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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains "33"
2009.10.2.101 Five figures of women holding hands in a circle. Number 33
2009.10.2.161 Naked Hermes with cloak behind him holding a caduceus and another object and wearing a hat and winged sandals, in a running position. Number 33
2009.10.2.243 Standing female figure leaning on a pillar, atop of which is a herm, holding a torch in her right hand. Accompanied by a butterfly and a winged Eros Number 33
2009.10.2.33 Portrait of bearded man pictured above an eagle, with two winged children on either side, on ladders placing wreaths into a pot placed on his head. Number 33
2009.10.2.377 Standing nude male figure, facing a small sphinx sitting on some stones/stone wall. Possibly Oedipus solving the sphinx's riddle (?). Number 33
2009.8.179 Poseidon, naked and with a beard, riding on a chariot pulled by four horses, holding a trident in one hand. His cloak is blowing in the wind. Cast number: 33
2009.8.242 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle and a chubby face, looking right. Maybe Valeria Messalina, third wife of Emperor Claudius. Cast number: 33
2009.8.89 A scene of a feast. Women and men are dancing and playing instruments. A vase on a pole. Cast number: 33
2009.9.100 A naked winged young man holding a bow in one hand, with the other he's holding a shield or wheel. Cast number: 33
2009.9.19 A woman holding a scepter sitting in a flower. Cast number: 33
2009.9.198 A naked winged boy or statue standing on a rostrum with an inscription. On the left side are a half naked satyr who is touching the statues arm and a woman who is touching its wings. On the right side is a warrior but might also be female. Cast number: 33
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