9 Chipped throughout, most notably at the mouth and base. 2002.97.0480.jpg
28.6.5 Complete and intact. Black glaze worn in most places, most notably on the top. 2002.97.0532.jpg
E.23.43.2 Intact and copmplete, there are several impurities in the glaze, most notably a long line of black substance that appears to be stuck to the bead as it very raised from the surface.
E.23.44 Intact and complete. The blue glaze is quite worn in some areas, most notably at the top of the crown where it has toally worn away and reveals the original terracotta material. This is slightly true also around the ears. 2002.98.0994.jpg
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