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There are 14 objects for which Decoration contains "29"
2009.10.2.157 Cloathed Hermes with caduceus. Number 29
2009.10.2.239 Clothed female figure, walking with flowing drapery holding plants in her left hand and a bow and arrow in her right. Accompanied by a winged Eros holding an arrow and with a quiver. Number 29
2009.10.2.29 Portrait of Neptune Number 29.
2009.10.2.373 Male figure is being attacked by a sphinx, possibly showing the sphinxs attacking Thebes (?) number 29
2009.10.2.97 Man riding chariot, surrounded by a border of the zodiac signs. Gem cast number - 29
2009.8.175 A man with a beard and a wreath in his hair. Holding a trident in one hand, a fish (?) in the other. Probably Poseidon. Cast number: 29
2009.8.238 Profile of a man with short wavy hair and frowns on his forehead, slightly prominent chin. Cast number: 29
2009.8.27 A dancing woman playing the cithara. Inscription next to her. Cast number: 29
2009.8.85 An old man or a satyr playing a flute. Cast number: 29
2009.9.15 A naked woman holding a cornucopia and leaning against a pole, maybe Aphrodite. Cast number: 29
2009.9.194 A naked man wearing a cloak around his shoulders, standing next to a horse which has a little figure on his head. Cast number: 29
2009.9.96 A man kneeled down next to a rooster, holding a twig. On the right side another rooster. Cast number: 29
35.5.23-26 Inside black with no reserved line at the rim; 27b, meander border. Outside, 17a, ivy leaf springing from handle base, foot, and lower part of himation; 28, corner of drapery, fillet hanging on wall; 29, head of male wrapped in himation, halter hanging on wal; 30, part of body of male tightly wrapped in himation. No relief contour; brown for bottom edge of himation on 27a. 2003.21.0005.jpg
35.5.27-29 (27) Interior, remnants of black background, geometric border at the bottom. Exterior, clothes of a human, possibly male to the left, with signs of another human beside the person to the right. (28) Interior is reserved, with a line around the rim. Exterior, head and shoulder of youth; tablets hanging on wall, strings in added red; also a head of another youth. (29) Interior black, with signs of a border in red at the bottom left. Exterior, pattern of swirls and leaves iin red - covers entire fragment. 2003.21.0073.jpg
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