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There are 19 objects for which Decoration contains "14"
2007.9.2.14 Displays the head of a young man, profile facing left, surrounded by writing. Box 5, Layer 1, Gem 14
2008.9.13 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: wide greyish-black band overpainted, taking up roughly half the exterior. Above this is a narrower parallel strip of unfinished terracotta containing 14 small dots in a horizontal line towards the top if it. And above this, half of another parallel band overpainted in greyish-black is present.
2009.10.2.14 Figure of a man walking with a staff in one hand and a dead scorpian in the other. Number 14
2009.10.2.142 Portrait of Hermes with the winged Sceptre to his left. Number 14.
2009.10.2.224 Standing nude Aphrodite holding her hair Number 14
2009.10.2.299 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair. Number - 14
2009.10.2.358 Winged horse, Pegasus (?) number 14
2009.10.2.82 Partially naked figure of a man playing a harp above a kneeling female. Number - 14
2009.8.160 A naked woman lying on her side with a swan next to her. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 14
2009.8.223 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and profile of a woman, the top of her clothes can be seen. They are looking left. Cast number: 14
2009.8.283 Profile of a woman with a tiara, holding a spear, looking left. Clothes and breast can be seen. Cast number: 14
2009.8.70 Profile of a man with a beard an curly hair and a sea shell above his ear. Maybe Poseidon. Cast number: 14
2009.9.179 Profile of a young man with wings in his hair, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Maybe Perseus. Cast number: 14
2009.9.276 Profile of a young man with a ribbon in his wavy hair and a ram's horn behind his ear, looking right. Cast number: 14
2009.9.81 A naked winged young man holding some kind of insect (?) in his hand. Cast number: 14
26.12.21 A. 14 vertical wavy lines; below rim two rows of dots. B. Similar with 15 lines. Swastika under each handle. Side of foot reserved; underneath two black bands. Inside black. 2002.97.0254.jpg The interior is reserved (although covered with plaster on most of the fragments), apart from the upper parts of 13, 14 and 15, that are black (unevenly applied). 1) On the left, there is part of a naked male figure (thighs to toe), facing right and next to him there is the lowest part of another similar figure facing right. Below them, there is part of a black band. 2) There is part of the right part of the previous figure (chest to toe). On the right side of the fragment, there is a figure's forearms (projected to the left, the right hand holding a round object) and part of the right knee. 3) Part of a naked male figure, leaning to the left. Details with incisions and added red. 4) Part of a lions's paws and below it part of a broad, black band. 5) A male figure's thighs and part of a bird? (executed with incisions and added red). 6) The right part of the previous bird? and the right tibia of a male figure , facing left. 7) The thighs of a male figure facing right. On the left side of the fragment there is part of a black and red motif? 8) The upper part (chest to thighs) of a naked male figure, facing right. 9) Part of a male figure's thighs, facing right. 10) The previous figures lower part of legs and part of a black band. 11) The biggest part of a bird, executed with black, added red and incisions. 12) On the left, there is the rest of the previous bird. Next there is the lower part of a lion, executed with black, addeed red and incisions. Behind the lion, there is the lower part of another male figure (chest to feet), facing left and behind him there is part of a bird. 13) The upper part of a satyr (head to thighs), facing right. His hair and beard have been rendered in added red. 14) The lower part of the satyr, chasing a maenad on the right (her right leg is only visible). The details of her drapery are in red and her tibia is white. 15) The left left of the running maenad. On the right, another satyr chasing a maenad (lower part of the figures is visible). 16) Part of a broad, black band. 17. Bit of plaster. 2005.91.0037.jpg
E.23.59 String of beads made up of three lines of green cylinders and buff disks, these meet up with a short line of brown beads and then split up into three seperate strings again. There are 14 groups of three lines. 2008.08.0083.jpg
REDMG:1964.1154.1 The interior and the rim are coated with a black glaze. On the exterior of the lip, a band of vertical bars, interrupted in each handle zone, where the surface is reserved. Each handle is glazed black on the exterior; under each handle is a palmette with 13 leaves (14 on right side), outlined, with a dotted hemicircle at its heart. Each palmette is flanked by a tendril from which emerges a lotus blossom. On each side a female head, profile to left: stephanai with 6 white spikes, grape-cluster earring, beaded necklace; kekryphylon. The woman on A has a Roman nose; on B has a ski-jump nose. 2004.99.0831.jpg
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