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There are 16 objects for which Decoration contains "30"
2009.10.2.158 Cloaked figure holding some form of rod (possibly a sword) and another object, with a basket at his feet on the left side. Number 30
2009.10.2.240 Nude Aphrodite with drapery over her legs sat on a rock, wearing a necklace and bracelet and accompanied by a flying Eros. With an inscription. Number 30
2009.10.2.30 Portrait of Neptune Number 30
2009.10.2.374 Male figure is lying on the floor, a sphinx is on top of him, male figure is being attacked (?) Possibly attacking the people of Thebes (?). Number 30
2009.10.2.98 It depicts a harp. Gem cast number - 30
2009.8.176 A naked man with a beard and a trident in his hand, putting his foot on a rock. Poseidon. Cast number: 30
2009.8.239 Profile of a man with short wavy hair, a big nose and a prominent chin, looking left. Cast number: 30
2009.8.52 A dancing woman with flying clothes. Incription on the left side. Cast number: 30
2009.8.86 A young muscular man riding on a wildcat. Cast number: 30
2009.9.16 A naked child putting one finger to its mouth, leaning against a pole and holding a cornucopia. Cast number: 30
2009.9.195 A man sitting on a stool holding a hammer in his hand, making a helmet or a pair of wings (?). Cast number: 30
2009.9.291 Profile of a young man with a ribbon in his curly hair, looking right. Cast number: 30
2009.9.97 A young naked man with wings sitting on a rooster. Inscription on the right bottom side. Cast number: 30
35.5.23-26 Inside black with no reserved line at the rim; 27b, meander border. Outside, 17a, ivy leaf springing from handle base, foot, and lower part of himation; 28, corner of drapery, fillet hanging on wall; 29, head of male wrapped in himation, halter hanging on wal; 30, part of body of male tightly wrapped in himation. No relief contour; brown for bottom edge of himation on 27a. 2003.21.0005.jpg
84.8.1 30 fragments, largely side B, small part of side A, handle and rim fragments. Side B three youths. 2007.01.0050.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.7 Fragment from the central part of a bowl. Interior brown, with three pairs of white lines beginning about 1.5 from the top, 3.0 from the top, and 4.0 from the top. Under the second set of lines, are three white tear drop shapes that used to surround the center. Exterior white with pattern of alternating red and yellow/brown lines .2 to .8 apart.
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