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There are 23 objects for which Decoration contains "11"
14.9.71 Black floral rosette, small central circle with circle round that and 11 petals marked with incised lines, every other petal marked with red spot. This is surrounded by black vines and several small leaves, 2 of which are marked with incised lines. Background buff. Inside reserved. 2006.20.0348.jpg
2007.9.2.11 Displays a naked man with fairly long hair reclining in his seat, whilst a smaller winged figure of indeterminate gender stands in front of him, holding a bowl up to their mouth. (Box Index = Bacchus giving a drink to Love). Tray 5, layer 1, Gem 11
2008.7.157 Interior: grey-black wash. Exterior: greyish-black wash with a brassy-coloured metallic sheen overpainted. 11 smallish oval shapes in a horizontal line engraved across the middle of the fragment.
2008.7.184 Exterior: reddish beige slip overpainted by 11 horizontal thin red lines
2008.7.71 Exterior: horizontal pattern of 11 narrowly-spaced parallel zig-zags overpainted in brown.
2009.10.2.11 Figure of a man with wings and a beard squatting over another man who is crouching down dangling a club from his hand. Number 11
2009.10.2.139 Figure of a man driving a chariot, holding a whip and a sceptre, led by four horses. Lion pictured underneath. Number 11.
2009.10.2.221 Aphrodite semi-nude, holding drapery around her waist, accompanied by winged Eros on her right. Number 11
2009.10.2.296 Image depicts front view of Hercules facing slightly to the left, he is wearing lion skin around his neck. Number - 11
2009.10.2.355 Winged horse, Pegasus (?) . Number 11
2009.10.2.79 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and wearing a head garland. You can see the top part of his clothes. Number - 11
2009.8.157 A woman with a swan. Probably Zeus and Leda. Cast number: 11
2009.8.22 Goat or capricorn. Cast number: 11
2009.8.220 On the left side, an eagle sitting on the head of a cow, holding a twig in his hand. Probably referring to Jupiter. On the right side, profile of a man with a wreath in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 11
2009.8.280 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle, maybe a tiara, looking right. A necklace or top of her clothes can be seen. Cast number: 11
2009.8.32 A winged horse with a man on its back. Maybe Pegasus with Bellerophon. There is also an inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 11
2009.9.176 A young naked man wearing a cloak, holding the reins of a horse with wings standing next to him. There is a tree on the right side. Maybe Perseus and Pegasus. Cast number: 11
2009.9.273 Profile of a young man with a ribbon or wreath in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 11
2009.9.78 A naked winged man sitting on a rock, holding a ball in his hand. Cast number: 11
35.5.6-7 10, head and shoulders of boy to left; 11, part of face, chest, arm, and himation of seated boy turning to left. Relief contour for nose of 10; relief lines for inner markings; hair contour reserved. 2003.21.0004.jpg The interior is reserved (although covered with plaster on most of the fragments), apart from the upper parts of 13, 14 and 15, that are black (unevenly applied). 1) On the left, there is part of a naked male figure (thighs to toe), facing right and next to him there is the lowest part of another similar figure facing right. Below them, there is part of a black band. 2) There is part of the right part of the previous figure (chest to toe). On the right side of the fragment, there is a figure's forearms (projected to the left, the right hand holding a round object) and part of the right knee. 3) Part of a naked male figure, leaning to the left. Details with incisions and added red. 4) Part of a lions's paws and below it part of a broad, black band. 5) A male figure's thighs and part of a bird? (executed with incisions and added red). 6) The right part of the previous bird? and the right tibia of a male figure , facing left. 7) The thighs of a male figure facing right. On the left side of the fragment there is part of a black and red motif? 8) The upper part (chest to thighs) of a naked male figure, facing right. 9) Part of a male figure's thighs, facing right. 10) The previous figures lower part of legs and part of a black band. 11) The biggest part of a bird, executed with black, added red and incisions. 12) On the left, there is the rest of the previous bird. Next there is the lower part of a lion, executed with black, addeed red and incisions. Behind the lion, there is the lower part of another male figure (chest to feet), facing left and behind him there is part of a bird. 13) The upper part of a satyr (head to thighs), facing right. His hair and beard have been rendered in added red. 14) The lower part of the satyr, chasing a maenad on the right (her right leg is only visible). The details of her drapery are in red and her tibia is white. 15) The left left of the running maenad. On the right, another satyr chasing a maenad (lower part of the figures is visible). 16) Part of a broad, black band. 17. Bit of plaster. 2005.91.0037.jpg
REDMG:1951.159.1 On neck, between black handles, an enclosed palmette (11 petals on A and 9 petals on B; with two concentric arcs for heart on A, black dot for heart on B), black dot on either side of central petal, and black dot in the upper corners; black ridge below black line; frieze of vertical bars below each handle attachment; beneath each handle two superimposed palmettes, with a pair of volutes between, from which emerge tendrils, sprouting quarter palmettes. A: egg-and-dot frieze, between two black lines; white ribbing (painted); two reserved bands; floral frieze on shoulder (four volutes from which emerge flowers, tendrils and secondary volutes) emerging from the lower right; two reserved bands; scene. B: Continuous maeander to right, between two black lines; black ribbing (painted) between two pairs of black lines; a female head, profile to left, wearing a sakkos, from which emerges curly black hair, at front and back. Below the body zone, around the entire vase, is a decorative band consisting of dotted broken stopt maeanders to left (pattern doesnÂ’t match up on side B, to the left) between two reserved bands; black below. Scene, A: A naiskos comprised of two Corinthian columns supporting a tapered epistyle and black pediment, on top of a podium (white maeander on a brown background, between alternating black and white horizontal bands). Two white female figures stand within the naiskos. The figure at left, standing in 3/4-view to the right, wears a himation over her left arm and hips, over a peplos (decorated with two vertical purple bands on the chest). Her hair is bound in a sakkos from which emerges hair at front and back; her jewelry includes a beaded necklace and two bracelets on each wrist. She holds a fan in her raised left hand as well as a wreath in her lowered right hand. She faces another woman (probably the deceased) who is seated in 3/4-view to the left on a stool (diphros) and rests her feet on a footrest (hypopodion). She wears a short sleeved chiton and a purple himation that she holds above her right shoulder in an unveiling gesture (anakalypteria). Her hair too is bound in a sakkos, from which emerges hair at the back; she wears two necklaces, one beaded, and two bracelets on each arm. A small ornament (or pures) hovers in the field between the two women. On either side of the naiskos is a kalathos (basket), below a rosette (red with added yellow and white), above a pair of white balls interspersed with clusters of three white dots, and above a double line of white dots. Each basket (both are identical) is decorated with a cross-square with intervening triangles (top) and alternating bands of zigzags, and white and black lines, as well as a band of vertical bars. 2005.89.0030.jpg
REDMG:1958.111.1 Black glaze except reserved on the lower part of the foot, resting surface, and udnerside. Red figure palmette (11 leaves) with tendrils and leaves rising from either side. Small, dotted circle on left side, above tendril; round groundline. 2004.99.0928.jpg
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