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There are 13 objects for which Decoration contains "25"
2009.10.2.153 Naked figure of a man (possibly Hermes) holding objects (possibly Hermes' helmet and caduceus; same as 24. Number 25.
2009.10.2.235 Nude female figure with drapery over her shoulders, holding an arrow in her right hand, accompanied by winged Eros and an animal, possibly standing on a snake Number 25
2009.10.2.25 Portrait of man with curly beard and crown (Neptune) Number 25
2009.10.2.369 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a bow and arrow. He stands near a pillar with a bird on it and a snake wrapped around it. A dog stands at his feet and there is a star above his head. Number 25
2009.10.2.93 Naked man standing with a harp, on the right of which there is a small child at his feet, next to whom there is a man who is sitting in front of a tree. There is an inscription: "LAVRAIED" Gem cast number - 25
2009.8.171 Peacock, probably refering to Hera. Cast number: 25
2009.8.234 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a slightly prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 25
2009.8.81 Profile of a young woman with wavy hear and one breast exposed, holding something in her hand, looking left. Cast number: 25
2009.9.11 Portrait of a child with a lock, putting one finger to its mouth, wearing a chain around its chest. Cast number: 25
2009.9.190 A naked man sitting on his cloak, next to his head is a boar's head, to his feet a dog. Maybe referring to Meleager and the Calydonian Hunt. Cast number: 25
2009.9.287 Profile of a young man with a ribbon in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 25
2009.9.92 A winged naked child standing next to a pole holding some kind of animal in his hand. Cast number: 25 Buff clay, painted reddish-brown to a depth of 4.0 on the exterior, 2.5 on the interior. Applied grey band over brown on the exterior. 2008.99.0501.jpg
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