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There are 14 objects for which Decoration contains "20"
2009.10.2.148 Profile of Hermes pictured with a cloak and sceptre, also a bird and a crab ontop of a pillar. Number 20.
2009.10.2.230 Semi-nude female figure with drapery around her waist leaning on a pillar holding an object in her right hand Number 20
2009.10.2.364 Bellerophon flying on Pegasus, fighting the chimaera. Number 20
2009.10.2.88 A figure of a man, looking to his right, standing by a tree, with a sack on the floor to his left.Number - 20
2009.8.166 A woman wearing a dress with a stick and holding/offering a ball or apple to the young man. He is naked also holding a stick and a ball or apple in his hand. Beneath her a scorpion, beneath him a crab. Cast number: 20
2009.8.229 Profiles of two young men, one looking right, the other looking left. There are inscriptions on the top and on the bottom. Cast number: 20
2009.8.76 Cupid. A naked child with wings, next to a well with two vessels. Cast number: 20
2009.9.185 Profile of a young man with curly hair, looking right. Cast number: 20
2009.9.282 A warrior in full armour holding a spear and a shield receiving a wreath from a small woman with wings, probably Nike, flying above a lion. Cast number: 20
2009.9.6 A two column temple with a portrait of a woman wearing a crown in the middle. There is a disc surrounded by snakes and wings in the gable. Cast number: 20
2009.9.87 A boy holding grapes in his hand, beside him is a goose or duck trying to reach for them. Might be referring to Dionysus. Cast number: 20
47.2.8 Black gloss except reserved bands at junction of foot and body, on resting surface, and on underside. Black concentric band on interior of foot ring; centre of underside decorated with two black circles and a central black dot within a black band. Interior decoration: at centre, 8 stamped palmettes, linked at their bases; outer band of 20 stamped palmettes, also linked at their bases; each palmette band inscribed by a band of eggs. 2001.99.0128.jpg
L.2011.1.45 A series of 20 photographic postcards of Carthage 2011.97.0069.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.4 Exterior: white zone extending down 2.0 cm, perhaps with further decoration. Black below handles, on which two red bands are painted, just below the red zone. Red band on exterior of foot; otherwise foot and underside reserved. Interior: black with red bands, one half way down the wall, the other encircling the bottom. 2003.93.0325.jpg
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