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There are 15 objects for which Decoration contains "27"
2009.10.2.155 Naked Hermes wearing a helmet and winged sandals and holding a caduceus in one hand and another object in his other. Number 27
2009.10.2.237 Female figure holding a branch in her right hand, accompanied by a winged child holding an object Number 27
2009.10.2.27 Portrait of Neptune. Number 27
2009.10.2.371 Male figure wearing a cloak and a helmet, holding a bow and arrow, standing near a pillar with a snake wrapped around it. number 27
2009.10.2.95 Man hanging from tree by rope. Gem cast number - 27
2009.8.173 Profile of a man with a beard and a ribbon in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 27
2009.8.23 A dancing woman with a flying dress or cloak around her waist. Cast number: 27
2009.8.236 Profile of a man and a woman, looking right. He has a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin. She wears a tiara and the top of her dress can be seen. Probably Augustus and his wife Livia. Cast number: 27
2009.8.83 Potrait of a man with wavy hair and a big ear. Top of his cloak can be seen, looking right. Cast number: 27
2009.9.13 A man in a robe wearing some kind of crown, looking left and holding a scepter. Cast number: 27
2009.9.192 A young naked man wearing a cloak, putting one hand behind his back, the other resting on a boar's head on a pole. On his right side, there is a dog. Referring to Meleager and the Calydonian Hunt. Cast number: 27
2009.9.289 Profile of a young man with a beard and a ribbon in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 27
2009.9.94 A winged naked child on the left side, holding a twig and a bird on its neck. Opposite to it another naked winged child with a bird at his feet. Cast number: 27
35.5.27-29 (27) Interior, remnants of black background, geometric border at the bottom. Exterior, clothes of a human, possibly male to the left, with signs of another human beside the person to the right. (28) Interior is reserved, with a line around the rim. Exterior, head and shoulder of youth; tablets hanging on wall, strings in added red; also a head of another youth. (29) Interior black, with signs of a border in red at the bottom left. Exterior, pattern of swirls and leaves iin red - covers entire fragment. 2004.10.0098.jpg
91.11.6A-B (a) fragment of base of bottle, and part of neck, shape resembling 91.11.2. Opaque opalescent lustre. H. (pres.) 4 cm (b) fragment of neck, possibly from same bottle (though glass appears thinner). Max L. 2.7 cm 2005.02.0233.jpg
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