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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains "18"
2009.10.2.146 Figure of Hermes holding sceptre upside down in right hand and a reed or feather in this left. A small animal is at his feet. Number 18.
2009.10.2.228 Nude female figure reclining on a couch surrounded by drapery, with an inscription on the couch Number 18
2009.10.2.362 Pegasus flying above a male figure, possibly Bellerophon (?) who is running, holding a spear and drapery. Number 18
2009.10.2.86 Figure of naked man holding a harp and a bow, standing behind Eros, who is to his right and holding arrows. Gem Cast Number - 18
2009.8.164 A woman leaning back with a swan. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 18
2009.8.227 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin, looking left. Cast number: 18
2009.8.74 Hercules. A young man with wavy hair and a lion's fur on his head. Cast number: 18
2009.9.183 Profile of a young man with wings in his curly hair, looking right. The top of his clothes can be seen. Cast number: 18
2009.9.280 A woman with wings, maybe Nike, and a bearded man wearing a helmet standing in a chariot pulled by two horses. A second woman walking behind the horses. Inscription beneath the chariot. Cast number: 18
2009.9.4 A woman with a crown sitting on a flower holding a whip, surrounded by stars, looking left. Cast number: 18
2009.9.85 A naked young man with wings holding a spear or a stick in his hand aiming at an insect sitting in a tree. Cast number: 18
35.5.12-14 16, outstretched hand and part of garment; 17, lotus and small piece of drapery; 18, lotus. No relief contour; brown markings on lotus. 2003.21.0086.jpg
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