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There are 13 objects for which Decoration contains "24"
2009.10.2.153 Naked figure of a man (possibly Hermes) holding objects (possibly Hermes' helmet and caduceus; same as 24. Number 25.
2009.10.2.234 Nude female (? Aphrodite) ciewed from behind, leaning on a shield covered in drapery with a spear leaning on her left shoulder holding an object in her right hand. Accompanied by winged Eros handing her a helmet Number 24
2009.10.2.368 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, standing near a pillar with a bird on top. There is also a snake wrapped around the pillar and a dog at his feet. There is a Latin inscription 'POTITI' number 24
2009.10.2.92 Semi naked figure of a man, leaning on a post to his right. Gem cast - 24
2009.8.170 A temple with four columns. Inside another building with a cupola and stars above it. Cast number: 24
2009.8.233 Profile of a man with short hair, looking left. Top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum, can be seen. Cast number: 24
2009.8.80 A young man sitting on a rock, holding a caduceus. Next to him stands a naked child with wings. Probably Hermes and Eros. Cast number: 24
2009.9.10 A woman with a hooded head wearing some kind of flower crown or a feather, looking right. Cast number: 24
2009.9.189 A naked young men wearing a cloak, killing a boar with a spear. Meleager killing the Calydonian boar. Cast number: 24
2009.9.286 Profiles of a couple, looking left. The woman is in the foreground wearing a ribbon and a hood and the top of her dress can be seen. The man is behind her, has wavy hair and a ribbon. On the right side behind the heads a cornucopia can be seen. Cast number: 24
2009.9.91 A winged child holding a stick in his hand riding a goose or swan. Cast number: 24
35.5.20-22 Inside, 25b, 26b, meander border broken by square (rubbed and indistinct). Outside, 24, arm and part of body of woman dancing, the sleeve of her chiton pulled down over her hand; watching her a male in himation with stick, behind him a dropping lotus; 25a, legs of male in himation with stick; 26a, palmette. No relief contour; brown for bottom edge of himation. 2003.61.0096.jpg
45.6.38 Slightly iridescent greyish-black glaze. Lip imprinted with horseshoe shapes (24 on the lip and 5 in the centre). The foot is flat underneath, heavily ruddled, except for a small hollow cone at centre, which is black. 2003.31.0011.jpg
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