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There are 122 objects for which Decoration contains "-"
2003.7.15 Piece of fragment made of red clay with pattern both sides. Fragment is slightly curved, with a small rim at the top suggesting it could be part of a decorative plate or bowl. Side A, which is possible the interior, has a broad black line at the bottom - possibly this was the colour of the interior, with five rough circles in a row, alternating black and red from the left hand side, painted on top of a white background. Side B has a similar broad black line at the bottom, with a broad white line painted at the top and several faded black vertical lines painted over the white. The shape of the fragment is rectangular, and it slopes to a point at the right hand side. 2007.03.1222.jpg
2003.7.23 Possibly part of the top of a bowl/jar due to the smooth edge at the top. The interior is painted black, and has a smooth texture like the exterior. The exterior has a wide band of white painted on, with a few black marks painted on which are possibly horizontal lines and small blacks squares - similar to other Laconian fragments. Underneath the white is a narrow band of dark red, then an area of black. 2007.03.1200.jpg
2003.7.26 Probably part of a jar due to the way the bottom of the fragment juts out at an angle - possibly the body of the jar. The interior is painted black/dark red, although most has rubbed off. The top half of the exterior has been painted white (barely visible), with parallel lines of small black dots, and black squares in between these two lines. The rest of the fragment is painted black. 2007.03.1192.jpg
2003.7.27 Small fragment, possibly part of a jar. Interior (side a) is painted black and curves slightly at the top - possibly a rim? The rest of the fragment has been painted in white, with four black narrow parallel lines, and a black square nestled inbetween the first two lines. There is also a dark red line at the bottom of the fragment. 2007.03.1202.jpg
2003.8.17 "Thebes - Tomb of Seti I, a painted wall."
2003.8.18 "Thebes - Tomb of Tutankhamen showing the sarcophagous"
2003.8.19 "Thebes - Tomb of Seti I, sign of Zodiac"
2003.8.20 "Thebes - Ramasseum"
2003.8.21 "Thebes - The two Colossi of Memnon"
2003.8.22 "Thebes - Medinet Harbou"
2003.8.23 "Thebes - Tomb of Queen Nefertari, the Queen with Goddess Isis"
2003.8.24 "Thebes - Tomb of the Young Prince amen Kepecian, Son of Ramses III"
2003.8.25 "Thebes - Tomb of Nakht, squeezing the grapes"
2003.8.27 "Aswan - the dam"
2003.8.33 "Luxor Temple - A view of the Temple showing the Nile"
2003.8.34 "Luxor temple - The pillars of Amenhotep III"
2003.8.35 "Luxor Temple - General view"
2003.8.36 "Luxor Temple - Statues of Ramses II"
2003.8.37 "Luxor Temple - Statue of Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari"
2003.8.38 "Luxor Temple - god of fertility"
2003.8.40 "Luxor temple - The pylon"
2003.8.42 "Karnak - The great Hypostyle-Hall showing the window"
2003.8.43 "Karnak - The great Hypostyle-Hall showing the windows"
2003.8.44 "Karnak - The two obelisks"
2003.8.45 "Karnak - Thw two pillars of the Lotus Papyrus"
2003.8.46 "Karnak - Gerneal View showing the sacred lake."
2003.8.47 "Karnuk - Sekhmet, Goddess of the War"
2003.8.48 Karnak - The avenue of Sphinxes.
2003.8.49 "Karnuk - Ramses II holding with prisoners"
2007.10.2.61 6 figures - 5 standing and 1 seated. The seated male appears to be crying with his head in his hands. 3 women stand to his left while another naked man and a warrior stand to his right.
2007.10.2.75 2 figures - 1 seated female and a naked male standing. There is a statue in the background.
2007.10.2.90 2 figures - 1 male and 1 female. They both look to be dancing and the female on the left also seems to be playing a musical instrument.
2007.9.3.47 Naked male figure - an athlete carrying a discus in his right hand.
2007.9.3.48 Three female figures - the 'Three Graces'. The two outer females are facing forwards whilst the middle female shows her back.
2007.9.3.66 Female figure. Pose indicates movement - her dress flows behind her.
2008.2.1.28 Hercules wrestling a lion - his first labour.
2008.2.1.30 Hercules capturing a stag - his thrid labour.
2008.7.26 Exterior glazed light-brown, overpainted by three parallel horizontal brown lines - one slightly darker than the other two - and a black curved/spiral shape.
2008.7.39 Exterior: Base - 4 parallel red/brown lines. Top - single red/brown line parallel to lines on base, but set further up than base lines.
2008.9.12 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: 1 fairly thick, slightly uneven, horizontal line overpainted in black accross centre of fragment, parallel to edges. Diagonally from this, above and below are shorter teardrop-shaped marks - 7 above and 9 below - forming a horizontal band, and greating a stem and leaf-like effect.
2009.10.1.1 Five or six cupids/erotes holding the club of Hercules. Cast number - 948
2009.10.1.10 A naked woman sits while an eagle feeds from a bowl in her lap, probably Hebe and Zeus as an eagle. Cast Number - 957
2009.10.1.11 Naked male figure, probably injured, kneeling underneath an arch. Cast Number - 958
2009.10.1.12 Zeus seated and half clothed, wearing a helmet or sun rays, holding a staff in his right hand and a club in his left. Cast Number - 959
2009.10.1.13 Image of five men riding horses from the right side. Cast Number - 960
2009.10.1.14 Profile view of the Sun God Apollo. Cast Number - 961
2009.10.1.15 Naked male figure swinging a club or sword, with a horse rearing either side and a man and a horse laying on the floor. Possibly Hercules and the Mares of Diomedes. Cast Number - 962
2009.10.1.16 Aeneas, wearing armour, carrying his father Anchises and pulling along his son Ascanius. Cast Number - 963
2009.10.1.17 Left side view of a woman, probably Demeter, holding a cornucopia and a statue of a boy, possibly Eros, and surrounded by two ears of wheat. Cast Number - 964
2009.10.1.2 Right side view of a deer. Cast Number - 949
2009.10.1.3 Shows an image of weighing scales. Cast Number - 950
2009.10.1.4 Left side view of galloping horse and male figure with spear. Cast Number - 951
2009.10.1.5 Oblique angle to the left of bearded male figure wearing a helmet. Cast Number - 952
2009.10.1.6 Right profile view of an eagle, accompanied by an inscription. Cast Number - 953
2009.10.1.7 Right side profile view of a balding, bearded man. Cast Number - 954
2009.10.1.8 A cupid/erotes sitting on and sailing an amphora with a mast and sails. Cast Number - 955
2009.10.1.9 Front view of a figure commanding ten horses, which appears through a window. Cast Number - 956
2009.10.2.100 It depicts a bird sitting on a horn-like instrument. Gem cast number - 32
2009.10.2.24 Portrait of Janus, with inscipton - ILVALORERIGVARDAINANZIEDIETRO. Number 23.
2009.10.2.285 Depicts Hercules standing to his right. He is naked and carrying the skin of a lion, there is a club to the right of the image. Number - 1
2009.10.2.286 Depicts Hercules naked standing to the right, with a lions skin draped over him and a club to his right. Number - 2
2009.10.2.287 Right profile view of a man with curly hair. Number - 3
2009.10.2.289 Right profile view of a man with curly hair. Number - 4
2009.10.2.290 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 5
2009.10.2.291 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 6
2009.10.2.292 Left profile view of a man with a decorative wreath in his hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 7
2009.10.2.293 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 7
2009.10.2.294 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 9
2009.10.2.295 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair. Number - 10
2009.10.2.296 Image depicts front view of Hercules facing slightly to the left, he is wearing lion skin around his neck. Number - 11
2009.10.2.297 Left profile view of a bearded man with curling hair, wearing a garment. Number - 12
2009.10.2.298 Left profile view of a bearded man with curly hair. Number - 13
2009.10.2.299 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair. Number - 14
2009.10.2.69 Right profile view of a woman with curly hair, adorned with a necklace. Gem Cast Number - 1
2009.10.2.70 Facial view of a man looking to his right, with curly hair and a head dress. Number - 2
2009.10.2.71 Facial view of a man looking to his left, he has curly hair and part of his clothing is shown. Number - 3
2009.10.2.72 Profile view of the right side of a woman, she has curly hair and is wearing a head garland. A part of her clothing is shown. Number - 4
2009.10.2.73 Right profile view of a man with curly hair. Number - 5
2009.10.2.74 Left profile view of a woman with curly hair and a part of her dress. Number - 6
2009.10.2.75 Left side profile view of a woman with curly hair wearing a head garland and a part of her dress is showing. Gem cast Number - 7
2009.10.2.76 Left profile view of a man with curly hair wearing a head band. Number - 8
2009.10.2.77 Right profile view of a man with long curly hair and head garland, and a harp to his left. Number - 9
2009.10.2.78 Right side view of a man with curly hair and wearing a head garland. His torso is partially naked. Number - 10
2009.10.2.79 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and wearing a head garland. You can see the top part of his clothes. Number - 11
2009.10.2.80 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and wearing a head garland. Number - 12
2009.10.2.81 There is a centaur standing with a woman to his right, there is also a man playing an instrument to the back left of him. Number - 13
2009.10.2.82 Partially naked figure of a man playing a harp above a kneeling female. Number - 14
2009.10.2.83 Partially naked man standing, holding a harp. Number - 15
2009.10.2.84 Figure of naked standing man looking to his left, holding a bow with a harp at his feet. Gem Cast Number - 16
2009.10.2.85 Figure of standing man holding a harp by a tree, with Eros at his feet. Gem cast number - 17
2009.10.2.86 Figure of naked man holding a harp and a bow, standing behind Eros, who is to his right and holding arrows. Gem Cast Number - 18
2009.10.2.87 Standing figure of a naked man with a bow and arrow, looking to his right. Number - 19
2009.10.2.88 A figure of a man, looking to his right, standing by a tree, with a sack on the floor to his left.Number - 20
2009.10.2.89 Man sitting playing a harp, with a temple in the background to his left. Gem cast number - 21
2009.10.2.90 A view of the left side of a naked man sitting and holding a stick in his right hand. Gem cast number - 22
2009.10.2.91 Semi-naked figure of a man. Gem cast number - 23
2009.10.2.92 Semi naked figure of a man, leaning on a post to his right. Gem cast - 24
2009.10.2.93 Naked man standing with a harp, on the right of which there is a small child at his feet, next to whom there is a man who is sitting in front of a tree. There is an inscription: "LAVRAIED" Gem cast number - 25
2009.10.2.94 Naked man standing with a harp, on the right of which there is a small child at his feet, next to whom there is a man who is sitting in front of a tree. Gem cast number - 26
2009.10.2.95 Man hanging from tree by rope. Gem cast number - 27
2009.10.2.96 Depiction of Apollo chasing Daphne and her turning into a tree. Gem cast number - 28
2009.10.2.97 Man riding chariot, surrounded by a border of the zodiac signs. Gem cast number - 29
2009.10.2.98 It depicts a harp. Gem cast number - 30
2009.10.2.99 Snake wrapped around a table. Gem cast number - 31
2009.8.67 Profile of a young woman with curly hair wearing a shawl, looking right. Cast number: -
22.3.16 Inside: reserved. Outside: legs of youth holding stick - thyssos?; woman robed from neck to foot, running or dancing. Meander and dotted square pattern. Ruddled. 2004.73.0097.jpg
22.9.8 Horse and rider - man (?monkey). Solid. Clay pinkish, decorated in black stripes, both vertical and horizontal on horse. Man has a band round waist, arms and back. The top of his head is black. 2007.02.0012.jpg
29.11.1 Mouth black inside and out with a reserved rim. Neck and underside of single curved handle are reserved. Shoulder has bars at base of neck with a ring of lotus buds on edge - circular mistake between rows. Thin black band around edge of shoulder. Body design has two men each leading a horse to right. Both wear cloaks, first helmet, second petasos. Red for beards, manes, tails and peytrels. White on helmet and design on horses, but badly faded. Black band followed by reserved band, then black stem. Disk foot is black on top but reserved on the edge with a flat, reserved base with a central circular concave section. 2003.97.0431.jpg
35.5.27-29 (27) Interior, remnants of black background, geometric border at the bottom. Exterior, clothes of a human, possibly male to the left, with signs of another human beside the person to the right. (28) Interior is reserved, with a line around the rim. Exterior, head and shoulder of youth; tablets hanging on wall, strings in added red; also a head of another youth. (29) Interior black, with signs of a border in red at the bottom left. Exterior, pattern of swirls and leaves iin red - covers entire fragment. 2004.10.0098.jpg
35.5.37 Interior side plain black. Exterior black with a red leaf or shield on the left hand side, with a red oval shape to the lower right. There is a curling s-shape red figure work, with a large red area to the right of this - possibly part of a human clothing?
39.9.2 Inside is reserved in body but black fired to red on rim with a reserved band near top. Two handles with vertical grooves to make three section - black on top and reserved underneath. Neck has two rows of palmettes (lower inverted) and lotus buds on cable. Shoulder has framed tongues with ivy leaf and dot at each join. Body has similar scene either side. Side A shows combat of three warriors, with white detail on spear, helmet, shield and armour. Side B is similar but there are no spears, instead they appear to only have shields. Below is a broad band with narrower ones either side. Rays to foot. Foot is black and moulded with a reserved band around side. Base is reserved and conical. 2014.01.0001.jpg
45.6.14 Lip reserved. Shoulder - 7-leaved palmette between two onlookers. Body: Hoplite leaving home, between two pairs of onlookers with spears. Red for hair, folds of himatia, helmet, four leaves of palmette. White for shield device (4 spokes of wheel) 2003.97.0614.jpg
45.6.70 On top is a worn moulded image; a woman's body and face - Artemis with quiver? Handle has worn decoration of two bands along the crest of the handle. Red-orange wash. 2005.01.0008.jpg
46.9.1 Mouth coloured black inside, outside, neck red. Handle black on outside and reserved underneath. On shoulder, black rays below fine ridge at base of neck, then lotus flowers - white outer petals alternating with black buds. Body has a silvery black glaze with two red lines at top, another just under the figure scene and another just in the junction with the base. In added white, bearded charioteer with two galloping horses. They are in profile to the left. He is holding the reigns of the horses. Naked with fillet on hair and belt, both shown incised. Row of white dots above the scene. Details of man's body and horses' incised. Disk foot has reserved edge, base is reserved. 2003.92.0149.jpg
E.62.44 At base of shoulders and top of body are incised diagonal bars between bands. Five panels go around the body and are separated by incised chevrons between bands. Two panels show designs of leaves - possibly palm leaves. Two other panels show a collection of pictures which appear to consist of three leaves or feathers, an ear of corn perhaps and other agricultural objects (?). The fifth panel shows similar things to the last two described with the addition of a triangle with horizontal incised lines through it. None of the panels is next to a similar one. There is a flat ridge at the base. Painted to almost have a wood effect.
REDMG:1953.25.85 Top is flat and squared off. Groove below rim then the rim is diagonal, rounded ridge at base. Large flat section with design sculpted on top of it so it is in relief. Scene is of a griffin, a winged creature with bird head and lion-like paws. The ribs are clearly visible as are the lines in the wings. Front left paw is raised above a stick with snakes (?) curled around or a decorative branch (?). Below is a higher moulded ridge with raised egg and dot pattern beneath, before another moulded ridge. Bottom is flat but has diagonal scratches carved in - perhaps to help this section adhere to whatever it was originally part of. Many inclusions in material. 2005.90.0042.jpg
REDMG:1964.1639.1 Circular handle attached to a rim - possibly of a cup or skyphos. Traces of black/brown paint suggest the object may have been glazed (?) 2006.20.0289.jpg
REDMG:1964.1651.1 Reserved all over outer surface. Thin stem down to flaring foot. Base is damaged but appears to have been flat. Moulded bands on body - deliberate or as a result of production (?) 2003.93.0160.jpg
REDMG:1964.1698.1 Wide mouth with curved rim and a curved rim around neck. Curved handle joins top of neck and shoulder. Globular body. Small foot with raised base underneath. Unsure of colour - possibly was glazed but reserved (?). Dark colour present now appears to be deposits rather than paint. 2003.93.0186.jpg
REDMG:1964.1719.1 Cylindrical shape - the lower half of an alabastron. Heavy object. Patterning appears to be naturally formed into lines, giving different colours and texture. Rounded base means the object does not stand. 2006.20.0107.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.30 Small figurine, features not at all defined. Figure is very simple, small rounded shapes for head and arms. Both the back and front are relatively flat and smooth - the front is the side which has the base sticking out further than the back. There are indications that something was painted on it - black line by the right arm, on the front at the bottom, and on the back on the lower half of the body - here there are three vertical lines, the middle line being the longest. There are four black blobs on the square base.
TEMP.2007.2.66 Black glaze; on one side the glaze appears to be banded - unknown if intentional or due to wearing 2007.10.0088.jpg
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