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There are 14 objects for which Decoration contains "23"
2009.10.2.151 Figure of a cloaked man holding an object in his left hand and wearing a hat. Number 23
2009.10.2.23 Portrait of Janus, two headed God. Number 23
2009.10.2.233 Kneeling Aphrodite accompanied by winged Eros Number 23
2009.10.2.24 Portrait of Janus, with inscipton - ILVALORERIGVARDAINANZIEDIETRO. Number 23.
2009.10.2.367 Male figure covered with drapery, holding object in his right hand and drapery in his left. His foot is resting on a rock. number 23
2009.10.2.91 Semi-naked figure of a man. Gem cast number - 23
2009.8.169 A woman with a torch sitting on an eagle, holding a head (?) in her other hand. Eagle probably Zeus. Cast number: 23
2009.8.232 Profile of a man with short hair, looking right. Cast number: 23
2009.8.79 Profile of a young woman with ribbons in her hair, looking right. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 23
2009.9.188 A hunting scene. Three men killing a boar with spears. On each side are two trees. Maybe a scene from the Meleager myth. Cast number: 23
2009.9.285 Profile of a man with a ribbon in his short wavy hair, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 23
2009.9.9 A woman with a flowery crown covering her breasts with her arm, wearing a robe around her legs and a naked winged child is standing beside her, maybe Cupid. Cast number: 23
2009.9.90 A young winged boy holding grapes in his left hand, teasing the goose/duck standing next to him. Holding a vessel or a quiver in his other hand. Cast number: 23
35.5.15-19 Inside, 20b, meander border broken by cross, small piece of drapery. Outside, 19, two males in himatia facing, standing by a cushioned stool; hanging on the wall a shield and sheathed sword; 20a, tendril and corner of drapery; 21, tendril and part of himation; 22 and 23, bits of himation. No relief contour; brown for border of himation on 12 and 22, markings on seat of stool, cushion, and sword sheath. 2003.21.0096.jpg
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