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There are 13 objects for which Decoration contains "32"
14.10.103 Lip and neck reserved. Shoulder: bars at base of neck; five palmettes (parts of four only remaining). Body: black with a thin red band 3.2 cm from the bottom. 2006.20.0597.jpg
2009.10.2.100 It depicts a bird sitting on a horn-like instrument. Gem cast number - 32
2009.10.2.160 Clothed man with hat standing next to an altar. Number 32
2009.10.2.242 Standing female figure facing standing winged child. Number 32
2009.10.2.32 Neptune on thrown with sceptre, surounded by animals, a child and a musican. Number 32.
2009.10.2.376 Standing nude male wearing a helmet, holding a shield and a spear. Facing a small sphinx sat on stones/stone wall (?) Possibly Oedipus solving the sphinx's riddle (?). Number 32
2009.8.178 A naked man with a beard and a cloak around his shoulders, holding a ball in one hand and a trident in the other. Probably Poseidon. Cast number: 32
2009.8.241 Profile of a man with short hair and a prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 32
2009.8.88 Profile of a young woman with a wreath in her hair, looking right. Cast number: 32
2009.9.18 A woman sitting on a flower chair, holding a scepter, wearing some kind of flower crown or feather, sitting in a skiff, looking left. Inscription in Greek letters around her. Cast number: 32
2009.9.197 A man is kneeling next to a naked winged man. Cast number: 32
2009.9.293 A naked woman wearing a cloak and a ribbon in her hair, holding a vessel in her hands. On the right side a rooster or bird can be seen, on the left side a spider (?). Cast number: 32
2009.9.99 A herme of a man with beard and an erect penis. Opposite him a naked winged child holding a rope or a twig in his hands. Cast number: 32
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