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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains → 26
2009.10.2.154 Naked man with cloak around his shoulders holding object in his left hand. Number 26.
2009.10.2.236 Walking female figure with flowing drapery carrying plants, accompanied by winged child carrying a ?spear and another object Number 26
2009.10.2.26 Man with curly beard and crown (Neptune) with greek letters in background ( Delta, Rho, Gamma, Eplison) on left (Pi, Nu, Delta, Omicron) on right. Number 26.
2009.10.2.370 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a bow and arrow. He is standing near a pillar with a bird on top and a snake wrapped around it. A also dog stands at his feet. Number 26
2009.10.2.94 Naked man standing with a harp, on the right of which there is a small child at his feet, next to whom there is a man who is sitting in front of a tree. Gem cast number - 26
2009.8.172 A woman sitting on the back of creature that is half horse and half serpent. Cast number: 26
2009.8.235 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 26
2009.8.82 A young woman leaning against a pole, holding two roles of parchment in her hand. Cast number: 26
2009.9.12 Four column temple with a pointed gable. In the middle is a statue of a naked man leaning against a tree or pole. Cast number: 26
2009.9.191 A two face head. The one looking to the right is a human face, the other is the head of a boar. Refering to Meleager and the Calydonian Hunt. Cast number: 26
2009.9.288 Profile of a young man with a ribbon in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 26
2009.9.93 A winged child holding a twig standing next to a falcon/hawk. On the right side another winged naked child, standing next to a bird which bended its head. Cast number: 26
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