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13.10.1 The general category of rat-tanged weapons is continuous from early bronze age through late bronze age. 2007.99.0100.jpg
13.10.2 As Catling notes (125) 'the Late Cypriot dagger is an uninspiring and uninteresting weapon. The series is merely a continuation of the daggers of the Early and Middle Cypriot periods' thus it is hard to distinguish between early, middle, and late Cypriote examples. There is even less to be said about a fragment that preserves no distinct or shoulders. It is in terms of its convex butt that the Ure example is comparable to Catling's type (a) dagger, such as that from Nicosia noted below, which was found in a LC1A context 2010.99.0129.jpg
2006.12.65 With a group of sherds said to be found in the Roman level of the Temple of Artemis Orthia 2007.03.1078.jpg
2008.7.101 On the basis of style (see attribution)
35.5.20-22 Late work in the Penthesilean tradition 2003.21.0088.jpg
45.6.34 Dated by Michael Turner on the basis of comparison with Anne Kustermann Graf, Selinunte. Necropoli di Manicalunga. Le tombe della Contrada Gaggera {2002} 181 inv. nos. 113/0 952 and 953, pl. 57 (tomb 113). 2002.97.0017.JPG
51.7.7 Ted Robinson (personal correspondence 30.04.04): I would date it a ... bit later than the vase in Andria ..., and probably later than the ones in Monopoli and Warsaw, but contemporary with the rest, which I would place 350-325 BC." 2003.93.0234.jpg
REDMG:1951.113.3 J.R. Green suggests this date on the basis of pictures (14.11.2003).
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